Weekly Update #2

Another week another update. I didn’t realize I posted so much this past week.

Atelier Tanaka Chapter 18 Part 2, Ch 18 Part 3, and Ch 19 Part 1 (part 2 of Ch 19 should be out soon I’ve just been really busy)

Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai Volume 3 Chapter 1-3

Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 59

Yandere Megami Chapter 2-4 and Chapter 2-5

And then the Prologue to my own novel.


0 thoughts on “Weekly Update #2

    • A lot of reasons really. For the past several months WordPress has been randomly changing the format of several of my posts and I have no idea why. Some stuff that should be centered will randomly be left or right aligned. Sometimes links will just get deleted. All of that is just really annoying to deal with.

      On top of that, WordPress doesn’t like more adult content like Yandere and some chapters of Tanaka so ads will be removed from them altogether. Last month I was paid $1 for over 200k views. After dealing with all of the formatting issues this was kind of the point where I just said screw it and wanted to be done with WordPress altogether.

      • Oh I see, I see. Well, it may be meaningless now, but did you not consider using blogspot? I used it for a really short while so I don’t know if its any better than WP, but when I read on Frozen’s blog (translator), which is blogspot, it is very easy (as a reader).
        Anyway, thanks for answering.

      • So did you really will stop using WordPress? Just wondering. And if you will still use wordpress will you regularly do this weekly update? Because my bookmarks are pretty much uncountable at this point… hahaha.

    • Lol no.
      The main owner disappeared for about 2 months and the co owner decided to leave in that time. Nobody was left that had any control of that site so most people left.

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