Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 19 Part 1

More Tanaka for everyone!

I’d like to thank Ömeri for the donation. As always, it means a lot to me. Thank you very much. Man, you guys really like this series.

This was all I was able to get done today. It’s not necessarily short but it does end with a cliffhanger. Sorry about that.


Chapter 19 Part 1


Weekly Update #1

So I thought it might be helpful if I posted something here that links to everything I’ve posted for this past week or so. I know some people were against me moving sites for one reason or another so I’m hoping this will make things easier for you all. If this doesn’t get any views or nobody really seems to need it, this might be the first and last time I do it. Continue reading

Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 18 Part 1

Here’s more Tanaka for everyone. As some of you may have noticed, there are some issues with Novels & Chill currently, so I’m back to posting here for now. I had originally planned on waiting to post anymore Tanaka, but I got a donation from Dave and he said he really enjoys this series. So, I figured why not post another chapter here while I wait for all of this behind-the-scenes stuff to get resolved. Continue reading

Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa – V1 Ch 2-2

So, I’ve decided to join up with Fantasy Books (Thank you, Tachibanabot for recommending them). As of now, OISJS will be making the switch over there and this series may also be moved over soon. For now, you can read Chapter 1-1 of OISJS right now on their site if you’d like. I’ll be continuing with the weekly releases on Mondays after this week. I wanted to release a chapter as soon as possible after I decided to move over there.


Chapter 2-2

Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa – V1 Ch 2-1 Part 2

I’m considering posting all of my content to Novels & Chill or maybe another, larger site. I was asked to join Rebirth Online World and Zenith Novels. I declined to move all of my content at first because I like having full control of everything and I like that this site doesn’t have any autoplay video ads or pop-under/over ads. Novels & Chill was nice enough to let me post to both my site and theirs, but I’m honestly getting annoyed with dealing with WordPress and am now reconsidering. Continue reading