Untitled – Chapter 1


Fire and death. A man clad in crimson armour riding atop a winged creature barks out orders as his army swarms the burning village beneath him. An explosion rips through one side of the village leaving naught but a few charred corpses and splintered wood in its place. The attackers roared in victory as the few survivors of the village fled into the woods.

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Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 25 Part 3

Happy (late) New Year, everyone!

Hope you all had a good time at any parties or with your friends yesterday. I had to work late on the 31st and early on the 1st so I didn’t get to do much 😦

Sorry, this part is a little short, but that’s just how this chapter worked out. It was too long for two parts and slightly too short for three parts.


Chapter 25 Part 3