Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 18 Part 3

Alchemist Edita 2

We had now finished our meal and it was the middle of the afternoon.

Now that I’ve lost my dream home, all I can do is wait for Edita Sensei to give me the recipe for the elixir of youth. There’s nothing I can do on my end.

I thought about going to find a new home to buy, but if I were to do that, Sophia-chan would no longer be my personal maid. I want to enjoy this life some more.

By the way, she left the room earlier to wash the dishes.

And so.

“…Should I go to school?”

I am a student after all. I should occasionally go to class.

Spending time with some young people doesn’t sound so bad.

I’ll also need to know if there are any exams I need to worry about.

“Alright, let’s go.”

I grabbed everything I thought I’d need and quickly left the dorm while carrying my bag.

I locked the door as I left. Sophia-chan has her own key so she should be fine even if I lock it.

As I turned away from the door, I heard a strange voice from somewhere nearby me.



That was quite a loud scream.

I turned to look in the direction I heard the voice and I saw someone I knew.

“W-W-W-Why!? Why are you here!?”

“Hmm, Ester….”

Just like me, she was leaving a dorm room. She also had a maid following right behind her. Ester-chan is wearing the uniform of this school and the maid was wearing the same uniform as Sophia-chan.

This is the first time I’ve seen this maid.

Standing next to the lolita Ester, this girl looked rather tall. She’s probably over 170 centimetres tall. She looks like she’s in her mid-twenties, she has a pretty face, and golden hair similar to Ester.


The maid seemed confused after hearing her master let out a strange yell.

However, Ester paid no attention to her and continued yelling.

Of course, her yells were directed at me.

“Nobody was using this room the other day!”

“I’m thankful that I was allowed to stay here. I’ve been here since yesterday.”


“So, you’re my neighbour now.”

I was just as surprised as her.

Is this also due to the noble mage’s interference?

Of course not. This room was vacant until yesterday, it must be a coincidence.

“D-Does this mean you decided to accept my marriage proposal….”

“No, definitely not.”


For a moment, this blonde lolita smiled and looked lost in her own fantasies.

This woman still hasn’t given up on the idea of marriage.

I have no need for secondhand goods.

If I had to choose between a used twenty-year-old and a pure thirty-year-old, I would always choose the latter.

Though, if possible I’d like her to be young. I’d be okay if her age was even in the single digits.

“D-Does this mean you’ll be going to class now?”

“Yeah, that’s the plan.”

“Hmm? Then, I-I-I suppose I could join you.”

“Eh? I’ll only be taking classes about alchemy.”

My major is different than you.

“Sometimes I want to learn alchemy too!”


Just like normal, this girl is difficult to understand.

Rather, I wish she’d make up with Allen already.

“Ester-sama, what are you saying….”

“You look after the dorm! I’ll be leaving now!”


The maid showed a troubled expression. The blonde lolita continued glaring at her until she eventually got tired of waiting and forcibly pushed the maid back into her dorm room, slamming the door shut behind her. I don’t think I could stand to have this kind of overbearing girl in my life.

The fact that this girl would propose to a middle-aged man like me is also a little disconcerting.

This girl is the daughter of a great noble family. If I want to have any kind of social life, I need to be careful about how I interact with her. Besides, this crazy bitch is only interested in ikemen. Honestly, she reminds me of a hostess at a club. Her interest in a guy probably changes every few weeks. She probably doesn’t even care what it does to the guy when she leaves him.

I learned about this while studying at a cram school near Kabukichō. Except, I had to pay about 300,000 more than the people going to those clubs. (TN: Kabukichō is a red-light district in Tokyo. It has many hostess bars, love hotels, and nightclubs.)

It cost a lot to study there.

I don’t think my virgin mind could withstand that kind of blow. Today it’s Allen. Tomorrow it will be me. Therefore, before I can even suffer such shame, I decided to not get too close to her.

Rather, I think I can use her so that I can get closer to other girls. It might be tough for a middle-aged man like me to talk to schoolgirls otherwise.

“Come on, let’s go already! We’re going to be late!”

“Ah, right….”

I’m going to school for the first time in a while.

I left the dormitory while the blonde lolita pushed me from behind.

It’s pretty convenient that the dorm and school are located on the same grounds. It would only take us a few minutes to get to class from the dorms. Despite this, in the past, some students used to use carriages to travel to and from the dorm. Now, this has been banned by the school, excluding some minor exceptions.

And so, we arrived at the school rather quickly.

Actually, this is the first time I’ve walked from the dorm to the school.

After passing through the school gates, and walking for some time, we pass through a garden with an outdoor corridor that connects to the main building where the classroom is located. Even though the outdoor corridor is exposed to the elements, it’s kept extremely clean.

Honestly, this building reminds me more of a castle than a school. The building itself really reminds me of the Palace of Versailles. All of the floors in the building also have a checkerboard pattern.

Of course, the number of students increased the closer I got to the classroom. We entered the main building through the outside corridor. The halls were packed with students. As the number of students increased, so did the size of Ester’s entourage.

The number of students that gathered around her was ridiculous.

This was because she was so popular at school.

When I saw her in school before, she did seem popular, but nothing to this level. This may be due to the fact that she was a part of the dragon extermination party.

The people that notice her all react in two ways.

The first group of students will stare at her from a distance, as though they’re looking at something they wouldn’t dare touch.

The second group of students looks for any reason to start up a conversation with her.

I’d say the former is 80% and the latter is 20%. Because there were so few students in the dorms It was easy to walk around, but in the university, there are students everywhere. Because of that, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. As we walked through the corridor, the students would converge on either side of us and the students in front would all move aside.

“FitzClarence-sama! I heard about what you did with the dragon extermination party!” “I also heard you visited the Royal Princess and helped cure her sickness!” “As expected of FitzClarence-sama! I was moved when I first heard the story!” “So was I!”

Most of the students are female.

A large number of students that look like they’re from noble families have gathered around. It looks like there are some boys that are looking for a chance to talk with her, but none of them seem to be willing to get in the middle of such a large group of girls. It seems that no man is capable of handling a large group of women no matter what world he’s in.

Well, thanks to this, I’ve now got a pseudo-harem going on. An old man like me can really appreciate this situation.

I just want to breathe in the air filled with their sweet smells.

“Ah, by the way, FitzClarence-sama, who is this….”

One of the students pointed to me.

“Eh? Ah….”

Ester-chan changed her attention to me.

In response, all of the surrounding people did so as well.

“Is he a new teacher?” “I’ve never seen him before. Is it someone that FitzClarence-sama recommended?” “What will you be teaching?” “If you don’t mind, I’d like to be in the same class as FitzClarence-sama.”

Looking at my unattractive face, they instantly assumed I was a teacher.

I’d also think someone walking in a school that’s clearly in his thirties is a member of the faculty.

“This is Tanaka-san. He’s my fiancé.”


This girl just pulled me deep into her social life.

Isn’t this different from what she did to Allen?

Why is this bitch saying stuff like that in public?

After all, this girl really is a bitch. An evil bitch.

“Fi-FitzClarence-sama’s fiancé….?” “Eh? Umm, well, what…?” “I must have misheard her….” “How can something like this be possible?” “Is he from another country?” “FitzClarence-sama, this can’t be true….”

All of the students seemed to be in denial.

And this evil bitch kept going.

“He’s a very wonderful person. It’s my dream to have a child with him someday.”

“…” “…” “…” “…” “…” “…” “…” “…” “…”

None of the students could even speak.

She’s looking right at me after saying that.

Please, stop looking at me like that.

“FitzClarence-sama, please don’t make jokes like that. Can’t you tell the rest of the students are really confused? I have some other things to take care of, so please excuse me.”

I can still come back from this.

I need to get out of this situation right away.

“Ah, wa-wait! I’d never joke about something like that….”

“Then, I’ll be leaving.”

I shoved my way through the crowd surrounding her and left the disaster site.

She’s still yelling something but I can’t make out what it is. If that rumour were to reach her father’s ears, I’m certain I’d be exiled to a neighbouring country. I wouldn’t be able to live under the same roof as Sophia-chan.

I must protect my current way of living.


I made up my mind and quickly walked away from the crowd.


And so, I never went to the class I planned on going to.

It would be troublesome to encounter the blonde lolita there. For now, it’s probably best if I keep my distance from her. She’s a tsundere and she also has a reputation for changing who she’s in love with every so often. I’m sure she’ll be over her interest in me in a couple of days.

I really don’t have a couple of days, so I’m going to try to make it much sooner.

“….I-I see. So, Ester isn’t…”

“No, that’s why I want you two to make up as soon as possible.”

That’s why I’m talking with that ikemen.

I had to ask several girls about his location. I probably looked like some kind of pervert. Following their instructions, I found my way to the knight squadrons training area. I used FitzClarence’s name to find Allen’s location. He was swinging his sword on the training grounds.

This ikemen even smells good when he’s sweating.

“I hate asking something like this, but did you cheat….”

“Y-You’re wrong! It was different this time!”

“Is that so? Then, why would Ester be doing this?”

“That’s, umm, this time something was different about her….”

Do these two really fight, cheat, and then reconcile so often? He must really like Ester-chan to endure all of that. I actually feel a little sorry for him.

“You don’t have any idea why she’s doing this?”


Allen is visibly depressed.

If I compare it to how he acted on the airship, he is considerably more depressed now.

“DId you do something she didn’t like?”

“We haven’t really had a chance to talk since the time we were on the airship.…”

“Well, that does make sense….”

Everyone was just trying desperately to survive ever since the airship crashed. It makes sense that it would be difficult for him to talk with her since that time.

For someone like Sophie-chan, I don’t imagine it would be that hard to make up. A black-hearted bitch like her would be back to sleeping with this ikemen in no time.

“Is there anything you can think of that caused her to act like this?”

“Th-There isn’t! She’s never done anything like this before.”

“I see….”

Well, that should be enough.

I don’t think my virgin mind can truly understand the relationship of these two.

“If that’s the case, I’ll try to find out why on my end. If I find out anything, I’ll let you know. Does that sound okay?”

“…I’m sorry. Thank you for doing this.”

“You don’t need to thank me. This is also my problem I’m trying to solve. After all, she’s a member of a great noble family. I don’t want the other students to misunderstand our relationship.”

“I’m sorry for acting so selfish, but thank you very much for helping me. You can come see me anytime you want.”

“This should be enough for today. If you’ll excuse me.”

“You can find me in room 302 if you need anything.”

“Okay. Then –”

I quickly left the training grounds.

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  2. “He must really like Ester-chan to endure all of that. I actually feel a little sorry for him.” Yes, it must be so hard for him to endure all of Ester’s nagging after he cheats on her. He must love her so much. Not so much as to NOT cheat on her but still a lot

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    • Did he really cheat? He only seemed to be with her and that other girl and she only got mad because they did it without her. So she didnt seem to have an issue with them being together just not when she wasn’t in it as well.


      • Yes, he did cheat. It’s kinda an important distinction. Even if you’re an “open” couple or you’re okay with swinging, what makes it okay is that the other person is there and agreeing to it. Ester made it clear that she was only okay with Allen being with another girl if she was there and it was only a 3rd wheel in bed kind of situation. He broke that agreement. Multiple times… Apparently, according to an earlier chapter, in excess of 20 times unless she was REALLY exaggerating or she’s missing some toes.
        That’s not okay. The fact that your girlfriend even lets you bring another woman into bed should be a miracle event. Agreeing to her stipulations and not breaking your agreement should be a given. Allen was, of course, thinking with his dick. As always, that path is a dangerous one.

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  3. I am kinda conflicted you know? If he does make that youth elixir then he wouldn’t be “Tanaka” anymore. I do understand where he’s coming from though, my face isn’t that great either, actually it could be worse since kids cry when they see my face.

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    • It depends on the kind of youth elixir it is. If its something that just rewinds him to, lets say, teenager, then after some years he will be back to the usual Tanaka. and there is also the possibility of him being naturally ugly, not just because of aging, so elixir of youth mightn’t change his popularity that much. The other alternative is the eternal youth which keeps him young forever.


  4. The novel is great but still think Tanaka should be nicer to ester. So am wondering if Sophia (maid) are open up for tanaka. She Has really a Bad opinion of him


    • The amount of relationship development between Tanaka and Sophia during chapter 18 seems to be nigh non-existent. This is the true virgin MC 40ever.


  5. I really like this chapter, while i can wait to see tanaka more in his 18 years of age ot suprise Those girls that bad mouthing him,that really piss me off…


  6. Thanks for the chapter ^^
    Wonder when Tanaka will acept that she really loves him, she doesn’t get nothing with lying. I guess it s too suden to belive her, but i have the feeling that he wouldn’t belive there is a girl who would actually want to marry him.


    • i don’t think it’s love
      remember how her status stated “half succubus” ? and how she acted after seeing MC’s shlong?

      my bet that MC is well armed down there compared to mister knight and her succubus blood is acting on her: pure lust


      • Unlikely -I would rather say that her heartstring has been pulled when he saved her from the brink of death and even sacrificed himself -nobly- to save everyone, while mister TwoTimes couldn’t even blow his own nose without help.


    • Well let’s be honest here, if a girl who was all lovey-dovey with her boyfriend the previous day come to you today to ask for marriage
      would you take it? Even if you had saved her life, are all the time she’s spent with her lover written cleanly off in just a moment? Sure she got cheated but she also did forgive him and they were getting cozy for some time.

      For me it would work if she broke up with her boyfriend and spent a period of time alone, i think 3 months in the minimum.


      • True, it’s hard to take someone like that seriously but there is also something wrong with Tanaka’s thinking as well. He’s expressed his disgust with her just because she is not a virgin in a previous chapter so clearly his views are a little messed up to begin with


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