Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 19 Part 2

Dorm Life 1

A pane on one of the windows smashed open. At the same time, someone jumped through the window, bringing the curtain down behind them. This person started approaching us in the dining room.



This person was wearing all black and I couldn’t even tell if they were a man or a woman. The only thing I can be certain of is that they’re holding a knife and coming at Ester-chan.

I have to act quick!


I reflexively apply constant recovery magic to Ester-chan.

I put all of my power behind it.

I was serious.

I might’ve been using more than the time I fought Christina.

I can feel the MP draining out of me.

She’s a selfish, self-obsessed girl that would rather help herself than help others. Still, I told her I’d protect her and I don’t plan on breaking that promise.

Day-after-day, saying we’re going to get married. Even if we aren’t I feel like I have an obligation to protect her. Rather, I should be thanking you for choosing an ugly man like me.


The man in black yelled out. Apparently, he was a man. His voice was very deep.

He stabbed the knife deep into Ester-chan’s neck.

The edge of the knife is coated in something black. Is that poison?

Ester-chan’s breathing became ragged; there was also a lot of blood that sprayed out from the wound in her neck. That type of injury would almost certainly end a person’s life. Based on the amount of blood, I’d guess she only has a few seconds to live.

As the flesh of her neck was ripped open it almost appeared like her neck was thicker.

Any normal type of medicine or recovery magic would be useless here.

But don’t underestimate the recovery magic given to me by God.

My recovery magic was strong enough to keep me alive against a dragon even though I should’ve died more than 100 times.


I could see the pain on Ester-chan’s face.

As the knife was pulled out, a crimson fan of blood sprayed out dying the living room red. There was so much blood, but she never fell to the ground. She staggered for a second but never collapsed.

I’m using all of my power to heal her right now. Will I be able to last?

“Haa…haa…haa…huh? What…the…”

Then, in the blink of an eye, the wound on her neck closed. The muscle beneath the skin began to reform, followed by the skin stitching itself back together. There was no sign of any wound and the skin had returned back to its original state. The only thing that remained of the wound was the fresh blood on her skin.


The attacker was also amazed.

I used that as a momentary distraction to get into place to use my magic.


I’ve decided.

It’s got to be the fireball.

A fireball the size of a volleyball shot towards the attacker’s knees and completely disintegrated them.


A terrible scream could be heard in the room.

The man lost the support of his legs and toppled to the ground. The fire sealed the wound above the knee so I won’t have to worry about him bleeding out. He should be fine for the time being. However, because the pain was so intense his face is contorted in pain.

“Ester, are you okay?”

I quickly rushed over to the blonde loli.

I embraced her body as she stood there, staggering.


She collapsed into my embrace.

Her body is lighter than I imagined and I can feel her soft skin pressing against me; it quickly reminded me that I’m touching the body of a woman.

My heart started throbbing after I became aware of the heat coming from her body. She really is warm though. Her body is burning up.

“Can you breathe? Are you having trouble breathing?”

“N-no…is this your recovery magic….”

“How are you feeling? Is your vision blurry?”

“All I can see is your beautiful face. You look really cool….”

“I guess you are a little delirious….”

Her answers are a little disturbing but she seems fine for the most part.

Thank god.

I’m so glad. I was really nervous there for a second.

“Umm…t-t-thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me. All the matters is that you’re safe.”



“That’s…you’re more important….”

I’m relieved that she appears to be unharmed.



It’s often difficult for me to think of what to talk about.

As we both fell into silence, the atmosphere got a little awkward. Ester-chan seemed to notice something that caused her to panic.

“Next time will be different! You won’t have to even raise a hand to protect me! I’ll show you that I’m useful as well! I’ll be the one helping you! That’s why umm…well….”

Her face has turned bright red.

She’s not thanking me nor apologizing. Ester-chan is complaining about how useless she feels.

These words affected me more than her thanks or an apology could. When did this girl become so brave?

While claiming to be in love with a girl like this, Allen also went out with other girls. I can’t understand that at all.

Maybe if I were a yarichin myself I’d be able to understand more. (TN: A yarichin is a man that sleeps with a lot of women)

“Umm, w-what was all that noise out here…eh!?”

Sophia returned from the kitchen pushing a cart with two cups of tea on it.

She witnessed the devastation of the living room and let out a scream.

“W-W-W-W-What’s going on!? Why is everything red!? Blood! Is this blood!? Ester-sama! Ester-sama!?”

As I pointed out earlier, the living room was covered in blood.

Anyone that hadn’t seen everything that happened would expect Ester-chan to be suffering from a terrible wound.

“I’ll explain everything later…first of all, that man there….”

I looked past Ester-chan’s shoulder to the man on the ground.

At that time, the man took his knife and placed it against his neck.


He stabbed the dagger into the side of his neck and brought it down, cutting a large gash into his own neck. Once again, the living room was covered in a fresh coat of blood.

If the room was only covered in the blonde loli’s blood I would’ve liked to lick it clean later, but this bastard decided to end that dream of mine. What a terrible thing for him to do.


After convulsing on the ground for a little while, the man’s body fell still.

I’m sure he was prepared to kill himself before he even got here.

He must have a lot of guts.

“Who do we contact for something like this?”

W-well, umm, e-even if you ask me I wouldn’t know….”

I thought Sophia-chan might know what to do because she works here as a maid, but I could tell just by looking at her face that she was barely holding it together. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that ‘What to do when a man breaks into your room to kill you’ isn’t covered in the maids training.

“For now, should we take Ester to her room?”

We decided to take Ester-chan to her room so we could speak with her maid.


We had finished moving to Ester-chan’s room.

“I-I’m very sorry!”

Her room had the same layout as mine. Sophia-chan’s face was blue and she looked a little sick as she stood in the middle of the room near Ester-chan. Ester-chan was sitting on a sofa trying to clean the blood from her hair with a wet towel.

Sophia-chan moved behind Ester-chan to help her clean the back of her hair. I sat down on the sofa opposite them.

“It wasn’t your fault.”

“But, w-well, I….”

It seems that Sophia-chan overheard a student talking about an assassination plot targeting Ester-chan. She was very apologetic to Ester-chan for not telling her about what she heard.

“Did you not tell me because you wanted me to get hurt?”

“No, but….”

“And you were going to tell me. That’s why you wanted to talk in private earlier, right?”


“In other words, you wanted to tell me but you didn’t know it would happen so soon.”


“Then, you don’t need to apologize. In fact, you’ve given me valuable information”


Sophia-chan looked to finally be relieved.

Sophia-chan told us was about the assassination plot, which was no help now, and about why the student claimed someone would want Ester-chan killed.

It seems that someone has a great interest in the land Ester-chan was rewarded for her help in the dragon extermination party. Still, for someone to send an assassin after the daughter of a noble seems a bit extreme to me.

“Well, I don’t know who would be after my life, but at least I’m still in good health.”

The blonde loli showed a bright smile. Even though, just a little while ago, someone tried to kill her. I’d expect her to be incredibly frightened right now.

Even when the dragon captured her, she put up a brave front.

She has more courage than me.

I wonder if other nobles are as brave as her.


“Yes, Milady.”

“Don’t let my father know about this.”

“…are you sure?”

“I am the daughter of the FitzClarence family. I’ll solve this problem myself. If my father finds out about this I don’t think I’d ever be able to return to adventuring.”

“But this may not be the last time someone tries to attack you.”

“The last time? I hope this isn’t the last time! The next time someone tries to attack me, I’ll capture them myself and force them to tell me who’s giving them orders!”

She just wants to get back to adventuring with Sophie-chan and Allen.

She’s really a brave girl.

By the way, Rebecca is Ester-chan’s maid. She gives off a cool, intelligent aura. Her appearance is pretty fitting for a secretary or a maid.

More importantly, her chest puts even Sophia-chan’s to shame. Not to mention her thighs and butt are both thick as well. On top of that, her waist is incredibly thin given her other measurements. I would easily pay 50,000 yen to be able to have sex with her for one hour and cum inside of her.

No, I’d pay up to 100,000.

In the second round, once I’m a little tired, I’d like her to get on top in the cowgirl position. After that, I’d like her to demonstrate her abilities as a maid and give me a blowjob. Of course, she’d have to put on glasses before I finished.

The price has jumped to 200,000.

That would be nice.

Please let it happen.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”


“Why are you staring at Rebecca like that?”

“Uh, no reason. Don’t worry about it.”

My main focus should be the loli right now, but I won’t forget about this busty maid.

“Anyway, I’ll be on guard tonight.”

I felt like I was the obvious choice to be the guard for the night.

“Eh? Guard….”

The blonde loli seemed to be against that idea.

“There are no windows in the bedroom, unlike the living room. If anyone tries to break in, it will be from somewhere out here. There’s no reason for me to go in the room, so let me stay out here and be the guard for the night.”

I’m acting rather serious.

After all, a promise is a promise.

Even if it was just a one-sided declaration on my part, I have to protect her.

“That sounds like a good idea….”

“I-I understand!”

Just as Rebecca began to speak up, Ester-chan yelled out.

“I’m fine if you want to guard my room overnight! You can come in my room! Or in my bed! Or in m-m-m-m-me!”

“No, I’m fine staying in the hallway.”

I still don’t want this loli bitch.

All of this sexual frustration that I’m feeling because of her. Ah, I just hope she makes up with Allen soon.

“All night in the hallway? That’s too much! You’ll be so tired!”

“But I have to do it.”

“But my bed is softer! Besides, in my bed, we can d-d-d-do it a lot….”

Ester-chan looked at me, who was old enough to be her father.

And I looked at her with the eyes of a perverted middle-aged man ready for his next meal.

Seeing this, Rebecca seemed to understand Ester-chan’s feelings.

“I understand. Tanaka-san, are you okay with staying?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Then, I’m sorry to trouble you, but can you protect Ester-sama until the morning? Of course, at no point should you enter into Ester-sama’s room.”

“I had no intention of doing that.”

“I’ll hold you to your word.”

Apparently, she seems to care about Ester-chan’s chastity.

I doubt she knows that the blonde loli has already been with a man.

Such a pitiful maid.

“Wait a moment! I don’t mind if you want to come into my room!”

And so, I made the decision to stay up all night to guard the blonde loli.

Recently, I feel like I’ve had to do more and more unfortunate things.

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  2. I like this chapter. I dont know if this can get serious after being assasinated when tanaka only thinks about…..
    Licking(Blood) and prices(200.000)
    (This kills me even mour😄+😂=😇


    • Ain’t most men attracted to looks at first glance.
      Sex =/= Love
      If simply just sexual desires the best would be those who are beautiful.
      If a person wants to finally settle down, the partners personality is the best.


    • ‘Love at first sight’ is the same thing. People find it really romantic but its just human sexual desire. Liking beautiful women is just human instinct to leave behind superior genes, true love rarely occurs.


    • No evidence of that so far. If he can heal old war would like lot limbs like a certain loli vampire, then I would agree with you wholeheartedly, but without evidence of it, I doubt it.


    • Well, it never stated that she had lost hers. She is a succubus, and they normally appear in dreams. Maybe she only had “action” in dreams with the other two… that might also be the reason why she was so distraught over Allens actions. As he had non-illusionary aka real action


      • Looked around for some spoilers for later volumes and the ending. Face it dude shes just sloppy seconds now. And I say sloppy cos condoms dont exist in their world


        • Ok I found something interesting in a recent search around a certain forum. Ill have to take back what I just said about Ester but only to a certain degree. Wish I could just edit my post to make it easier


  3. “I’m fine if you want to guard my room overnight! You can come in my room! Or in my bed! Or in m-m-m-m-me!”

    shouldn’t it be more like:
    “I’m fine if you want to guard my room overnight! You can come in my room! Or in my bed! Or in my A-A-A-A-ATM!”

    Yours sincerely,
    Your trusted ATM -withdrawals and deposits all night long

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  4. How to escalate things so fast that will scare the other party with 100% success rate:
    “I’m fine if you want to guard my room overnight! You can come in my room! Or in my bed! Or in m-m-m-m-me!”

    Thanks for the translation!


    • That will only stop virgins who are damaged in the head.

      For every other pairing, that would result in sex, and would have a long time ago. Maybe only Tim Tebow wouldn’t have had sex yet with Esther.


      • Having sex once is okay (if she accept that there is nothing more), but I wouldn’t get in a serious relationship with a girl:
        Who just fucked her previous boyfriend (that fucks other girls) while she knew how serious chastity was for someone of her status (which means: she’s seriously in heat to betray her family that way with a random playboy), AND who just discarded that very boyfriend suddenly even if she gave so much to him. It’s worse than that, it’s as if he doesn’t even exist anymore! and without any rational reason! when will be the time when this happens again, when will she again offer her body suddenly to another man while treating the previous one as air? How many dicks like that?

        If Tanaka was the first (or if she wasn’t a noble asking for marriage), I woudn’t mind her being so lewd. But given her past, she should be a little more reserved so that people don’t get the wrong idea (=that she does it on a whim with anybody). If she reacted like that with me, I would refuse her marriage offer. Regarding sex, well I would have to refuse too since I know she would fuck only to tie me for something serious, not just for fun (and I wouldn’t want to lie to her either, she’s still a kind girl).

        Honestly, I think that even without being a “virgin” at all, you a rational reasons to refuse.


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