Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 19 Part 1

Dorm Life 1

[Sophia-chan’s point of view]

It happened while I was walking in the hallway of the dormitory after lunch.

As I was going to retrieve Tanaka-san’s laundry, that I had left out to dry, I could hear the voice of a young woman whispering from around a nearby corner. It’s clear that the person is trying to talk in secret.

I need to stay quiet. If this person is a noble, and they notice me nearby, I could be in serious trouble. I reflexively stopped walking. During the morning and middle of the day, the dorms are usually completely empty. It is quite strange for there to be someone else here at this time.

“Is it true? About the a-assassination….”

“It’s true. I overheard my father talking about it.”

“S-seriously? The target is that lady from the FitzClarence family….”

“That must mean the instructions must have come from someone really high up.”

“…It must be.”

“From what I’ve heard, there were many people interested in that territory that was awarded to her and her family. I’m not even sure if the King realizes how many people want that land.”

“I heard from my father that there isn’t much value to the land itself. He said that land is of a great interest to the surrounding countries because there are people and valuable items are all being secretly moved through that land. The territory itself is rather barren. Few crops grow there and there’s nothing of real value there. To anyone that doesn’t know the truth, that land is nothing more than a hassle to maintain.”

“Ufufu, even I don’t know all the details.”


There are two nobles talking to each other.

Both are female students.

“The only reason I’m even telling you this is because we’re so close. I don’t know what it’s like to be a dragon slayer, but I do know if she keeps acting all high and mighty, she’ll go down in flames.”


“Even though that girl is just a student, she’s treated like she’s above the rest of us.”

“U-Umm, Lyrisha-sama….”

“By the way, since we’re such good friends, I know you’d never talk back to me.”


This if the first time I’ve ever seen this. A fight between a popular noble and one of her followers. This is the kind of life I’ve always yearned for.

However, what they’re talking about is terrible. The young lady from the FitzClarence family, I also met her the other day in the dragon extermination party.


Is this really happening?

I can’t imagine someone planning to assassinate that person.

Why would someone want to assassinate one of the people that helped kill a dragon?

“Then, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Ah, w-wait a minute, Lyrisha-sama!”

“You’ll get your answer tomorrow.”


I could hear one set of footsteps moving further away from me.

The other one stood there for a while before turning and heading in my direction. I hid around the corner and waited for the sound of their footsteps to fade.

It seems they passed me without noticing.

I continued waiting there for several minutes, but it seems that I’m safe. Thank goodness.


I don’t know who those people were.

It’s probably best if I pretend like I never heard anything at all.

A commoner like me could never understand the world of these nobles. If I were to try to get involved, I would be the first one killed. That’s also something I learned from my favourite book. The life of a maid in the royal palace is worth less than a single silver spoon.

This place isn’t a royal palace but it is similar.


That’s why it is certainly best if I act like I never heard anything.

Besides, I have so much stuff that I still need to take care of.

Yes, that’s right.

I still need to get Tanaka-san’s laundry.

“…That’s right. I need to hurry.”

I quickly headed in the direction of Tanaka-san’s clothes.

The area used for drying clothing is outside of the dormitory. For each of the dormitory buildings, there was a dedicated space set up for doing laundry.

It certainly is quite convenient.

It seems that it was designed to not only be convenient for the nobles but also for the servants as well.

I’ve actually got quite good at cleaning Tanaka-san’s smelly clothing.

“Well, I should take them down quickly….”

I walked over to one of the posts I had hung Tanaka-san’s clothes from.

Today was really sunny, so I expected them to be completely dried.

However, what I saw was Tanaka-san’s clothing laying on the ground with footprints all over them. They were dirtier than before I washed them.

There’s no mistake. This was intentionally done by someone.


The one person that came to mind was the maid I bumped into this morning.

There’s nobody else that would want to harass me.

“…At least the clothing I washed in secret is safe.”

The detergent they use here is of such a high quality.

That much is to be expected of a place full of so many nobles. The clothing is spotless.


I can see the sun already starting to set.

Even If I were to wash these dirty clothes again, they wouldn’t dry in time.

If I were to leave them to dry in the room, I’m afraid it would make the place smell bad.

“I’ll just have to wash them again tomorrow.”

I collected all of Tanaka-san’s clothing and started walking back to the room.


After I finished speaking with Allen, I went out to the town to purchase some clothes, underwear, and normal household goods. I had left most of my items behind at Edita Sensei’s house, so now I was basically starting from scratch.

Since I’m living in the student dormitory, it would make sense for me to ask the maid that has been assigned to my room to go out and buy all of this stuff for me. However, I would like to have a good relationship with Sophia-chan, so I decided it would be best for me to buy all of this myself.

Besides, shopping in a fantasy world is more fun than I thought it would be. Everything is new and interesting to me. I even filled an entire bag with stuff that I thought Sophia-chan may like.

Because of the money I still have from defeating the dragon, I could spend as much as I liked. On top of that, I can use my recovery magic to heal my feet when I get tired. By the time I arrived back at the dorm it was already nightfall. I probably should be going to sleep soon.

“I’m home.”

I passed through the entrance and walked down the usual corridor into my living room.

And that’s where I met someone I wasn’t expecting.

“Oh, you were out late.”

“…Why are you here?”

For some reason, Ester-chan is in my home.

For a moment, I thought I had entered the wrong room, but Sophia-chan was here preparing tea for the blonde lolita.

“Of course, I’m just trying to deepen my relationship with a fellow classmate.”

“Still, visiting the room of a man late at night isn’t a good idea.”

“Eh? Ah, eh, umm, were you planning on doing something?”


The blonde lolita’s face turned red in an instant.

She would occasionally look down below my waist.

This is bad. I’m likely to get an erection if this keeps up.

She’s clearly looking at me in a sexual way.

“Because Sophia-san is also here, something like that could never happen.”

“Umm, I-If you want me to, I can go to my room….”

“Sophia-san, there’s no reason for you to do that.”

Why is she saying that?

Will my holy sausage finally be swallowed by the loli bitch’s dark abalone? If I receive any more temptation, I don’t think my virgin status will last much longer.

No, if I can’t hold out, I’ll never be able to complete Sophia-chan’s route. My everyday life watching her in maid clothing will end.

“…I’m fine.”

A calm mind is able to make the right decision.

Still, if Ester’s hole even hooks me once, I’ll be on a one-way ticket to hell.

If her father was to learn of our love affair, I’d be cast out of the Penny Empire in a second. Or, if other nobles that want to marry her learned of it, they’d probably want me dead.

Anyway, the worst thing that could happen is losing my personal maid.

If Sophia-chan were to come onto me like this, aah, just thinking about it is great. I’d be fertilizing her every second of every day from morning until night. I would be using her like an ATM. Making deposits and withdrawals like crazy.

“Ah, if you want, I’d be okay with three people….”


What was that!?

I’m sure this is due to her succubus blood.

I almost lost my willpower after hearing that line. My heart is beating incredibly fast.

Seismic intensity nine. Magnitude 8.270.

“FitzClarence-sama, please don’t say stuff like that….”

Sophia-chan rejected the idea while making a disgusted face.

I’m still far away from finishing her route.

“You can just call me Ester. Are you more comfortable calling me by my family name?”

“Eh? U-umm….”

“I won’t force you to do it.”

“N-no, thanks for your concern, Ester-sama.”

“I’m making an exception for you because you’re his maid. We also fought together against the dragon.”


Apparently, they had some time to talk with each other. I’m guessing it was when we were on the airship and also when we were flying back to the capital on Christina.

I’m not really sure when they talked because I stayed in the cabin on the airship and was speaking with Christina on the way back.

“Umm, Ester-sama….”

“What is it?”

“There’s something I’d like to speak with you about later.”

“You can’t tell me now?”


“Is that so? Alright then.”

And so, this tsundere loli and the pretty faced maid seemed to become unexpected friends.

Maybe it’s because I’m much older than them that I find this situation a little funny. It’s kind of like a parent watching their child. If Edita Sensei was here, I wonder if she’d feel the same way?

Anyway, it’s probably best if I get Ester-chan out of here soon.

In the future, when Allen and Ester-chan make up, if Allen finds out that she was in my room late at night, he’ll probably get a negative opinion about me. I’d like to maintain a good relationship with him if possible. Despite how freely he uses a certain part of his lower body, he is a useful person to have as a friend.

That’s why I need to have as little contact with Ester-chan as possible.

So, I thought I’d tell her that.

“Shouldn’t you go back to your room soon? Allen is worried about you, so I don’t think you should be visiting my room so carelessly.”

“I don’t care about Allen.”


“Yes, that’s the truth.”

“But he really is in love with you….”

I also thought this earlier in the day, but…

Why am I so desperately trying to get that ikemen and this bitch together?

It honestly made me sad for a moment.

Why am I doing this? Ester-chan took this opportunity to say more.

“I don’t care about Allen at all. The only person I care about is y-, u-umm…I only care about you!”


That damn Allen. He’s been using such a cute girl like this.

Ah, this situation is getting really dangerous.

It’s the first time I’ve ever looked into the loving eyes of a girl.

I could feel my heart beating faster.

I’m not even thinking about doing anything sexual to her.

“Sophia-san, can you get a cup of tea for Ester?”

“Eh? Is that okay?”

“Yes. Sometimes I want to enjoy this kind of feeling.”


Let’s endure it. I’ll be able to endure it for a little longer.

Either way, after a couple of days go by, she’ll be back to chasing after ikemen again. For now, I don’t mind enjoying this. I’ve always wanted someone I could be with, but this girl is a tsundere with a terrible personality.

Besides, it’s not like we’re having an affair if she’s just looking at me.

Anyway, I’m sure in a week she’ll be back to clicking her tongue at everything I say.

“Here’s your tea.”

“Thank you, Sophia.”

“N-No problem….”

The blonde loli gratefully accepts the tea from Sophia-chan.

There’s no harm in just allowing her to stay and look at me. It’s not like we’re alone anyway. We’re just meeting in my room with Sophia-chan here. As long as Sophia-chan is here I can remain a perfect gentlemen.

“Hmm? I feel like I’ve had this tea before….”

“Ah, Tanaka-san ordered that tea.”

“Is that so?”

Ester-chan asked this question.

I didn’t feel any reason to hide it, so I quickly answered.

“Yes. I tried it in the school cafe earlier and liked the taste.”


“How is it?”

The blonde loli’s expression stiffened.

“W-Was that m-m-m-maybe when we met at school?”

“You remember that?”

“The tea at the time…well, I-I….”


Apparently, tea is this blonde loli’s weak point.

“Is it not to your taste? Would you like something else….”

“No, it’s very good. I’ll drink it straight away.”

“Ah, wai-….”

The blonde loli started guzzling down the piping hot tea. This must also be due to the succubus trait, right? Her throat must be designed to take harsh deepthroats. It’s such a lewd attribute.

After several seconds, the cup was empty.

She then returned the cup to the plate with an elegant motion.

“Sophia-chan, can you get another cup for her?”

“Wha-, I-I-I understand.”

Sophia-chan was a little shocked by Ester-chan’s behaviour.

She seemed to still be in shock as she ran to the kitchen.

“…Um, is your mouth okay?”

“This tea is also my favourite starting today.”

She then showed me a bright smile.

“T-That’s good to know.”

I don’t know what she’s thinking.

Well, let’s assume it’s okay because she said she likes it.

“By the way, have you eaten yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“T-Then, together in my room….”

She asked this while holding both of her hands between her legs and fidgeting back and forth.

She’s looking up at me while doing this. It’s a direct hit. 5000 damage to my virgin mind.

The cute Ester-chan asked me this question.

At the same time, something else happened.

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