Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 16 Part 1

Dragon Extermination 6

On that day, the capital of the Peni Empire, Kalis, was in an uproar.

The reason for this is the huge dragon, Christina’s visit.

As Christina landed in the noble mage’s garden, we were quickly surrounded by knights wearing heavy armour and many people wearing robes and holding staves. Apparently, such a large creature landing in the capital can cause a lot of panic.

That does make sense.

The noble mage tried to calm down everyone.

He explained that this was his home and why the dragon was here.

“It’s because you people are so stubborn that you cause all this trouble.” He said something like this and continued complaining to the knights before letting out a large sigh.

Ah, it seems like he managed to clear everything up. All the guards seemed to be leaving to return to their posts. That magic obsessed noble can actually be useful.

Shortly after arriving, Christina seemed to already be ready to leave.

“I will never forget. I will never forget the name, Saito…..” She seemed to have some deep meaning in her words before she left. However, that name is just a pseudonym and we landed at the noble mages mansion so I should be fine. I gave her a quick nod before she left back to Mount Pepe.

And at the same time, the dragon extermination party broke up at that spot.

The next morning. I had met up again with the noble mage at his home, but I just wanted to return home already.


I’m so tired.

I just want to go home and sleep.

But I still have an important task to complete. Defeating the dragon wasn’t the end goal.

From here on I need to show my abilities as an alchemist.

I have to continue Edita Sensei’s legacy.


With Sophia carrying the luggage and the noble mage who insisted he had to come with, I returned to my atelier.

So, that’s why I’m currently being trained in medicine.

“So, I add the solvent here……?”

“Eh? Yeah, well….”

As long as I mix, dissolve, boil, and repeat according to Edita Sensei’s recipe, I shouldn’t mess up. Sensei’s recipe laid out everything that was necessary for me to finish the recipe.

On the other hand, the noble mage seems to see some hidden meaning in the mixing procedure I’m following. After every move I make he mutters to himself.

Incidentally, when Sophia had finished carrying the luggage to my atelier, she went back home. She could have at least stayed to have a cup of tea. I even offered some to her but she refused immediately and ran out of the building.

When she parted with the party it seemed like a wave of relief washed over her body.

Her eyes were even sparkling.

The eyes of Sophia that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Well, it’s probably for the best. This way I can focus on creating this medicine.

“Ah, sorry, but can I see that green medicine there?”

“This one?”

“Thank you.”

I continued mixing with my overzealous assistant.


The next day.

We brought the finished medicine to the royal castle in the city of Kalis of the Peni Empire. All of the usual members are here me, the noble mage, Team Orgy, Mercedes, and Sophia.

The political power of that magic obsessed noble is clear here too.

He gave his reason for being here and was immediately allowed to enter the castle.

Inside the castle, there were nobles, knights, servants, and even several people from foreign countries. Still, we were able to easily pass through all of these people to see the king. That noble mage must have an incredible amount of trust with the king.

“I’ve heard your reason for coming. Is it true? Lord Fahren, have you managed to create a medicine to cure my daughter?”

A man sitting on a large throne. He looked like a typical fantasy king.

He’s even wearing a crown on his head.

He is supposedly the ruler of this country.

I’ve heard he accomplished a lot when he was young, but he looks more than capable of doing more at his current age. He appeared to be around the same age as the noble mage or me. His body is massive and reminds me of an American football player. He has shiny, blonde hair cut to resemble Beethoven’s hairstyle. There are no signs of balding and I can’t see a single grey hair.

However, due to the stress of his daughter’s condition, he is showing an incredibly tired expression. He seems to be trying to suppress his hope that this cure will actually work. That may be due to there being several other people claiming to have found a cure but the cure never working.

“Yes, please give this medicine to her as soon as possible.”

The noble mage says this and carries the medicine to the King.

That magic obsessed noble is even allowed to approach the King.

I have no idea how to interact with royalty in this world so I have no choice but to sit back and let the noble mage handle everything. As long as I receive the reward I have no problem with that. I just want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

It’s easier for him to hand over the medicine rather than arguing that I am the one that created it. I sincerely doubt the King would take medicine from some stranger from a foreign land and give it to his daughter. Even if her condition is severe, I doubt he would ever do that.

“You there, bring this to my daughter immediately!”


The king gives an order to someone nearby and a man that looked like a knight quickly ran up to take the medicine.

All of the party members that were watching this were currently kneeling before the King. Even in this world, it seems to be common practice to lower your body to someone important like him.

“I will take it to her right away.”

He took the medicine and quickly ran out of the great hall.

I’m guessing that’s the direction the princess is in.

“But, Fahren, is it true you managed to obtain the liver of a red dragon?”

The King asks the noble mage this.

“Yes. Regarding the loss of the airship, it is as I reported to you earlier. However, on our journey, we managed to obtain even larger magic stones. I, Lord Fahren, promise to create an even greater airship.”

“I’m not concerned with the lost airship. I’m more interested in how you managed to defeat the red dragon. This dragon is said to be the strongest and fiercest type of dragon. More so, I’ve heard that these companions were the only ones that went with you.”

“To kill a dragon, the quality of your companions is more important than quantity.”

“….Well, if you say so Lord Fahren. That must be the case.”


Wow. The King must really trust this ossan.

They must have a history together.

“If possible, I’d like to witness the effects of the medicine with my own eyes. This may be a selfish request, but can you allow us to see the royal princess?”

“That’s fine. If you’re by her side my daughter will be relieved.”

“Thank you.”

“Though, Lord Fahren, even though I’ve heard the story several times, it’s still a surprising story to hear.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, how did you know that you’d need the liver of a red dragon to create the medicine?”

“I’ll give you a detailed explanation of the story later. For now, I’d like to make sure the royal princess is okay. Besides, it is a rather complicated story.”

The ossan seemed to glance over to me.

He doesn’t mean to give credit to me?

“I understand. I would also like to see the effects with my own eyes.”

“I see you’re as stubborn as always…..”

“Stubbornness can also be a virtue. I have no reason to be humble.”

Still, I’m quite surprised at how the King acts with the noble mage. I had heard that the King was above all other nobles in the country and that he even acted this way, but he seems to be on really good terms with the noble mage. Some of the other nobility in the room seemed to be annoyed and are turning their eyes away from the pair.

Thanks to that, the other members of the party are able to follow along without anyone questioning us.

Nice, noble mage.

These two people continued exchanging words for a little while.

But, after a while, the King nodded to end their conversation.

“Well, this is the room she is in….”

There was a large wooden door that stood before us.

With a loud *BAN* the door suddenly opened.

Everyone stared at the now opened door.

Then, from within the room, a girl’s voice could be heard.


It’s likely that she has been sleeping all this time up until now. In addition to the knight in armour and the nobility in their robes, there was a beautiful girl in her sleepwear. The fabric was rather thin, and beneath her sleepwear, you could see the outline of her body. She had rather big breasts and a big butt and her waist was thin. Nice body.

It was a perfect body for most men.

I want to train her royal pussy.

The King was the first one to say something.

“Oh, Angelica!?”

“Father! I’m able to move my body again!”


Many other people, mostly men, began crowding around the entrance to the room. She runs to her father’s arms not minding how short her sleepwear really is.

With tears in her eyes, the girl called Angelica embraced her father.

“Y-You can move!? You’re okay!? Angelica!”

“Yes! I can move! I can move as if wings were growing from my back.”


The King lets out a great yell as he is overcome with emotion.

Just like his daughter, there are tears in his eyes.

Apparently, the medicine worked rather quickly. According to Edita Sensei’s notes, this disease wasn’t actually a disease, it was a curse. Well, I guess they’re kind of similar.

It seems like she has been eating regularly. She doesn’t seem too thin and is actually kind of thick. Her healthy legs that I’ve been watching for quite some time now are evidence of this. I’ve heard that even if you’re bedridden massaging the legs is enough to keep them healthy.

Looking at her now, I’d guess she’s rather strong. I had imagined her being much frailer. I was able to see her entire body between the time she took the medicine and ran up to her father. This princess is really amazing.

“Thank you, Father. Thank you so much! It seems like a dream that I’m able to walk on my own feet again. I’m the happiest person in the world!”

The princess continues talking while hugging her father.

You could hear several members of the audience let out audible ‘awws.’

The large crowd that had gathered quietly left them on their own.

Please, enjoy this family time together.


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