Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 16 Part 2

Dragon Extermination 6


The next day we were once again at the castle.

Rather, we had stayed in the castle overnight at the request of the king.

And now, the noble mage was saying it is time for our reward.

There are only ten days left until the debt on my house needs to be collected. I’m pretty happy that I can get all of that debt resolved so soon.

“Thank you! It’s thanks to you that my daughter has been cured!”

The king said this to us with a bright smile showing on his face.

We’re currently in the same spot as yesterday, the great hall of the royal castle.

In addition to the King, there were a large number of nobles dressed in luxurious clothing lined up on either side of the King. This scene reminds me of Jacques-Louis David’s painting of Napoleon’s coronation. Maybe it’s not that extravagant.

“I’d expect as much from you, Lord Fahren. Sincerely, thank you for everything you’ve done.”

The King says this in a tearful voice.

I am a virgin that has no real family. Seeing how much he cares for his daughter makes me think that marriage sounds rather appealing, but if I had a daughter that looked like the Princess I can’t be confident I would be able to resist spying on her in the bath.

“If it were the usual me, I would claim that I did this alone, but not today. On this one occasion, I would not have been able to accomplish this on my own.”

“Truly, what a day this is….To hear those words coming from you of all people.”

“It was all thanks to this man here that we were able to create the medicine. He obtained the dragon’s liver and even made the medicine himself.”

“……..You, raise your head and tell me your name.”

“Yes, my name is Tanaka.”

“Tanaka? That is a strange name and you look different than the people of my country.”

This is bad, I said my family name out of habit.

Most people of this world don’t seem to have a last name. It would seem even more strange to him for sure as almost all commoners do not have a last name. Well, it should be fine. I plan for this to be the first and last time I speak with the King.

“Yes, I belong to a group of nomadic people. I decided to travel on my own some time ago.”

“Nomadic people?”

Everything I’m doing is to get gold. I try to make up a story in order to not be rude.

But the face of the King just looked confused.

Suddenly, a voice that came from the side of me spoke up.

“Your grace, please give me an opportunity to speak.”

It’s the blonde haired Lolita.

She has remained silent up until now, so why does she feel the need to speak now?

“Oh, Richard’s daughter was also helping. To put yourself in such danger in order to save my daughter, you truly have my thanks. I plan to visit with your father. Perhaps I’ll give him some land and the title of Viscount.”

The atmosphere seemed to have changed after the King said these words. It was mainly due to the aristocrats quietly talking amongst themselves. It seems by giving her father the title of Viscount, the power structure of the country has changed. Well, that has nothing to do with a commoner like me.

In response to the King’s words, another man standing next to him spoke up.

Another ossan that had been standing by the throne. He was standing there the entire time yesterday as well. Is he perhaps in the number two position in this country? I’d imagine he has the title of minister or something similar.

“Your majesty, that title is a bit much.”

“Oh, are you saying that the reward is too much for the person that saved my daughter? I think the title is perfect after everything Richard’s daughter has done.”

“S-Still, that title holds too much power in the country….”

“I’ve decided on this as a reward. Do you have anything else to say, Prime Minister Mordred?”


“I would expect someone capable of defeating a red dragon is more than worthy of such a title. I am convinced that if it’s this person, they will be more than able to proudly represent that title.”

“….Yes, I agree with you.”

“If so, don’t bother speaking up in the first place.”


The King and the Prime Minister.

I would assume the King is in the top position and the Minister is the second in power of this country. From my position at the bottom, it is impossible to understand the full responsibilities of each of them. It’s like a minion of a large company trying to understand the job of the President.

I remember hearing something about the power of the nobility when I was at the school, but what I do know is that the Peni Empire is a very large country and has a very complex power structure in place. Thanks to my position as a commoner, I doubt I’ll ever fully understand that structure.

The nobility seems to be like typical nobles you’d find in any medieval setting.

Oh, more importantly, what is that blonde lolita trying to do?

It would be bad if she tried to say something to make me lose my reward.

I wouldn’t be able to save my home.

That would be the worst.

My assumption was entirely different than what she actually said.

“I will vouch for this man. Please, believe me.”

“What? You trust this man?”

“Yes. I swear on the honour of the FitzClarence name.”


The blonde haired lolita speaks in a formal tone.

Really, I’m just surprised she’s trying to defend me.

The noble mage also spoke up at this time.

“I feel the same way as the daughter of the FitzClarence family.”

Thanks to these two, the expression of the King seemed to relax.

Thank you both so much. It makes me happy seeing them vouch for me.

“I understand. I will believe in the words of Lord Fahren and the daughter of the FitzClarence family. You said your name was Tanaka? I’m truly grateful for the work you’ve done.”

A few surprised voices could be heard from the surrounding crowd.

Apparently, this was a really exceptional response from the King.

I just thought he was showing me his gratitude, but now I’m starting to feel nervous after hearing the reaction from the crowd. I’m starting to think if it wasn’t for those two speaking up, I may be going back to jail soon.

After all, this is a feudal society.

“Ahahaha! It’s more than you deserve when I’m just taking you at your word.”

Does this mean I’m safe?

“Is there anything you want?”

“I would like to thank you for believing in my words. However, it is as Lord Fahren said, this would have been impossible without every member of the party.”

That is the absolute truth.

It was only as a party that we were able to achieve this goal. Every member of the party was important. It makes me happy thinking about it. It’s a great feeling to accomplish something as a group.

It’s the kind of feeling I could never get while working for a company.

“The only reason we were able to achieve our goal, was because we all worked together. That’s why I wish for the reward to be divided equally among everyone. It is a humble request, but the only reward I want is money.”

“I see. If that is your wish, I am more than willing to grant it.”

“Thank you.”


I was able to obtain the gold I needed.

I remember hearing rumours that the King was stingy, so I was unsure if he’d grant my request, but it appears he quickly accepted my request. I guess his daughter was really that important to him.

“Bring the reward here.”

The King says this.

In response, one of the knights nearby approached with a large metal box in his hands.

“To you, for the great service you have done for our country, I give you 1000 gold coins.”

“Haha! Thank you. I will receive it gratefully!”

With my head lowered, I received the metal box with both of my hands.

It was quite heavy.


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