Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 19 Part 3

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Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 19 Part 2

More Tanaka for everyone!

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Chapter 19 Part 2

Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 18 Part 1

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Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 16 Part 3

Dragon Extermination 6


After receiving the reward, we went to the noble mage’s house.

We’re now meeting to split up the reward between everyone. When it comes to 1000 gold pieces, it’s incredibly heavy. So we needed somewhere appropriate to divvy up the reward.

And so, we are now in the drawing room of the noble mage’s mansion.

“Everyone, thank you for bearing with me. I will now start deciding on how to split up the reward.”

This man was assuming the position of manager to decide on our pay. Continue reading

Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 16 Part 1

Dragon Extermination 6

On that day, the capital of the Peni Empire, Kalis, was in an uproar.

The reason for this is the huge dragon, Christina’s visit.

As Christina landed in the noble mage’s garden, we were quickly surrounded by knights wearing heavy armour and many people wearing robes and holding staves. Apparently, such a large creature landing in the capital can cause a lot of panic.

That does make sense.

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Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 15 Part 3

Dragon Extermination 5 Part 3


The night passed as Christina continued pummeling me.

I just now noticed the sky was beginning to turn white.

“….Isn’t it about time you gave up?”

This suggestion came from the side being beaten to a pulp.

I know that I won’t die, or at least I think so, but that doesn’t make this any less painful. More importantly, after all of Christina’s attacks, my clothes are now completely gone. In other words, my miserable blood-soaked naked body is now exposed for all the world to see. Continue reading

Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 15 Part 2

Dragon Extermination 5 Part 2


【Sophia-chan’s point of view】

This is terrible. Ester-sama has been taken hostage by the dragon. As a result, Tanaka-san has been unable to fight back as the dragon beats him relentlessly. Originally, he was only hit and kicked, but now he’s being hit with an endless rain of magic.

Still, Tanaka-san is alive. Is he really human?

“N-Nobleman! Well…..!”

I could no longer hold back and spoke up.

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