Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 24 Part 4

Chapter 24 is finally done!

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Chapter 24 Part 4


Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 24 Part 2

Here’s the next part for you all!

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This isn’t Tanaka related, but Fantasy Books is doing a mass release over the course of twenty days starting on the 25th. In total, we’ll be putting out 200+ chapters. I’ll be releasing ten chapters of OISJS and a few chapters of Yandere over that time. Continue reading

Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 20 Part 2

A surprise chapter enters the battle!

I would’ve just released this entire chapter as one part but I didn’t plan on posting another chapter so soon. But, I got this part done as quickly as possible because of another big donation from John C. Thank you very much (again) for the donation John. I’ll do my best to get the extra chapters out as quickly as possible.


Chapter 20 Part 2