Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 15 Part 2

Dragon Extermination 5 Part 2


【Sophia-chan’s point of view】

This is terrible. Ester-sama has been taken hostage by the dragon. As a result, Tanaka-san has been unable to fight back as the dragon beats him relentlessly. Originally, he was only hit and kicked, but now he’s being hit with an endless rain of magic.

Still, Tanaka-san is alive. Is he really human?

“N-Nobleman! Well…..!”

I could no longer hold back and spoke up.

It’s not possible for him to last any longer and, if that’s the case, we need to leave now. Ester-sama was just taken; maybe I’ll be next. Just thinking about this makes my legs shake and I feel like I may collapse.

However, my desperate appeal didn’t even reach the nobleman’s ears.

“Amazing! What absolutely wonderful recovery magic!”

The shouting noble doesn’t even notice anything else around him.

He was staring at the battle between Tanaka-san and the dragon without noticing anyone speaking around him. He wouldn’t even blink, not wanting to miss a second of the battle before him. He must really love magic. Rather, he seems to be a little crazed.

“This is the magic that guy was trying the day before yesterday!”

Nothing will get that nobleman to move from this spot. So, I turned to another party member.

It was the beautiful knight from earlier.


Allen-sama is the most level-headed one here.

However, I couldn’t speak with him either.

“Ester! W-Why!?”

Allen-sama also can’t think clearly right now. His girlfriend, Ester, has been captured and it’s impossible for him to remain calm. He looks like he is on the verge of crying as he stared at the dragon. Blood began to drip from his hand as he dug his fingernails into his palm.

There’s no way I can convince him to leave.

Sophie-sama was clinging to Allen-sama’s arm. She too was concerned about her friend……Ah, no, she seems much less worried than Allen-sama. It seems like she is just calmly watching the battle between Tanaka-san and the dragon.

I really don’t like Sophie-sama. I turn my attention to another member.

I turned to look at Mercedes-sama.


This girl is seriously a lesbian. So, I really don’t want to talk with her, but because of the situation we’re currently in, I don’t have much choice. It seems she’s higher ranking than Allen-sama. So, if she were to order everyone to withdraw, they’d have to listen.

“Mercedes-sama! There’s nothing we can do to help in a fight like this…..”

I walked to her side calling her name and appealing to her.

“Are you worried? Ah, there’s no reason to be shy. I also feel anxious. It will be fine, just come closer to me.”

“Eh? Ah, wai—”

She grabbed my arm.

Then, she hugged me close from behind.

Why did it become like this?

“Um…..Mercedes-sama, this is…..”

I look down at my feet.

I could feel Mercedes-sama’s knees trembling behind me.

Yet, her arm still held me in place. She’s not holding back at all even though this is clearly sexual harassment.

“There’s no need to be ashamed. Everyone is afraid of something.”


Mercedes-sama is still afraid to admit she’s a lesbian, but she has no issue acting on her sexual desires. I can’t suppress the goose bumps on my back as she stroked my chest and butt. This feels terrible. Ah, wai-, just now, was that a finger!? Hii~!

*NSFW*[Click for the NSFW image that goes here]*NSFW*

“Pl…Please stop…..Mercedes-sama…”

She must realize it’s possible she might die soon. She’s not holding back at all.

I…I can’t escape; she’s so strong.

This person wouldn’t even know what to do if she were caught. There’s no doubt about it.

“It’s okay for you to tremble. I’ll hold you tightly until the end.”

“No, uh…umm…..”

Tanaka-san, please end it quickly.

End it in whatever way you can. Quickly.

My chastity is in trouble. I-It’s entering…..


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  1. Why did I randomly decide to translate this part of the chapter at 1 in the morning? No idea, but it was a pretty funny and weird chapter even though it was quite short.

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  3. “My chastity is in trouble. I-It’s entering…..”
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