Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 14 Part 3

Dragon Extermination 4 Part 3


【Sophia-chan’s point of view】

I’m going to die. I’m gonna die like this.

A large dragon was falling from the sky. Moreover, the dragon was able to speak. The great nobleman called it an Ancient Dragon.

I don’t know anything about different types of dragons. However, I can tell this dragon is more dangerous than a normal dragon just by looking at it.

That’s because it is much bigger than the Red Dragon they were fighting moments ago.

And Tanaka-san started fighting this dragon.

“What are you doing!? You all need to get out of here now! If we stay here, he has to worry about injuring us! Get away from here!”

The nobleman screams this.

We ran out from the safety of the airship in a panic.

We ran along the craggy rocks, trying to put some distance between us and the fight between Tanaka-san and the dragon.

I’m glad I took my Father’s boots with me when I left my home. If I were wearing ordinary shoes, I’m sure my feet would be killing me right now and I’d barely be able to walk.

Father, I really didn’t want to wear them because of your foot disease.


I ran hard.

I ran as fast as I could to get away from the dragon.

The other people were the same.

Everyone was breathing heavily and our clothes were drenched in sweat.

It’s difficult.

We were running for quite some time and Tanaka-san had now become the size of a finger. Still, the sound of their battle echoed around us making the ground beneath us shake. We could only imagine how great the battle between them was.

Occasionally, in the distance, the entire area is engulfed in a bright light or there will be pillars of fire that reach high into the sky.

I hope Tanaka-san is okay. Even though he’s incredibly strong, was it okay for us to leave him alone? Either way, I wouldn’t want to go back there.

“Wh-what is…..What is that!?”

A little distance away from me, Allen-sama was speaking with the nobleman. Allen-sama is a knight. Still, even if he is a knight, the opponent here is a dragon. Just like me, his knees are shaking.

“Is it your first time seeing an Ancient Dragon?”

“Yes. But, how did we encounter something so rare…..”

“We have no choice but to fight it now. However, this is a strange place for one to be living. This creature is said to live in the deepest parts of the Dark Continent. Very rarely does something like this come into contact with humans.”

“Ah, the Dark Continent…..”

*Gokuri* Allen gulped after hearing the nobleman’s words.

I’ve heard of this ‘Dark Continent.’

It’s said to be a horrible place.

The Dark Continent is an undeveloped area that is twice the size of the continent we live on.

“It’s possible, due to the encounter with the wyverns and the Red Dragons, this fluctuation in power caused the Ancient Dragon to be drawn to this place. To encounter multiple Red Dragons on this mountain is also incredibly rare.”


The nobleman never looks at Allen-sama.

He remains staring in the direction of the dragon with a serious look on his face.

“Lord Fahren, why is that dragon using magic!?”

Ester-sama said this to the nobleman.

“Older generations of dragons can understand human speech and use magic. The magic they use is ancient and more powerful. It’s a different type of magic than what we use today.”

“An-Ancient magic…..”

“Richard’s daughter, don’t look away. To survive an encounter with an Ancient Dragon is unimaginable. Even to see their glorious image is a once in a lifetime experience.”

Although the nobleman’s voice trembles with fear, there is also some excitement there.

It seems his personality is just as Tanaka-san said, he loves magic more than eating three meals a day.

Even now, I just want to keep running away. I’m scared, I’m absolutely terrified.

However, we’re all standing still, watching the dragon’s rampage. I won’t be the only one to run away. Rather, I don’t feel confident I’d be able to make it back to town on my own. Ah, my life will be decided here.

Father, I hate you.

“However, I thought this thing would be more powerful, but this doesn’t seem…”

“Wh-What are you going to do!? Aren’t you going to help that man!?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s obvious that we would be completely outmatched in that fight.”


Ester-sama appealed to the nobleman with a sad expression.

Speaking against the nobility may lead to being put to death. So I won’t say this out loud, but that Ester-sama has a very crude personality. Speaking of nobility, is she really from a noble family? She just seems to act like she’s better than everyone else.

I guess, having spent the past few days with her, she isn’t all bad.

As another woman, I have to say, she has a rather innocent personality. I, on the other hand, have a relatively sly personality. I’m attracted to purity like her. She’s a bit arrogant due to her noble birth, but to be honest, I envy her a bit.

Is there anything that can fix a sly personality? I don’t know.

“We’ll continue to wait here. We have an obligation to see how this fight ends.”

“It seems Lord Fahren is more concerned with his own interests!”

“You should be sure to pray for the victory of that guy. I’m excited that I get to witness this event first-hand. Look at the magic the dragon just used! That kind of lightning strike is impossible with the magic we use today!”


“Besides, this guy is avoiding the attacks with flying magic. I didn’t think that level of skill was humanly possible. His recovery magic is amazing, but his flight magic even rivals that. I don’t think there’s ever been an air battle between an Ancient Dragon and a human before!”


“No matter how powerful you are, at most, you can fly continuously for an hour. I say that, but how long has he been flying? Furthermore, at that speed, with that precision, he’s able to continuously fly around avoiding the dragon’s attacks. What amazing flight magic!”

The nobleman is crazy about magic.

He’s madly in love with it.

“If it’s that guy, he can probably fly from our capital to the capital city of an enemy country without landing. He can launch an all-out assault with the most powerful magic I’ve ever seen. This ridiculous man can completely revolutionize the magical world. If people like him become more common, the value of the airship will become questionable.”


Ester-sama also seemed confused by his words

Allen-sama was the only one that managed to speak.

“Ester, I don’t want to abandon Tanaka-san. However, even if we were to try to help, I’m afraid we would be of no use. The best way we can support him is by staying here and watching.”

“….I-I get that, but….If things stay like this….he’ll die.”


Everyone is terrified of the dragon.

I’m terrified of the dragon.

There is no chance Tanaka-san will survive.

It’s hopeless.

However, the sound of his fight against the dragon continued.

Why won’t he die?

“….Why do you have to be such a pervert?”

Mercedes-sama quietly muttered this to herself.

This amazing woman is a holy knight that serves in the knight squadron of the capital. However, it seems she is a lesbian. I can recall, on several different occasions since boarding the airship, she would stroke my butt. There were also times where she would place her arm around my waist.

Although it was rather unpleasant, I don’t think she’s a bad person.

It was very unpleasant.

“Even a magic knight from the capital would struggle to kill a high orc or flare wyvern in a single blow. In addition, I doubt there’s any other human in existence that can fight two Red Dragons in the air and survive.”

Sophie-sama was the one that said this.

She was Ester-sama’s rival. It seems she has been having an affair with Allen-sama.

I am a little envious of them. After all, Allen-sama is so cool. Many girls dream of marrying a knight like Allen-sama. Of course, I’m no different.

And that is why I’m jealous.

Rather, I just don’t like her.

Ester-sama is the complete opposite of her.

Men seem to like her personality, but her personality is the type hated by other women. Maybe, because my personality is similar to her, he has no interest in me? That’s why, the way she does whatever she wishes, I’m envious of her.

“Oi, did you see that just now!? As humans, no matter how long we chant, even if we drew a gigantic magic circle, we would never be able to create such an amazing explosion. Yet, the dragon fired that six times in rapid succession!? Wonderful! This is the true power of the Ancient Dragon!”

The nobleman has become increasingly eccentric as the battle has gone on.

He’s pretty scary, so I’ll try to keep my distance.

I quietly shuffle my feet away from the nobleman.

In my ear, I could suddenly hear someone whispering

“….What to do, what to do.”

Whose voice was that?

It was a woman.

I turn around to look, but I couldn’t tell who said that.

With this feeling, we continued to watch the never ending battle before us.

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  5. Much thanks for the chapter
    Binge reading this series was hea worth it

    Waiting for the next chapte! 😁

  6. Much thanks for the chapter
    Binge reading this series was hea worth it

    Waiting for the next chapte! 😁

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