Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 14 Part 1


This is a mature series. There is sex, borderline netorare, netori, and various other just plain weird things that may not be to everyone’s liking. It’s different from what I usually post. So, I wanted to put this on the first chapter I post to make sure people don’t start reading this expecting something like one of my other series.

Dragon Extermination 4 Part 1

“Somehow….we somehow managed to beat it!”

As the dragon flew towards the peak of the mountain, the noble mage and Sophia returned from the airship. It seems they were able to find the potions they were looking for. Apparently, he was right to bring her with.

The power of his 98,030 LUC is clear.

“One of them is dead; the other retreated.”

“I see, so there’s only one corpse left.”

I quickly let the noble mage know of what has happened in his absence.

I don’t want to wait around here for long, so we need to be quick.

“If that is the case, we need to retrieve the liver quickly and leave this place.”

“I agree.”

I definitely don’t want to be attacked again.

It was written in Edita Sensei’s recipe that we only need one liver.

“The waitress and I will get started. Take the potion and make preparations for us to descend from the mountain. Make sure to keep your eyes open for another attack. We’ll leave the airship behind, it’s completely unusable. So, collect the necessary items before we’re out of time.”

“Eh? That thing still can’t fly?”

“Yes, the power source is completely broken.”

“Doesn’t that mean there’s no chance we can return home in time?”

“….Our top priority right now is surviving and making it down this mountain.”

The noble mage was saying less words than usual.

Apparently, the situation is as bad as it seems.

Even if we can get the liver, it would be pointless unless we can create the potion and give it to the Princess in time. The distance we travelled on the airship was considerable and there is no way we could walk that distance on foot. We even crossed the sea on the way here.

However, there’s no point in saying this now.

“I understand. Then, we need to quickly descend the mountain.”


As dark clouds covered us, we started work on removing the liver.

The noble mage uses his magic to roughly dismantle the body to get to the liver. Sophia also uses the kitchen knife to cut away at the body while tears stream from her eyes. She used the knife to cut away at the meat and bone in this way. You’d expect the daughter of a restaurant owner to have that level of skill with a knife. Initially, I thought she’d only be useful as a baggage carrier, but she is surprisingly useful in many situations.

The work progressed in this way. Fortunately, we had a few people working together, so we were making good progress. If I had been alone, I seriously doubt this would be as easy. Rather, without the help of the noble mage, it would have been difficult to even know where to start. At least, that’s what I think. I’d have no idea where to tell this girl to cut.

However, as we were doing this something happened.

Under the group of people gathered on the ground, a huge shadow appeared.


Even if a large amount of clouds were above us, the shadow wouldn’t be this size. Everyone stopped their work and looked up to the sky. And there we could see the figure of a dragon. No, this dragon is bigger than the red dragon I knocked down a little while ago. It’s massive.

The shadow belonged to a dragon that easily exceeded 100 meters.

“It is unusual for humans to be in such a place.”

More importantly, did something just talk?

Who was that?

I was starting to panic and looked towards the ossan to see him standing still.

“Impossible, Anc-Ancient Dragon….”

That’s when his eyes opened wide, he stopped working entirely, and his entire body started trembling.

I had never seen him like this before.

This enemy seems to be strong enough to terrify even that noble mage.

The name “Ancient Dragon,” certainly sounds terrifying.

“Why is something like that here…..No, thinking back, we also encountered a group of flare wyverns when we were on the airship. Then, we encountered a pair of red dragons on the way up Mount Pepe. So, it is possible…”

The dragon’s voice was loud enough to make the earth shake. This caused the other members of the party to come running from the airship in a panic. And they were left speechless after seeing the Ancient Dragon.

Sophia-chan began to shiver and she squat down on the ground and began peeing herself. I want to drink it. It seems a waste to let the earth drink it instead.

“What’s wrong? You tiny ones.”

This dragon is looking down on us from directly above.

It’s a little frustrating.

The way she speaks reminds me of Sophie-chan.

“I’m sorry, who are you?”

I am glad that we at least have a way to talk to this dragon.

Maybe we can return peacefully if these talks go well.

“Who am I? This small man is asking that of a dragon.”

“No, I’m sorry, but there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding. Maybe we can meet again at a later date. If you’d like, you can contact us at this number….”

My inner customer assistant came out unexpectedly.

Don’t actually contact the number they give you. It’s just a way to politely end the conversation.

“There seems to be a very powerful human here. I wanted to see it for myself.”

“I see. I’m very sorry for any trouble you may have been caused. We will all be leaving soon. So, if we could please have your cooperation and understanding, we will be gone in no time.”

For now, I need to check it’s status. Status.

Name Christina
Sex Female
Race Ancient Dragon
Level 2983
Job Backpacker
HP 9950000/9950000
MP 8900000/8900000
STR 1537500
VIT 677402
DEX 922994
AGI 220442
INT 778030
LUC 23329

These stats are overwhelming. I get the sense that Christina is like a final boss.

She’s the type of hidden boss that doesn’t appear normally. No other enemy is comparable to this dragon’s level. Those stats are just too bloated. I never heard about enemies of this level from that ossan.

Rather, what is a backpacker? Well, this dragon does have a strong consciousness. I guess I don’t need to think of a backpacker in a way humans may think of it. Either way, this status window is uselessly in depth.

By the way, my status looks like this.

Name Tanaka
Sex Male
Race Human
Level 78
Job Alchemist
HP 78909/78909
MP 188300000/188300000
STR 7375
VIT 9560
DEX 10800
AGI 7910
INT 12922000
LUC 229

My level has only gone up by thirteen.

Considering what we defeated I expected to level a lot more than that. It’s possible a large amount of the experience went to the noble mage and Mercedes-chan. Although, as a member of the same party, I am happy for them.

If it’s similar to raising levels in a game.

Well, there is also some bad news.

My luck seems to have gone down. Does the growth curve have a negative value? That’s more like real life. As a human, your LUC will go down as you get older. Out of all skills, LUC is the most depressing.

“Are you openly mocking me? You must be considerably brave.”

“No, of course not. That would be absurd. Mocking and being impolite…”

“Excellent. Then, maybe you can entertain me for a while!”

She announces the start of the battle.

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