The Last Surviving Alchemist Wants to Live Quietly in the City – Chapter 5

Hey, look what’s back!

Now that you’re happy to see me translating this, allow me to ruin that happiness. I’ll be translating this, basically, whenever I can make the time for it. I was really hoping someone would pick it up (and if anyone wants to, message me) but nobody ever did. I still really enjoy this series so I’ve been considering picking it back up for a while now and decided that this was the best option. Translate it whenever I can and hopefully draw more attention to it so someone else can translate it at a better speed than me. Continue reading

Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 14 Part 1


This is a mature series. There is sex, borderline netorare, netori, and various other just plain weird things that may not be to everyone’s liking. It’s different from what I usually post. So, I wanted to put this on the first chapter I post to make sure people don’t start reading this expecting something like one of my other series.

Dragon Extermination 4 Part 1

“Somehow….we somehow managed to beat it!”

As the dragon flew towards the peak of the mountain, the noble mage and Sophia returned from the airship. It seems they were able to find the potions they were looking for. Apparently, he was right to bring her with.

The power of his 98,030 LUC is clear.

“One of them is dead; the other retreated.”

“I see, so there’s only one corpse left.”

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