The Reckless Trap Magician – Volume 1 Chapter 1

Turning Point of My Life

At some point in everyone’s life they face a turning point.

That time was now for me, Lute Drago.

I decided to leave the house that I was born in and had now lived in for fifteen years.

“Then, I’ll be going. Take care Grandpa and Grandma.”

I call out to my grandparents one last time.

The house where we live stands on a high plateau. In short, our home is completely surrounded by cliffs.

My grandparents were born in a village hundreds of meters below where we live now. They found me abandoned in a forest nearby that village and have raised me as their own since then.

Grandpa has an impressive white beard, and Grandma’s back is warped from age so she is constantly bent forward at the waist. But, you can tell just by looking at their faces that they are good people.

“Before I knew it you were already all grown up…….Seeing you like this makes me feel both sad and happy…….”

“Dear, let’s send him off with a smile. After all, if it’s Lute, he can do anything. He’s a genius! As the former head of the Kingdom’s Knight squadron I guarantee it!”

Grandpa often makes jokes like that.

According to Grandpa, in the past Grandma was a court magician.

Geez, how much do they need to show off? I laugh lightly.

Our secluded cliff-top home, no matter how you look at it, this is a ridiculous place for a house.

…….Well, this will be the last time we see each other for a while, maybe I’ll play along with Grandpa’s joke.

“I’m relieved. If the former head of the Kingdom’s Knight squadron thinks that I’ll be fine, then I have nothing to fear. Then, I’ll be going.”

“Take care and enjoy it as much as possible! If you meet a pretty girl, bring them back to visit! In a place like this there’s never any opportunity to see any cute girls, ha ha ha!”

Grandpa shows a refreshing smile and gives me a thumbs up.

…..Haa~ He always has to say unnecessary things.

“Hou~…So, you old geezer, is that your final request?”

“Ah….wait a minute! Of course I love you the most dear! I love you so much!”

“It’s too late to take it back now!”

“Let me come with you, Lute!! I’ll die! I’ll be killed if I stay here!”

“Lute, don’t worry. Your Grandpa is the kind of guy that won’t die no matter how hard I try.”

“Ahaha, you’re both energetic –”

They’re a really happy couple.

While hearing Grandpa’s dying words, I leave that familiar house.

Since the house is completely surrounded by cliffs, there is only one way to leave.

So, I fly.

“Alright, let’s go!”

I spread both of my arms out and jumped. The forest spread out in an emerald green sea below me.

What could be waiting for me ahead? Well, I can’t wait to find out!



A few minutes later.

I landed safely using magic, I walked along the ground and approached the forest.

The forest that I have passed many times with Grandpa and Grandma, it seems brighter than usual when I know that I can go farther than I ever have before.

*hmm hmm* I skip through the forest humming to myself.

That’s when, a demon jumped out from a bush in front of me.

There was a Big Bear standing in front of me. It had the same color coat as my black hair.

A demon stands before me. Me, who has no weapon.

However, I don’t panic.

Because mankind has another weapon that can be used to defeat demons.

–And that is, magic.

Of course there are exceptions, but in most cases humans can only use one type of magic.

In my case, it is trap magic.

According to Grandpa and Grandma, trap magic isn’t a very strong type of magic.

It’s mainly used to create pitfalls or other simple traps. I remember them telling me with a bitter expression, that it is a magic mainly used in support and it’s never used as the primary form of attack.

Nevertheless, I felt this magic held infinite possibilities.

And as a result of my grandparents help and constant research and study — I created it.

Ignoring all conventional wisdom, it was my own original magic.

I point near the feet of the Big Bear that was rushing towards me.

I avoid being careless, as I feel the flow of magical power in my body moving there.

Big Bears are strong demons.

The Big Bear is closing the distance to attack me, when it passed through the place I was pointing at – and then an electric current coursed through the demon’s body.


The Big Bear showed a bewildered expression.

That was my【Thunder Trap】. It is a magic that makes creatures that pass through the designated point become immobilized by thunder magic….There is no point in trying to explain this to the demons that can’t understand words.

I approach the immobile Big Bear and begin to set another trap.

The name of this trap is 【Hidden Flames】. The effect is simple, it is a magic trap that continuously attacks any living creature that passes through the designated point with fire magic.

Now, what would happen if this ‘designated point’ was set on a living creature?

I touch the nose of the Big Bear that was still completely paralyzed.

That’s when 【Hidden Flames】was activated, and the Big Bear was quickly engulfed in flames.

The Big Bear is dead in an instant.

Yes, I’ve succeeded in controlling multiple types of magic, such as lightning and fire, with my one magic ‘Trap magic’.

When I demonstrated this to my grandparents, I remember their astonishment. They exclaimed, “This will completely revolutionize the magical world!”

Both of them exaggerate so much.

….Well, it was nice for them to praise me so much.

I look down at the lifeless Big Bear.

This commemorates the first step in my adventure.

Thinking about it, it’s only natural the tension I feel would increase.

“Be careful, touching me will leave you burned…….just kidding.”

I spoke only to myself feeling a little embarrassed.

That was an embarrassing thing to say. I move my line of sight from the Big Bear to the bush it emerged from.


There’s something there.

A beautiful girl with cherry blossom colored hair was curled up in a ball, holding her breath.

The girl, whose name I don’t know, waves her small hand to me.


She has an angelic voice.


I properly return the greeting, but my mind was filled with other thoughts.

……….She must have heard my one-liner. I want to die.

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  1. Full title: The Reckless Trap Magician ~A magician without attack magic and the Adventurer’s Academy~

    So, this is a potential new series I’d like to start. Couldn’t find anyone else translating this, and that’s probably due to it being a very new series on Syosetu. There are currently 17 chapters out and it only started being posted on the last day of February. Maybe it’s not the best idea to start translating a series so new, but the series summary interested me.

    If you like it, comment and/or like the post so I know that people want me to continue this translation. This won’t effect OISJS. I only plan to release the series at most once a week. If there’s significant interest I’ll definitely consider posting more.

  2. Here’s the summary for those interested:

    A 15-year-old boy, Lute Drago.
    In a world where each person can use one type of magic, the magic he can use is “Trap Magic.”
    A type of magic that everyone believed to be useless, but Lute finds power in this magic.
    Fire, water, wind, earth, thunder…A single magician able to use many different types of magic. Because of this, Lute was accepted into the special class of the Adventurer’s Academy.
    With all of the available special advanced classes, Lute will be busy everyday of his school life.

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  4. Hmm other novels that center around adventurer school as the main setting usually end up stale and boring, and the translators quickly lose motivation to continue

  5. This looks interesting! I just hope this character doesn’t become to OP, like users of original magic are. This reminds me of Magi’s Grandson a bit, though.

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  7. Hmmm, I think it’s good.

    Legendary grandparents? Check.
    Out-of-their-world magic? Check.
    And his name is Lute.

    So, this gonna be Gunota no Mago. . . .

    • Honestly had never read Magi’s Grandson, but just reading through the summary it does sound very similar.
      Hope it isn’t though. If it is I may consider dropping it.

      • Hmm, well, thing’s gonna be a bit different if the MC here is not a reincarnator. So far, the prologue didn’t begin with Truck-kun doing his job, so prolly the universe has got nothing to do with ours. Or not.

        Let’s find out. 😀

  8. This is very interesting, yes.

    Hah. It’s only chapter 1 and we already see the MC embarrassed. That chunni line.

    • Honestly not enough chapters out currently to say that there will be a lot of romance. I’d say there’s a small amount from what I’ve read so far.

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