Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 28 Part 3

Conflict 6

As soon as our audience at the castle was finished, we were told to report to the Adventurer’s Guild. What reason could they have for calling us back so soon after returning to the city? If I had to guess, they have another job for us.

We found out shortly after returning to the Guild.

“So, about your next job….”

The Dark Elf and I were sitting at a table with this man.

He looks like a public official and was talking to us while continuously poring over notes in his hand.

“You’ll be travelling west from Tricklis by horse-drawn carriage. It will take you about a day to reach your destination….”

“Umm, excuse me, are you sure this job is meant for us?”


“I’m sorry for speaking up so suddenly, but don’t we deserve a small break?”

Every single day, constantly being sent to the frontlines.

I wanted to at least have an afternoon to recuperate.

However, this man didn’t care.

“I’d still like you to listen to what I have to say. I’m only giving you information that the Guild and the government have provided to me. In times of war, guild members like you become the first line of defence of our great empire. Besides, you don’t have the freedom to decline.”

“…I see.”

“Now then, you’ll be deployed to….”

The Dark Elf was looking at him with a murderous intent. If it wasn’t for her slave collar I’m sure she’d already have drawn her sword and cut him down. The employee complaints are increasing. It’s only a matter of time until a strike occurs.

I want to rest.

How long will this next mission last?

I never would’ve thought that I’d witness the despair of being a day labourer after arriving in this world of swords and magic.

Even if I’ve now been promoted twice now, I haven’t felt any benefit from it. Rather than a promotion, all I want is to be able to eat a meal that Sophia-chan has prepared and talk with her while relaxing in our dorm.

My heart that’s grown wild after days spent on the battlefield yearns for Sophia-chan.

I’d prefer spending this time with Sophia-chan over the promise of getting a glimpse of Edita Sensei’s panties when she crosses her legs.

“There is another area currently being assaulted by the Republic of Pussy. There is a carriage awaiting you outside the Guild that will take you to your destination. Once there, you’ll be given further instructions.”

“…I understand. There’s just one thing I’d like to know.”

“What is it?”

“I’d like to know the name of the man that takes such great care of us day after day.”

“…you want to know my name?”



I doubt complaining to him will do me any good.

So, I thought I could try being more tactful. He doesn’t lose anything by telling me his name. He may even have a good opinion of me already considering he knows of my relationship with Mercedes-chan.

“…you can call me Neumann.”

Even though we’ve known each other for a few days, I’ve never really paid attention to his appearance.

He appears to be in his late twenties. He’s someone that you could probably still get away with calling a young man. His hair was black and he had distinctive moss green eyes.

His attire was pretty standard for an official for the Penny Empire. His pants were a faded green colour with black shoes. He wore a white button-down shirt with a black tailcoat over it.

He looks like somebody you’d encounter in Europe during the 1800s.

He has the face of a handsome westerner. Damn it.

“– Although our situation may be temporary, Neumann-san, you’re acting as my boss. I’d like it if we were able to speak more comfortably to each other as long as I’m acting as your subordinate. How does that sound?”

“Y-You want us to be more comfortable with each other?”

“Yes. Don’t you think it’s more natural for a boss and his subordinates to occasionally have a casual conversation? After all, it’s thanks to the missions you’ve sent us on that we’ve been able to accomplish so much.”


“So, I’d like to make a toast to all the good you’ve managed to do for us.”

The Dark Elf looked at me as if to say, “What are you doing?”

But I have a plan.

The most important thing in a feudal society is paying proper respect to those above you in rank. Even if that person isn’t a member of a noble family, even if you have to do things that demean you, in this society, having the support of your superiors can mean the difference between life and death.

“What do you say?”

“We-Well, if you put it like that….”

Is he giving in so easily because we’ve had such great results so far? Whatever the reason, I should take this opportunity to push a little further.

“We really need just one night to rest. We can stay here and drink together. It’ll be my treat.”

“No, I’m not sure….”

“Of course, she’ll be staying with us too. I’m sure she’ll offer a great view when getting us drinks.”

“O-Oi!? Do you think you can say whatever you want!?”

I’m sure the Dark Elf is moments away from killing me but I have to ignore her.

I think I’ll get Sophia-chan a collar like the one the Dark Elf wears. Except I’ll create a command phrase that tightens the collar slightly whenever I speak it.

Anyway, let’s focus on winning over the boss for now.

“Or, if you prefer, I’m sure I can complain to that imperial knight about how you’re working us tirelessly with no breaks.”


The effect of mentioning Mercedes-chan’s name was extraordinary.

The official gave in almost immediately.

“…I-I understand. We can delay your move for a day. There’s no need to bother the imperial knight with anything like that.”

“Thank you.”

He’s such an understanding person.

Thanks to this, we’ll be able to spend the night in a bed.


We spent the night drinking in the Guild with the official.

As a result of heavy drinking, the official became more open to voicing his complaints to us.

“I…I should have stayed in the capital with my daughter. If it wasn’t for those bastards above me I could be living a peaceful life with her…. But I was so arrogant when I first started. I made enemy after enemy until they stationed me all the way out here. Daaammnnnn itttt!

“I see. Well, that’s….”

He’s crying over his lost youth.

And drinking more alcohol.

“Oh, Dark Elf-san, please order some more.”


The official had taken full advantage of my offer to pay and had been ordering every item off the menu. The Dark Elf and I were okay with this after eating what little we had with us over the past several days spent on the road.

“Listen to this! I was finally, finally able to buy a house. Yet, before I was even fully moved in, I was sent out to this damned place…. Am I not allowed to enjoy my life!? Am I destined to live the rest of my miserable life stationed in this place!? Damn it all! Nobody can understand my pain!”

“Ah, yeah, yeah. I’m sure you’ve worked very hard.”

Neumann-san seemed to be living a luxurious lifestyle before being sent here.

His career seemed to be going splendidly before the jealousy of his superiors caused it to come to a sudden halt.

Now that he’s been sent out to Tricklis, I doubt there’s much he can do to get back to his former position. Even if on the surface working with the soldiers on the frontline seems prestigious, it’s a clear demotion from living safely with your family in the capital.

“I did! I worked harder than everyone! And I had to leave my daughter when she was still so young…what…what happens if she wants a father and I can’t be there for her!? Will my wife take in another man!? No! Please, Nina, don’t leave me!”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. Neumann-san you’re an attractive guy.”

“D-Do you really think so!? How can you be sure she won’t leave me!?”

“I’m sure. There’s no way she can find someone better than you.”

“R-Really…? Tell me I’m attractive!”

Why should this soy sauce faced guy, that’s being forced to go to the frontlines tomorrow, have to console this ikemen with a wife, child, and a house? Is this some cruel joke? Is the world mocking me? After all, this world is unfair.

“Oi, put this plate over there.”

“Oh, sure.”

In response to the command from the Dark Elf, I grabbed the plate she handed me that had a delicious looking dish that reminded me of fried chicken and placed it on the table.

“Excuse me, clerk, this elf wants some more food!”

“Right away!”

“Wait, make that two dishes!”

“Sure thing!’

Oi, oi, isn’t that person eating too much?

The rest of the customers continued their raucous meal as the Dark Elf and I ate in silence.

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