Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 14 Part 2

Dragon Extermination 4 Part 2

“GGUUUOOOOO,” Christina roared.

The roar alone causes everyone to fall to the ground, but that is followed by a force that sends everyone tumbling backward. It seems the dragon emitted some kind of invisible shockwave.

Especially the blonde hair Lolita, Sophie-chan, and any of the other companions that were smaller. The shockwave must be quite powerful if that ossan can’t even stay standing.

However, I immediately activate my flight magic and easily avoid the attack.

After all, my flight magic is level 55. Actually, considering that ossan was also blown away, maybe the flight magic that I accidentally levelled up too high helped me out here.

Flying has become amazingly simple. I’ve gotten used to hovering now.

“You’ll die soon, but don’t worry you’ll be dead before you can even understand what’s happened, little one.”

In the next moment, the enemy is fast approaching me. She didn’t seem to like the fact that I endured her roar. Her eyes seem locked on me. Don’t come over here!

She speeds toward me with her jaw just inches above the ground. She then begins circling around, me eyeing me like I’m her next meal. Well, I’m guessing I’m on a direct flight to her stomach now.

Her open mouth is far larger than my entire body.


Am I going to be eaten?

Something…..Some kind of skill.

Magic Power Recovery Lv. MAX
Magic Efficiency Lv. MAX
Language Knowledge Lv. 1
Recovery Magic Lv. MAX
Fire Magic Lv. 3
Purification Magic Lv. 5
Flight Magic Lv. 55
Remaining Skill Points 12

My skill points have increased after my level up.

I need to think carefully about how I use these.

But what kind of skill should I get?

I don’t know.

I don’t know, but I don’t have time to waste here.

Uwaaaaa. I have no clue what is best.

When it comes to desperate situations, there is only one thing to do.

When you’re in trouble, you should turn to magic you already know.

Fire. I will become a warrior of fire.

Magic Power Recovery Lv. MAX
Magic Efficiency Lv. MAX
Language Knowledge Lv. 1
Recovery Magic Lv. MAX
Fire Magic Lv. 15
Purification Magic Lv. 5
Flight Magic Lv. 55

Alright, good, the fire magic is level fifteen.

To be honest, I’m still amazed at my level 55 flight magic.

I thought the max level for skills would be ten.

“It appears negotiations are impossible, but no matter how amazing your name is, you’re just a lizard after all. What does it matter if you’re just bigger?”

I thrust my right hand out in front of me.

I try to imagine a fireball. Of course with flame magic, the obvious choice is a fireball. I then slowly open my hand up and turn my palm out towards the dragon. A magic formation that glows bright red forms on my hand.

I can feel it, the coming victory.

This is fine. This will be enough.

This is good.

A small flame forms in the center of the magic formation.

When I was thinking I hadn’t given it enough power, in the blink of an eye, it became a massive fireball. Its size can’t even be compared to my past fireballs. It is an ultra-class fireball. It’s diameter easily exceeds ten meters.Tanaka Volume 1 Fireball.pngThe heat coming off of it is strong enough to melt and boil the rock beneath me. The gray, rocky surface beneath me begins to make unpleasant sounds. Yet, I feel none of the heat. I’m guessing there’s some kind of barrier-like thing in place.

The dragon sees this and suddenly stopped rushing towards me.

I was the one that created it, and even I felt nervous. For a moment, it seemed like it was almost thrown forward.

As expected, it is level fifteen. The difference between now and level three is tremendous.

“Nu, why you……”

“You should probably avoid this.”


As soon as I said that, the fireball was launched forward.

The dragon has already closed the distance between us. Moreover, the speed of the fireball is impressive. It seemed there was no chance Christina could avoid the attack. The fireball hit the dragon head-on.

There was a large explosion followed by a deafening *ZUDON*

It felt like there was an earthquake happening. The earth itself was trembling.

The heat and shockwave from the explosion never made it to me thanks to the barrier created by the magic formation. It must be very well made. As you’d expect from a fantasy realm—

But on the opposite side, hot air was shot out, burning Christina.

A cloud of dust formed between us and I couldn’t see anything.


This feels like deja vu.

It reminds me of that time with the high orc. I felt anxious as I stared into the dust. I felt it was dangerous to stay where I was, and so, I used my flight magic to fly back a few dozen meters.

At the same time, the magic formation was crushed and a gigantic tail came into sight.

It makes a loud bang and the tail smashes into the fireball, destroying it.


“….Certainly, it seems mankind has become much stronger than I remember.”

Christina is alive.

I quickly checked her status in the status window.

Name Christina
Sex Female
Race Ancient Dragon
Level 2983
Job Backpacker
HP 5950000/9950000
MP 8900000/8900000
STR 1537500
VIT 677402
DEX 922994
AGI 220442
INT 778030
LUC 23329

It’s fine. It works. The fireball is working.

I can defeat her with three more.

It’s okay. I can fly away with flight magic and try to find an opportunity to use the fireball. This is different than the fight against the Red Dragon. Everyone else was blown back by the shock wave. This will be a one-on-one fight. This also means I don’t have to worry about accidentally injuring any allies.

Of course, trying to shoot fireballs while flying would be very difficult. However, if I take my time, I should be able to manage somehow. The possibility of defeat isn’t zero. Three shots. Just three more hits and I will win.

It’s a terrible plan, but based on the fight so far I don’t have much choice.

As I was thinking this,


Christina roared suddenly.

A moment later, a huge magic circle formed at her feet. I braced myself when suddenly, Christina’s huge figure began to shine brightly. She emitted a very calm, heartwarming light.

I was getting a bad feeling and decided to check her status.

Sex Female
Race Ancient Dragon
Level 2983
Job Backpacker
HP 9950000/9950000
MP 8900000/8900000
STR 1537500
VIT 677402
DEX 922994
AGI 220442
INT 778030
LUC 23329


The backpacker knows recovery magic.

Moreover, she knows complete recovery magic.

That’s foul play.

A boss this durable with complete recovery magic, that’s a fantasy game taboo.

I guess this much is to be expected. However, the numerous boss monsters from the many different fantasy worlds were defeated without breaking this rule. So, why did you have to break it now?

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you can no longer attack?”

Christina’s mouth twists into the shape of a smile.

Ah, that’s right. How much MP did I just spend?

After all, that fireball was quite powerful.

If it’s level fifteen, it most likely used a good amount of MP.

Name Tanaka
Sex Male
Race Human
Level 78
Job Alchemist
HP 78909/78909
MP 188300000/188300000
STR 7375
VIT 9560
DEX 10800
AGI 7910
INT 12922000
LUC 229

Oh, it hasn’t gone down at all.

It must be because of my MP automatic recovery skill, the amount of MP recovered every second must be greater than the amount consumed by using fireball. Is that because of my high INT? In short, the supply and demand are not balanced. Anyway, there’s no reason to be concerned if the supply of MP is overflowing, so for now, I’ll just be glad.

“I could probably shoot another 10,000 of those.”

“Ha, don’t get full of yourself.”

“….Would you like to try me?”

“You talk like you’re first-class, but you’re just a human.”

It’s fine. The dragon’s MP is decreasing like it should.

If it stays like this, it will take time, but if I just repeat my strategy over and over I will eventually be able to win. However, I can’t get hit by a single one of Christina’s attacks. Although following this strategy, I’ll need to hit Christina with at least 89 fireballs like the one from before.


Is that possible? Can I do that?

I felt a little discouraged thinking about it.

Oh well, I have no choice but to just wear her down.

“Damn it.”

Like this, the battle of endurance with Christina started.

It seems I can’t be worried about the other party members this time.

I entered Desuma. I don’t have any time for OJT here. (TN: Sorry, no idea what Desuma [デスマ] is. Maybe something to do with death or a weird way of saying death match? OJT means on-the-job training.)

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