Weekly Update #1

So I thought it might be helpful if I posted something here that links to everything I’ve posted for this past week or so. I know some people were against me moving sites for one reason or another so I’m hoping this will make things easier for you all. If this doesn’t get any views or nobody really seems to need it, this might be the first and last time I do it.

Yandere Megami Chapter 2-3

Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai Volume 3 Chapter 1-1 and Chapter 1-2

Atelier Tanaka Ch 18 Part 1 – Once again, thank you Dave for the donation.

And finally, Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 58 – This is a new series that I was asked to help out with. ‘Help out with’ has somehow turned into full time translator. It’s good though and you should check it out if you’re interested.

P.S. R8CM is in Korean and Korean makes my brain hurt.

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