Link to old site. Hope everything should be fixed by tomorrow

You should be able to access all the old chapters here Edit: All of the chapters for Atelier Tanaka should now be accessible from the projects page at the top of the site.

If that doesn’t work please tell me and I’ll probably just setup a link to my drive with all the chapters.

Clearly the transfer to the new host isn’t going well. I was told there would be zero down time and no issues with the site transfer. And since I transferred the site three days ago, it’s been down for basically three days. Everything should eventually be transferred here, but in the meantime use the link I’ve provided to read the newer chapters.

I know it’s annoying but believe me I’m just as annoyed as you are.

Edit: I would also love to say this will be fixed soon, but I’ve been in class all morning and had to go straight to work after, so I can’t even start to work on fixing it for another 8 hours or so.

5 thoughts on “Link to old site. Hope everything should be fixed by tomorrow

  1. nope, only the introductory posts work, but when clicking to the chapter as such, links redirect to the new blog.

    good luck with the transfer! D:

    • There should be an email signup on the right of the home page if you want to follow, but I believe you should still be following this site. I migrated the followers from the old site to here.

      Edit: Also added a follow button to the bottom right of the site if that makes it easier for everyone.

  2. np Rhex take your time, you yourself must be stressed out the most. -Site transfers to new host never ever work flawlessly from the there first couple of days; no matter what the host-supports promise… not to mention that there is always also RL taking precedence over everything else, as one can not simple put it off for another day like in VR

    Keep calm
    take a step back
    drink a tea & enjoy life

    Best regards,

  3. for some reason I noticed the error going away when I removed the S from https://

    not sure how much that’ll help you but maybe it’ll lead you to what the problem is or something.

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