Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 27 Part 2

Conflict 5

I feel like in this situation it would be a good idea to check his status window.

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done that.

Name Evan Gerosu
Sex Male
Race High Demon
Level 686
Job Masochist Slave
HP 870000/870000
MP 1903000/1903000
STR 107500
VIT 69322
DEX 92994
AGI 94442
INT 128030
LUC 19329

I immediately understood why the Dark Elf was scared. At the same time, I could understand why the General herself was so cocky about conquering Tricklis. With a crew like this, she could easily conquer the city by herself.

I also now knew the relationship between the long-haired man and Drill-chan.

I wish I never knew anything about it.

“Tanaka, come here?”


Next to me, Mercedes-chan motioned for me to come closer to her.

Now that I think about it, this is the first time she’s ever used my name.

I’m very happy.

I’m deeply moved for this serious lesbian to finally use my name. Even if her hymen has been broken by her grinding against another woman, I think I can make an exception. I don’t think it would be a bad first experience to be with a woman that’s athletic and very passionate. I’m sure I could love her with all my power.

However, her use of bugs is strictly prohibited.

I don’t plan on losing my anal virginity to some strange multi-legged creature.

“What is it?”

“What are you doing!? We need to escape!”

“I agree….”

Now that I’ve seen his status, I see no other option. Even if it was just Geros, I’m not confident I could defeat him while trying to protect Mercedes-chan and the Dark Elf. I doubt they’d be able to survive a single one of his attacks. I’m really not well-suited to fighting in such a narrow space.

Even if I were to go into all-out attack mode, I’d have to be careful about what kind of magic I use so I don’t injure either of them. Wow, Mercedes-chan stock really rose in my mind after she used my name. I definitely need to protect her.

I can’t help it. This virgin is in love.

But how can we all escape?

Even the random enemy soldiers surrounding us seem to be much more formidable than those we’ve fought previously.

I kind of feel bad thinking this but Mercedes-chan becoming a meat toilet doesn’t seem far off —

“Don’t move from that spot! If you move even a muscle I’ll kill this person!”

As I was lost in my own delusions, Mercedes-chan had moved close to the tied up enemy soldier and pressed her sword against her neck.

Oh, she’s quite intimidating. I guess she can be counted on when needed.

Even though some might look at this as a sneaky or underhanded tactic, it’s a smart play if we hope to get out of here. Actually, if I look close, Mercedes-chan is using her body to hide her other hand which has moved behind the enemy soldier and is currently caressing her butt.

She’s really persistent.

Mercedes-chan’s sexual desire is even higher than usual because her life is in danger.


“See? Isn’t this prisoner useful?”

Mercedes-chan tried to cover up her perverted actions by pretending she had no ulterior motive.

Meanwhile, her hand continued excitedly moving across the prisoner’s butt.

The occasional sweet moan that the prisoner released continued to fuel Mercedes-chan’s lust.

“…I guess so.”

“This is the reason I captured her.”

It’s okay, you can stop making excuses.


Somewhat reluctantly, without even looking at each other, we managed to come to an agreement.

I felt something more than empathy in that moment.

I actually pitied her.

I was beginning to doubt she was an imperial knight as well.

She’s somehow managed to become a lower person than me.

“Oh no, what kind of terrible person would hold an enemy soldier hostage?”

“You surround us with this many soldiers and think I’m the terrible one?”

“Then, I’ll promise that you’ll only have to fight Geros. The rest of these soldiers won’t lay a hand on you.”


“What’s wrong? Release her already.”

“N-No, I….”

And Mercedes-chan’s was completely defeated.

Mercedes-chan may look intelligent and beautiful, but her body and brain is nothing but muscle. Originally, I thought she was intuitive and had great instincts, but she’s a complete idiot.

Anyway, I have more important things to worry about than my ever-changing review of Mercedes-chan.

We need to safely escape this situation.

“Don’t worry about it. We can escape like this.”

We began to back away from Drill-chan while using our prisoner as a shield.

“The people are the treasure of our country, I’ll never let you take her! Geros!”

“Yes, ojou-sama.”

The horned man moved in response to Drill-chan’s orders.

He’s faster than I expected.

His speed really matches his level. It’s a speed that no human could ever match.


He simultaneously pulled out the sword hanging from his waist and targeted Mercedes-chan. She was the closest to him and is also the one holding the prisoner.

She instantly prepared to block his attack but the horned man easily knocked her sword away with a flick of his wrist.


“Ojou-sama wishes you captured. Accept your fate.”

Mercedes-chan’s sword was sent flying and sunk deep into a tree trunk.

After losing her only weapon Mercedes-chan said —

“D-Do it if you think you can….”

She held the prisoner between herself and Geros.

This girl, she’s still stroking her butt.

“Then, let’s see if you can handle this.”


While speaking in a calm manner, the arm of the horned man suddenly moved.

I couldn’t even see his attack.

In an instant, the arm Mercedes-chan had wrapped around the prisoner was cut off.

I seriously didn’t even see him move.



She let out a very unladylike scream and collapsed to one knee.

Ester-chan’s screams were much cuter.

She even smells like an old man. I sometimes wonder if I can even call her a girl.

“I-I’ll heal you!”

Still, I can’t just leave her to bleed out.

A magic circle formed beneath me.

I can’t get over her strange smell. I still want to rape her.


“Stay with me!”

“Is that recovery magic….”

It seems she noticed the pain subsiding.

Her right arm was completely severed but it wasn’t a mortal wound. My recovery magic can heal an injury like that in no time. Her arm that fell to the ground remained there as her new arm began to regrow. This is still a strange sight to me.

“Oh? That’s a lot of mana for a human.”

“…you think so?”

“Ooo~hohohoho! But my servant is still stronger!”

“He certainly seems stronger than everyone else I’ve encountered.”

Before I even realized it, the prisoner had escaped and ran to Drill-chan. The soldiers with Drill-chan began removing the ivy on her before giving her some clothes to cover up with.

Too bad. I wanted to admire her more.

That blonde bob-haired girl.

I can already picture the kind of life she’ll live.

She’ll return to her country. However, she’ll never be able to recover from the shame of being captured by the enemy. At the same time, she’ll notice a curious change in her body. Her fellow soldiers will no longer see her as a compatriot, but nothing more than a piece of meat. Eventually, they will taste her forbidden fruit and she’ll no longer be able to return to her normal life.

She may dislike it at first, but she will soon drown herself in the love of her former allies.

Ah, I think I can get myself to finish three times by only using my delusions.

“Get on with it, Geros.”

“Ojou-sama, this man’s magical power is quite formidable.”

“Your point?”

“For tonight’s reward, I’d like the full course.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Thank you very much! I’ll defeat them right away!”

“Yes, of course.”

The horned man turned his attention to me.

Perhaps he’s become a little cautious of me after witnessing my recovery magic. Even if I’m able to counter the damage he deals to me with my magic, I’d still need to be able to fight back against him. This will be the first time I’ve fought against an enemy with a three digit level in a while. I don’t plan on making this easy for him.

I’m kind of excited.

“Escape while I deal with him!”

“I-I understand!”

Mercedes-chan was there when I fought the dragon, so she immediately followed my orders.

“Are you really that stupid, human!? No human has any chance against that….”

On the other hand, the Dark Elf began to scream at me.

Is she worried about me? If so, I’m kind of glad.

But I don’t have time to be thinking about that thick bombshell.

“Mercedes-san, take her with you!”


In a situation like this, Mercedes-chan can be very reliable. She doesn’t care that this girl is a Dark Elf. She was more than happy to approach her and force the Dark Elf’s arm between her chest and start pulling her away.

“O-Oi! Let go of me!”

“It’s too dangerous here. We should listen to what that man said.”

The only thing serious about her is her facial expression.

She’s actively trying to pleasure herself with every movement she makes against the Dark Elf.

“What’s that weakling think he can possibly do against him!? All he can do is use recovery magic!”

“Just listen to him! Or you can die as a slave if you wish!”


“Hurry up already! Once we’re gone, that guy won’t have to worry about injuring us.”

“…I-I understand.”

“Come on!”

“O-Oi! Release my arm! This feels disgusting!”

The Dark Elf listened to Mercedes-chan’s words and they both fled from the battlefield. Was her perverted touching successful? The Dark Elf seemed completely baffled after Mercedes-chan started rubbing against her.

The surrounding soldiers followed Drill-chan’s words and let them pass unharmed. The soldiers must be confident in the ability of the horned man.

Which is why I’m feeling so tense.

This guy is incredibly powerful and it’s highly likely that Drill-chan is equally strong or maybe even stronger. That’s why I want them to get far away from here. If I add their levels together, I’m sure they’d be into four digit numbers. They may even be close to Christina.

I can’t be sure but I’m not confident that I’d be able to beat two people that strong while also trying to protect my allies.

Above all else, we’re in the middle of a forest.

I can’t use my usual tactics here.

I doubt my strategy of flying around while shooting fireballs would work against an opponent like this. Not only that, I doubt I’d be able to fly around so easily among these trees.

And this opponent could probably end my life in one attack.

“I’ll end this in an instant!”

After allowing them the time to leave, the horned man began his attack. He came straight towards me. His long hair flowing behind him looked so cool. The way it swayed in the wind…. I’m so jealous.

When I was a student I tried to grow out my hair, but I didn’t think about my face shape before doing so. The memory of my classmates mocking my disgusting appearance still sticks with me to this day. Damn it. I was back to a crop cut shortly after.

I’ll never be able to grow beautiful long hair like him.

So what should I do?

What can I do?

The enemy is still closing in on me.

This isn’t a situation where I can just roll the dice.

I really don’t want to ruin his beautiful hair, but —

“I’m sorry!”

I’m risking a forest fire among other things.

A full power fireball.

The Dark Elf and Mercedes-chan have escaped. The horned man and Drill-chan are standing in front of me, and there’s nearly a dozen of her elite soldiers surrounding me. I have no reason to hold back. I’ll burn down everything.

I wonder if his lovely hair will survive.

“I’ll be the one to end this!”

I don’t even want to imagine the pain I’ll feel once I’ve lost this busty miracle of a loli.

But I won’t throw away my life to spare hers.

I pushed both of my hands out in front of me towards the incoming horned man.

I too wanted to live a wonderful life with gorgeous long hair.

Beautiful long flowing hair is a dream for any bad looking guy.

I wanted to live confidently with my long hair.

I unexpectedly became more and more passionate before releasing a zealous roar.


At the same time, the magic circle formed in front of my hands.

A small flame appeared in the centre of the formation. In a matter of seconds, this small flame transformed into a raging fireball more than ten metres across. The same attack I used to fight Christina.

The trees in the surrounding forest will instantly be turned to ash; even the horned man won’t be able to survive this.

“…o-ojou-sama! Get down!”

A voice rang out from the opposite side of the fireball.

I paid it no mind.


I thrust my arms forward and the massive fireball responded.

The fireball was sent forward. Drill-chan and the horned man were directly in its path. The countless embers spouting from the fireball ignited the trees that weren’t even in the fireball’s path.

A perfectly straight, fully automated method of slash-and-burn farming.

Everything behind the fireball was left unharmed. In front of me, a path around ten metres wide had been completely cleared.

Boiling soil and stones bubbled on the surface. It will soon cool and harden. Isn’t that a great way to make a flat road?

Shortly after, a booming explosion echoed out in the distance.

The few surviving soldiers soon scattered like ants.

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