Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 27 Part 1

Conflict 5

It was time for us to gather some information. Mercedes-chan was still annoyed that she had been forced to stop her attack on her prisoner.

We used some stumps in the clearing as stools and began to talk.

By the way, her prey, the blonde robed girl, is still restrained by the vines nearby. The image of her writhing body under the sunlight is still burned into my mind. I really want to rape her.

“So, we were sent here as part of a rescue operation.”

“I-I see. I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble.”

“Do you understand then?”

“…you don’t have to say it.”

“If so, I’d like for you to cooperate with us.”

I don’t want to stay another second in this insect heaven.

I’d like to leave here as soon as possible and soak in a nice hot bath.

“Sorry for being so sudden with this, but please come back to Tricklis with us.”

“…but I-I have an important mission to defend this area!”

“We have to bring this prisoner back with us to Tricklis, and once we’re there, this prisoner will need to go through a thorough interrogation process.”

“I understand. I’ll come with.”

I’ve really learned how to better control Mercedes-chan.

When I tell her what she wants to hear, she’ll immediately acquiesce.

I got up and walked over to the tied up prisoner.

In response, her body shivered slightly. If I look closer, it looks like there are several insects crawling out of what little clothing she has left. One of these insects was a large black centipede with yellow spots.

It’s close to 30 centimetres. It’s probably as wide as a liquor bottle.

Its countless feet are unsettling.

“Are you awake?”


Should I ask her where she’s from?

No, I should probably be careful what I ask her.

The lesbian knight was getting excited just watching the girl writhing on the ground.

The girl on the ground continued showing an excited expression and twitching back and forth.

I’ll be sure to save this image to the CG gallery in my mind.

“Oi, is this woman really the imperial knight?”

“Eh? Well, yeah….”

There’s no doubt that she’s a knight, I learned that much from the noble mage, but was she an imperial knight before? Did she get promoted after we defeated the dragon? I can’t know for sure, but it seems more than likely.

“By the way, Mercedes-san, there’s something I wanted to ask you.”


The lesbian knight responded while still occasionally glancing over at the tied up girl.

She’s just a lesbian that wants to have sex. Well, I feel the same way.

“What happened to the rest of the soldiers in your unit?”

“Oh, those that didn’t manage to escape were all killed by the enemy….”

“I see. So it was like that.”

I asked her but I’m not sure I believe that’s entirely the truth.

I’m guessing Mercedes-chan was separated from the rest of her unit. When her unit began to collapse, I bet she was the only one that acted differently. She spotted this pretty blonde girl and isolated her from the rest of her allies, hoping to have her way with her victim. At least that’s what she’d do if she’s like me.

So there’s no doubt.

“The rest of the army needs all the help it can get, so let’s hurry back to the city.”

“I think you’d be more than enough help on your own.”

“I’m just one soldier now; the same as any on the battlefield.”

“…I understand. I’m still reluctant but it can’t be helped.”

After we return to town, I don’t know where she’ll be sent.

She could return to the battlefield with the shame of losing her entire unit weighing on her.

Personally, I would like to see Mercedes-chan be gang-raped.

With her reluctant acceptance, I thought everything had finally been settled.


The Dark Elf suddenly spoke up.

Her face stiffened and she got low on the ground. She looked like she was straining herself, trying to hear something.

“What is it?”

“The enemy. We’re surrounded.”


It’s not surprising considering we’re so close to the frontlines, but why did it have to happen?

I wonder how many there are.

“…can we escape?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t plan on dying in a place like this.”

“Alright. We need to work together so we can get out of this.”

“Obviously. Oi, knight, that means you as well.”

The Dark Elf appealed to Mercedes-chan.

“Of course! I have the important task of interrogating the prisoner once we return to the castle! It would be horrible if I died before that could happen. The future of this country is hanging on my shoulders!”

This Mercedes-chan is really fired up.

The noble mage is nowhere to be seen and she’s captured a beautiful girl.

It’s only natural that she’d be like this.

“Come on! ”

The Dark Elf barked this out into the silent woods.

As if in response to this, magic came flying at us from somewhere within the surrounding trees.

Several icicles came flying towards us.

I could try flying into the sky, but these two would be left behind to try to defend against this guerilla warfare. I don’t think they’re used to this type of fighting so I’m worried they wouldn’t be able to last. However, as I was trying to come up with a plan, icicles came flying at me from both the left and the right.

This is dangerous.

I made sure to get my recovery magic ready.

But, it wasn’t necessary. With a loud shrill sound, the icicles were cut to pieces by both Mercedes-chan and the Dark Elf, but the enemy’s attack didn’t stop there.

Dozens of icicles emerged from the woods at high speed, but the Dark Elf and Mercedes-chan sliced through each of them once they were in range.

Are these two professional chefs? They’re so cool.

“As expected of you two….”

Incidentally, because these two have to guard my left and my right, I’ve become sandwiched between both of them. Their reflexes are insane, but that’s not the only thing I can admire from this angle. Being caught in this position is amazing for a virgin like me.

It really does seem like they have more than two arms.

I could help by using my fireball, but unlike that time with the insect, I’m actually able to think things through now. If I were to use a fireball in this dense forest, I’d almost certainly start a large-scale forest fire. That’s probably why the enemy has decided to use these icicles.

“I see. You two are quite impressive!”

The voice of one of the attackers could be heard coming from the trees.

The voice reminded me of a young girl in her teens.

“Who are you!?”

Mercedes-chan roared as she continued to hold her sword at the ready. The Dark Elf was holding a similar position as she frantically scanned the tree line. Both of them look so cool. Something about their bombshell bodies combined with this serious atmosphere is just amazing.

If Esther-chan was here, it wouldn’t be the same.

O~hohoho! Who am I? What a vulgar mouth you have!”

In response to Mercedes-chan’s question, the attacker responded with a fierce ‘hohoho’ laugh.

Just after she finished speaking, the unknown attacker slowly emerged from the treeline.

“If I had to say it, I suppose you could call me the general of the enemy army. Now then, witness my beautiful figure.”

I tried to picture who the owner of such a young voice and shrill laugh could be, and I wasn’t too far off. It was a young blonde woman with a twin drill hairstyle. She was strangely wearing an elegant dress in the middle of the forest. It was bright red and sparkling. She was also wearing high heels. That’s…impressive.


Her behaviour doesn’t match her supposed position.

“Of course, it is I, the great Baroness of the Pussy Republic, Doris of Ahern. This time our powerful army shall invade the Penny Empire and remove any trace of Tricklis from existence!”

This person is exhausting.

The most distinctive feature of her is her ridiculous hair.

Twin perfectly shaped drills that go all the way down to her waist. The drills were masterfully crafted. The way the edges remained perfectly in line, how they gently swayed with every move she made.

There’s no doubt about it. This is the work of a professional.

“A general fighting on the frontlines? Pussy must really be desperate.”

The Dark Elf responded to this crazy woman for all of us.

“O~hohohoho, such simplistic thinking has always been the shortcomings of you Elves. You need to think about things in more ways than one. The battle this time will be one-sided now that I’ve entered the fray!”


“This is the most efficient way for us to win! Your ignorance astounds me!”


Her age doesn’t appear to be far off from Ester-chan. I’d guess she’s anywhere from her early to mid-teens. However, her body is completely different. The way she talks is very lively, but her chest could be considered even livelier. They’re so springy and bouncy.

Ester-chan’s washboard chest that I had grown so accustomed to can’t even be compared to these. I’d say her chest could even rival that of Ester-chan’s servant, Rebecca-san.

On top of that, she looks even shorter than Ester-chan. Her height is probably around 130 centimetres. She’s without a doubt a loli. Even better, the dress she’s wearing is really accentuating her massive chest. It’s the best.

The legendary big-breasted loli.


And she isn’t even chubby.

Rather, her belly is flat and a little muscular. And when I compare her waist to Ester-chan’s, she might even be smaller. Her massive chest and her thin waist… What should I do, Edita Sensei?

There’s always been a golden rule when it comes to lolis. Yet, this girl has managed to break every stereotype of her loli sisters. What’s with this incredible imbalance? This blonde big-breasted miracle.

Her body coupled with her incredible drills and ridiculous way of speaking, isn’t this girl perfect?

I’d be happy giving my life to be reverse raped by this girl.

“You’ll soon regret ever taking up arms against the great Pussy Republic.”

“…what’s that supposed to mean?”

“O~hohohoho, it’s pointless for you common soldiers to try to understand.”

By the way, there’s a spider hanging from the drill on the right side of her head.

Her drills are swaying around violently. I wonder if it will be okay.

“Geros, take care of these peasants!”

Drill-chan barked out her orders.

Speaking of this person called ‘Geros’, I’m guessing she’s referring to the man standing by her side. He’s a rather tall man that could be described as the complete opposite of me. He looks like he’s in his early twenties. Something about his pale skin made him seem rather feeble.

Drill-chan is too cute. She’s the complete package.

“Right away, ojou-sama.”

“It’ll be boring if you kill them quickly. Play around with them a little bit.”

“As you wish.”

In response to her words, he removed his headgear.

What’s he going to do?

Growing from his head, was a set of horns that reminded me of a ram’s. These horns coupled with his long black hair gave him a relatively cool image.

If I look closer at his face, he’s actually quite handsome.

Recently, I’ve been encountering a lot of these ikemen. They’re the types of ikemen that could put the standard anime MC to shame. I’m sure for most women, these guys are their ideal type. I’m jealous of them.

I’d like to be able to look good with long hair like this guy.


The Dark Elf looked astonished as she looked at this man’s dazzling face.

What’s with that feminine response?

“Even if you’re terrified, it’s too late to beg for your life.”


I wonder….

Is she reluctant to fight her ideal type?

This Dark Elf bitch has surprisingly simple tastes.

I need to snap her out of it.

“…what’s wrong with you?”

“Something’s wrong with you if you aren’t scared!”

She really is nervous.

Is this horned guy really that dangerous? I encountered several people in town with animal attributes. But I’ve seen more dangerous looking people than him. People with wings growing from their backs, or gills on their necks.

For a medieval fantasy setting like this, these types of races are common.

However, the enemy isn’t just restricted to the horned man. Ten or so soldiers appeared at once and swiftly surrounded us. If I compare them to those we fought on the battlefield, these guys all look better equipped.

If what this girl said is true, these soldiers are the elites among their ranks.

“You, why are you fighting for that woman? Impossible, is she your daughter?”

“Ojou-sama is a full-blooded human.”

“Then, why!?”

“I’m nothing more than her faithful servant. It’s my pleasure to serve ojou-sama.”

“…do you actually believe in those absurd words?”

“I more than believe in them, I live by them.”


The talk between the Dark Elf and the horned man ended.

As a third party in this conversation, I have no clue what that was about. There was clearly some kind of meaning to their exchange, but I don’t know enough about this world to fully understand it.

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