Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 24 Part 2

Conflict 2

The area we’re currently in is a grassy highland. The grass that grows here is thick and goes up to my knees. The encampment we’re currently in has dozens of large tents and huts situated over a large piece of land. If I look out towards the horizon all I can see are empty fields that eventually lead to the border of the Pussy Republic.

There are several craters and patches of burnt grass where there was clearly fighting at some point. Even from our place near the main camp, I could smell the burning grass and flesh from the nearby battlefield.

Maybe the source of this smell is that loud boom I heard earlier. Looking at this scene now, I feel lucky that nobody in the tent was seriously injured. If whatever it is that exploded was only a few metres more in our direction, everyone in the tent would’ve been killed without even knowing what happened.


This place would usually be a rather peaceful meadow. However, in front of us, there were nearly a thousand enemy soldiers dressed in heavy armour and some were wearing robes. I could see each of these robed soldiers using staves as they were casting magic.

I feel like I’ve gotten myself in a terrible pinch, Edita Sensei.

The overzealous soldiers from the tent we just exited rushed towards the battle.

They’re running headlong into battle like it’s only natural.

A flame reminiscent of a wyvern’s was shot straight at them.

Luckily, it seems there was a mage in the group of soldiers. A large, magical shield covered the entire group as they managed to make it to the enemy where the rest of the soldiers could begin fighting.

It’s looking good for them. The main force of the enemy soldiers didn’t notice their attack.

“…their teamwork is pretty good, isn’t it?”

“Yes. They’re all rank C or B adventurers in Tricklis.”

“I see.”

As expected of people that are rank B. Someday I hope to be at that level.

Even in the capital, I’ve heard that there are only a dozen or so rank B adventurers in each Guild. And I’ve been told that there are twenty or so Guild halls in Kalis. So, in total, there are maybe 300 rank B adventurers in the entire city of Kalis.

I’m not sure what the population of Tricklis is, but I’m sure there aren’t more rank B adventurers in this city. Knowing that, I’m sure these guys are part of the elite fighting force in Tricklis.

By the way, I’ve heard most adventurers stop once they reach rank C and finish their lives at that rank. Because of this, rank C adventurers are usually divided into three different ranks. It’s kind of similar to Japanese companies that don’t want to raise an employee’s wages so they give them a new, meaningless, position and disguise it as some kind of bonus.

“The enemy has a large number of mages. We need to hurry up and start healing the injured!”


Following after Henry Sensei, we began visiting several more tents.

The situation inside these tents was similar to what I saw in the first tent. There are many injured men inside breathing heavily and moaning and groaning. If I were gay I’m sure I’d be in heaven. All of these half-naked men with terrible injuries. I really can’t stand it.

So, when I saw a woman inside one of the tents, I was overjoyed.

It’s my long awaited injured girl. I was filled with a wonderful feeling.

She’s a pretty girl that’s maybe in her late teens. She has short brown hair and a decent body. She’s actually missing small chunks of hair due to, I assume, the explosion. Where her hair should be, I can see pieces of her white skull poking out.

“Are you all right?”

I can just heal everyone using area healing, but I still can use this chance to talk with her.

The girl is clearly about to die. She’s clutching her stomach trying to keep her organs from falling out.

Their beautiful pink colour is captivating.

Am I into guro porn?

No, I don’t know if I really find this erotic. I just think I’ve been away from a normal life for so long now that it’s starting to affect me mentally.


A beautiful girl’s moan! Finally!

“I-I’ll heal you right away!”

Even while distracted with my own thoughts, I was able to instinctively start my recovery magic.

A massive magic circle formed covering the entire tent just like before.

The injuries of the beautiful girl and the macho men began to heal. The organs that fell out of the girl began to be pulled back inside of her. The blood and entrails were sucked back in almost like they were being vacuumed up. The layers of meat, muscle, and, finally, skin all began to weave themselves back together.

“…a-amazing…m-my injuries….”

The beautiful girl looked astounded as she looked down at her uninjured stomach.

She’s completely naked. I can see everything from her navel up to her chest. The only thing blocking my view is a thin sheet that’s been placed on her chest and waist. Not only can I see almost all of her naked body but her thighs are also still visible.

I didn’t expect to be treated to this amazing sight my first day on the battlefield. Under the circumstances, I’m finding it really hard to resist attacking her right here and now.

“T-Thank you very much.”

“Don’t mention it. I’m just helping everyone.”

Now that I’m looking up at her face, I noticed that she’s wearing a collar.

She must be a slave.

Does the Guild hold many different slaves? That’s rather unexpected. Maybe the main body of the Guild doesn’t care about the rules of the Guild. I’ll need to check once I return to Kalis.

“Umm, j-just now, did you use recovery magic to heal everyone?”

“Yeah, well, it seems they’re really lacking healers here.”


I answered honestly and I could see how amazed she was after hearing that.

It was the same reaction as Henry.

By the way, this girl also has dog ears. It seems that the chunks of skull that I could see on her head were where her ears had been cut off. Her ears were also healed when I used my recovery magic. Also, she grew a tail. A fluffy tail. It reminds me of a golden retriever’s tail.

She must have been fighting fiercely against the enemy army. If she was this injured in the battle, I’m surprised she wasn’t taken prisoner by the enemy. Perhaps, the enemy had their way with her, finished inside of her, and now it’s dripping out of her underneath that sheet.

That’s a dangerous thought. It’s too erotic. The great legend of the battlefield gangbang.

It sounds nice.

But that just means she has no hymen left.

“There’s a fierce battle going on outside. If you’re not confident in your abilities you should stay here.”


Her triangular ears began to droop as if to show her lack of confidence.

“I’m serious. I can’t bring people back from the dead.”



“Well then, I’ll be going.”

My business in this tent is finished.

At the same time, Henry left the tent he had been in.

“How was it in there, Tanaka-san?”

“I’m sure it was the same in your tent. I was able to heal most but some were already dead.”

There was the body of a man in the tent that had maggots eating away at his rotting flesh.

The sight of maggots coming out of a dead man’s eye is just as grotesque as I’d imagined.

“We’ve managed to heal most of the soldiers in such a short time….”

“If there are no more injured we should join the others on the battlefield.”

“Okay, lead the way.”

I nodded in agreement with Henry Sensei.

We ran swiftly to join the brave adventurers that were already fighting. Personally, I would rather we moved more slowly but Henry was right beside me, so I had no choice but to act like I was in a hurry to get there.

We were still dozens of metres away.

“I’ll be going ahead now.”


I activated my flight magic.

The large battle was laid out before me while I was in the air. Many allied and enemy soldiers were intertwined in the grassy meadow beneath me. I could see the tall grass spread out all the way to the horizon. There were several patches of burnt grass and deep craters that I assumed were caused by magic.

Either side has their melee fighters out in front. Some are wielding swords, others are holding spears. Behind this front line, a continuous wave of magic was being shot out. Some mages were also casting protection magic to protect the frontline from any incoming magic.

It was a battle that truly showed that both sides were clearly skilled and the cooperation that existed between the soldiers was impressive.


To be honest, I wouldn’t feel confident fighting behind that flimsy shield. It doesn’t look very strong and if it even falters for a second, every fighter on the frontlines would be killed in an instant. I’ll be staying in the air using my flight magic. There’s no chance I’m going down there.

I’m just now noticing that there are already many injured or dead that have collapsed to the ground.

Those that are dead really can’t be considered human anymore. Their bodies all just look like piles of meat that have been trampled on.

If we hope to win here, the injured need to be healed and those that are fighting cannot remain injured.

“…here it goes.”

If possible, I’d like to do the same thing that I did against Christina. Use all of my MP to make it so I can’t even be damaged. I’m sure if I was able to withstand the attacks of a dragon, I wouldn’t even be phased by the attacks of a human. I could probably casually walk through the battlefield while singing and be just fine.

But the MP consumption is just too high.

And so it would be difficult, if not impossible, for me to heal the rest of my allies at the same time. Well, it may be possible if I were to wait several hours to naturally recover my MP, but I don’t think I’d have the luxury of doing that in the middle of this battle. I’ll just use my flight magic to stay in the air and dodge any attacks that come at me.

But I have to hurry.

“Everyone, keep fighting! Support is on the way!”

I flew straight towards the battlefield. I flew through the sky and, after finding an injured ally, I’d fly down, pick them up, and set them down away from the battle.

I gave priority to those that are heavily injured.

“W-What are you doing….”

“Don’t move around.”

The first person I picked up was…oh, I remember this guy.

It was that heavily armoured rank B adventurer that admires Henry.

Without the tattoo, his face would probably be very charming. I don’t think he’d even be scary anymore without it. Can recovery magic be used to remove tattoos? This guy could actually be an ikemen.

Based on the large sword he’s holding, I’m guessing he acts as some type of vanguard for the main body of the army. I’m really trying not to laugh at this man. It’s only been about ten minutes since we separated but he’s already lost the entire lower half of his body again. If he’s left like this, he’ll be dead in a few minutes.


I put all of my power into healing him. There are many injured all over the battlefield so I really can’t spend a lot of time healing one person. Even if this means I end up using more MP each time I heal someone, I have more time to recover my MP in between each person that is healed.

Heal them quickly and move on.

The lower half of the man’s body began to reform.

“Damn it. You’re seeing me in a miserable state again….”

“You can get terribly injured as much as you want. As long as you don’t die, I’ll heal you.”

“…right, thank you. You really saved me again.”

He looked at me with a strained smile.

“Thank you for your gratitude. Is your body feeling okay?”

“Yeah, there’s no problem. But your recovery magic truly is amazing….”

“Now that you’ve been healed, I must go and help the others.”

“Of course, please do your best to save my friends.”

“Leave it to me.”

He stood up and looked ready to re-enter the battle.

After he stood up, he found his massive sword lying on the ground.

“I’m not done yet!”

And he charged towards the battle once more.

“I’m gonna kill all of you!”

He’s energetic.

I’m sure he’ll get injured again.

Maybe he should try being a little quieter.

Well, I need to get back to helping the rest of the injured.

I continued this pattern of finding injured soldiers, removing them from the battlefield, and healing them so they could return to the fight.

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