Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 24 Part 1

Conflict 2

It took around five full days by carriage to reach Ester-chan’s territory.

I’ve also heard that it would take an additional ten days to reach the capital city of the Pussy Republic from here. I’m really able to understand why the noble mage wanted so desperately to create a faster airship.

I really want to believe that we won’t end up attacking the enemy’s capital city. I’d be happy if we only had to defend our own border. Though, there are places in that country I wouldn’t mind seeing.

All of the food we have available on the carriage is preserved.

Dried meat, dried fruit, and dried vegetables. Everything is so dry. No cooking utensils were loaded into the carriage and when I asked for something else I was told I should be glad I’ve even been given this.

And what about our drinking water? Well, it’s lukewarm and has a strange smell to it. The taste of the water makes me think someone else already drank it and spit it back out after eating some beef. This is due to the fact that it’s stored in a leather waterskin.

We were each only given a single piece of food and some water. The horse pulling the carriage was treated better than us. It isn’t surprising to see them treating a conscripted army so poorly.

It’s quite a different situation compared to when I was travelling with Team Orgy.

Is the situation here really that desperate?

Because this city is positioned along the border, I expect to see even more soldiers living here than in the capital.

“Everyone off. We’ll go through the final formalities at the Guild here and you’ll each receive your equipment.”

The staff member from the Guild that was driving the carriage said this.

The carriage stopped before I even noticed and we were now in front of a large building.

According to what he just said, this is the Adventurer’s Guild of Tricklis. The Guild in this city was just as grandiose as the one in Kalis.


We exited the carriage and walked towards the entrance to the Guild.

Just like Kalis’s Guild, there were counters lined up along the walls and many adventurers standing around. Perhaps they’re all adventurers that have been drafted just like us. Looking around at the interior of the Guild, it seemed the letter summoning Guild members was not just restricted to Kalis.

“Ku, there are too many people.”

The Dark Elf was pushing her way through the crowd of people.

Well, whatever.

By the way, Tricklis is the largest city in the Fitz-Clarence territory.

Kalis is the most well known and diverse city in this country, but Tricklis is mostly filled with locals. Of course, the size of this city can’t really compare to Kalis. Nevertheless, this city has managed to flourish as it is the focal point of any trade and diplomacy between the Pussy Republic and the Penny Empire.

In the centre of the city, I could see a large, circular castle that resembled the castle in Kalis. Even when we were still in the carriage, I could see countless market stalls and a seemingly endless amount of people along the streets. Both the width of the main road and the number of people walking alongside the road was great. The main street looked as crowded as Akiba on a holiday.

It kind of changes my view of this world seeing a city so packed with people. Due to the monsters and thieves that exist outside of this city, they’re forced to become something resembling a city-state. The imposing walls that encircled the city really showed the distance and distrust that existed between this city and the Pussy Republic.

I’ve heard that these skirmishes shouldn’t last for very long, but just imagining these two massive powers going to war is a terrible thought. Any merchants travelling to or from either country must travel through here. This city exists to allow those two countries to coexist.

Ester-chan was awarded an extremely troubling piece of land. Though these are just my own selfish thoughts, I feel like Ester-chan accepted this land thinking this would greatly improve her family’s position.


A man on the other side of the counter yelled this out.

Apparently, it’s already my turn.

“That’s me.”

Why is this guy just as macho as the guild receptionist in Kalis?

He even has his head completely shaved.

Is this just standard for all Guild receptionists?

“Hurry up and show me your tag, I’m busy enough as it is.”


I handed him the tag I received when I first registered at the Guild.

I was lucky I kept this in my wallet all this time.

The ossan compared this to the paperwork he had in front of him.

“Alright, take your equipment and get on the carriage with the white canopy waiting outside.”

A bag containing clothing and other items was set in front of me. It only weighed around two or three kilograms. I looked around at the other adventurers and saw that they were all given the same thing.

It seems you can decline it if you prefer to use your own equipment. Of course, I brought basically nothing, so I’ll gladly accept it. If I don’t take it, I’m not sure I’ll be able to last through tomorrow. There was clearly only one choice.

“Eh? Another carriage?”

“Yeah. You’re supposed to be heading to the frontlines. Umm, your name is, Tanaka?”


“What a strange name….”

The ossan replied while looking over the papers in front of him.

“I’m sorry, but as you can see I’m from a foreign country.”

“The frontlines are severely lacking anyone that can use support magic. Any adventurer that can use support magic, especially recovery magic, is to be sent straight to the frontlines.”


That’s just too severe.

“According to this paperwork here, you specialize in recovery magic and…what is a PC? Some type of recovery magic? Oh well, your abilities match those listed, so I’m supposed to send you on the white carriage straight to the frontlines.”

“I-Is that so….”

Straight to the frontlines?

I at least wanted to sleep in a bed tonight.

I haven’t even had a chance to masturbate over the last five days.

My son will stand at attention if I feel even a light breeze. Especially when I’m around that Dark Elf’s ridiculous body. Last night I couldn’t even lay down on my stomach because I was so close to her.

“You’re holding up the line, move along.”


Well, that’s the situation. I can’t do anything about it.

The Guild is filled with people. I can’t try to argue here and disturb everyone else. I wonder how the situation is on the border. I can’t do much if healers are in such a high demand.

I really don’t want to fight in a war.

People are being sent here and there as if they’re nothing more than supplies.

At the counter next to me, the Dark Elf was arguing with another receptionist.

“What’s this supposed to be!? This is the equipment you’re giving us on the frontlines!?”

“Is this not good enough for you? If so, then why not bring your own equipment, slave.”

“What did you say!? Don’t fuck around with me!”

“Just go out there and get on the white carriage. You’re in the way!”

“I hope you remember this. One day, when I’m free, you’ll regret your words….”

She’s going to the frontlines with me.

Is this typical treatment of a slave? She was hit across her face and the left side of her face was beginning to turn red. Her dark skin was even darker and closer to her lips you could see a faint shade of red.

I’m sure she’ll attack that man if this goes on any longer.

“We should really be going.”

I’m glad she talked to me on the carriage.

So I decided to save her from this situation.

This was also a great opportunity for me to legally touch all over her plump brown body.

“L-Let go of me!”

The second I grabbed onto her arm she yelled at me.

However, I can’t give up here.

“Your beautiful face has become dirty.”

I said this and used my recovery magic on her red cheeks.

The injury was cured in no time.

In response, she was no longer trying to break free of my grasp.


Still, this Dark Elf is as muscular as any warrior. Her arm felt rather rugged in my hand. I was hoping for something softer or more feminine.

If I touch her ass will those dreams be fulfilled?

I want to touch her ass. I want to touch her pussy. I want to feel them. I want to reach out and grab hold of this wonderful dream.

But I can’t do that yet.

“There are still a lot of people waiting, so we should go before we start annoying them.”

“Ku…w-who are you calling annoying….”

She looked back at the man behind the counter and appeared to be reluctant to leave, but she was clearly considering what I said. She finally seemed to decide on what to do and started walking towards the entrance of the Guild.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for complaining about how muscular you are.

I want to touch your body a little more.

Being reverse-raped by a beautiful, muscular woman sounds amazing.

I also turned to walk towards the entrance so I could see the Dark Elf’s back as she walked away.


And now, we had been travelling in the carriage for an entire day. So far, there had been little conversation between us….

Our destination is the base on the frontlines.

“Uwaa, look at that….”

A sizable field hospital could be seen in a field along the road.

There were shacks and tents lined up in five or six rows. The shacks were hastily put together and looked like they could collapse at any moment. Inside some of the tents, I could see dozens of injured soldiers lying on blankets.

Rather than calling this a base, it would probably be more accurate to call this place a refugee camp.

I was greeted by this scene once I exited the carriage.

Somehow, I feel as if my view of this world has changed again.

It may be a similar feeling to how the Allied soldiers felt when they attacked Normandy.

There’s an unimaginable scene before me. There’s a man with no legs, a man with one arm, and another man that’s holding on to his own entrails. I didn’t think seeing something like this in real life would have such an effect on me. There’s a clear difference between seeing images like this online compared to seeing it in person.

There’s a constant humming noise that can be heard throughout the camp. I believe it’s caused by the recovery magic that’s being used to heal all of the injured soldiers. It seems like there has been no break in the fighting. Those that are resting here are still wearing full gear and covered in blood and grime.


I feel so close to the fighting now.

By the way, after we retrieved our equipment, the carriage immediately left. The reinforcements that were sent out to the frontlines were seven men and one woman. The latter was, of course, that short-tempered Dark Elf.

Everyone except me appears to be a warrior. The Guild member that said support mages are in short supply wasn’t lying. We picked up our equipment and headed into the tent directly in front of us where we were greeted by a man in armour that appeared to be a common soldier.

It seems like he’s panicking. Why do I feel like I’m going to be immediately put on the spot?

“You guys! Can you use magic!? Can any of you use recovery magic!?”

And my services were immediately needed.

The armoured ossan was desperately looking at each of us.

“Ah, yes.”

“If so, then come with me to treat these men!”

It’s no surprise that they would need someone capable of using recovery magic.

“These are the injured that need your help. I care for all of the injured soldiers on this side of the camp.”

“Right, I understand.”

I started working to heal all of the injured that I could.

This man is some kind of priest or healer. I’m not sure how long he’s been caring for these people but he’s clearly fatigued.

I didn’t even have time to ask for his name.


I was swept up in this whirlwind before I even had time to settle in here. I healed myself to recover from my long journey and started working.

“…still, there are so many.”

Even if I don’t include the person in charge, there are at least a dozen injured soldiers here.

I think it would be best to use my recovery magic over a larger area to heal multiple people at once.

I’m sure with my recovery magic at max level I can do that.

Almost every injured person is a man. Even worse than that they’re all men with large muscles and broad chests. Even their faces are scary. Of course, I get no pleasure out of seeing these men. Rather, their injuries are all so terrible I don’t even want to get close to them.

It would’ve been so much better if they were all cute girls.


I let out a strange sound and activated my recovery magic.

At the same time, I pushed both of my hands out in front of me and the magic circle covered the entire tent. I must look so cool right now. After a few moments, my recovery magic started affecting the injured men.

The man holding his own entrails and even the main missing the lower half of his body…it may seem impossible to believe, but as long as they’re still alive I can completely heal them.

The cries filled with agony swiftly changed to astonishment.

“Wh-What is this….” “My legs! My legs are back!” “Ah, my arm is regrowing!?” “My penis is back! I think it’s even bigger than before!” “Did he use his recovery magic to heal us all at once!?” “It hurts…eh, the pain is gone….”

Even though there were some strange reactions, they all seem to be healed.

The priest was lost for words.

“Y-You!? You did this!?”

“I’m sorry that you no longer have any work to do.”

“I’m not worried about that. I must know the name of the person capable of using such amazing recovery magic. My name is Henry. I am a priest serving the church in Tricklis. May I ask your name?”

“My name is Tanaka. I guess I’m a rank D adventurer.”

“That’s impossible. Only someone of Archbishop rank or higher would be capable of using that magic.”

Like all of the men lying on the ground, he was clearly amazed.

Now I feel a little better.

No, I’m actually feeling great.

Can I just bask in this feeling for a little while?

“The enemy is attackiiiinnnngggg!”

A thunderous roar could be heard from outside the tent. A moment later, a large boom could be heard followed by the tent shaking and I could feel the earth vibrating beneath my feet.

There’s no time to talk about what’s happening.

We’re on the frontlines. The war is close now.

A few wooden splinters were sent flying into our tent.

One of them came flying straight at me and grazed my cheek causing blood to flow down my face.

It actually hurts quite a bit.

“…does this give me a kind of ‘wild’ look?”

I asked this of Henry.

“Uh, yeah, it looks quite nice.”

I might keep it if it scars.

If I had just moved a little more in that direction it would have struck me right in the face.

I think my face would’ve somehow managed to become even uglier.

“T-Then, Henry, do you have instructions for us?”

“Ah, of course, Tanaka.”

We nodded to each other.

After the injured were all completely healed, they all started getting their equipment on in a hurry.

Each of the men began removing their bandages and put their armour or robes on before grabbing their respective weapons.

They were a mixed unit that really didn’t seem to have any sense of unity. One man had a spear, one man had a staff, and another had a sword. They look like a hastily put together party.

“I-I can also help!” “Me too! I was finally healed! That man has completely healed me!” “No matter what happens on the battlefield, I’ll protect you!” “Alright, let’s go!”

It seems their spirit was healed alongside their bodies.

Their appearance up til now was disgusting.

But these guys are able to so quickly be ready to help out their fellow soldiers in a battle.

I seriously admire them.

“Tanaka and I will head to the other tents to help the rest of the injured soldiers! Are you okay with us joining up with you later? There will be a tough fight ahead.”

“Of course! You can count on us, Sensei! But, don’t feel like you need to hurry back.”

An unknown man that was wearing a large suit of armour responded to Henry.

The man was clearly fired up.

“Before Sensei even returns, we’ll defeat them all!”

“I see. Thanks for your efforts.”

It seems Henry is highly regarded around here.

He also spoke with the soldiers in a friendly way.

The armoured man had a shaved head and looked like he was in his late twenties. He has a tattoo around his right eye. He reminds me of a black wrestler. The type of race that I’d normally never want to get near. (TN: Yeah, Tanaka’s apparently racist)

He’s a little taller than I am. I’d say maybe around one hundred and ninety centimetres tall. In addition to his muscular frame, his shoulders are extraordinarily wide and I feel intimidated just standing near him. He’s wearing light armour with metal pieces covering crucial parts of his body. He also has a massive sword on his back. I’m not sure if it’s just for show or if he’s actually capable of using it.

“We’ll do our best for you, Sensei! Just be ready to heal our injuries when we return.”

“Yes, of course.”

Seeing this large, muscular man calling this priest ‘sensei’ is also quite strange.

“Alright. I’m counting on all of you.”

“Leave it to us! Thank you so much, Sensei! And thanks to that guy as well!”

The men ran out of the tent with a new found motivation.

Henry and I quickly followed after them.

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