Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 22 Part 2

Alchemist Edita 3

We finished eating and we were now heading back to the school.

I spotted a few people that looked like imperial knights rushing down the road near the carriage we had entered. One of them seemed to be so panicked that he caught his foot on a loose stone in the ground and came crashing down on the ground. The loud sound of his armour hitting the rock could be heard by everyone on the street.

They stood in front of the horse pulling our carriage and forced it to stop. The knights called out to the driver and seemed to be explaining the situation to him. Then, one of the knights called out to the noble mage by name.

“F-Fahren-sama! Is Fahren-sama in there!?”

It’s surprising to see an imperial knight panicking this much.

“You’re so loud! What is it?”

When he opened the door of the carriage, there were several imperial knights kneeling on the ground.

While his whole body was trembling, one of the knights explained the situation.

“I’m very sorry for taking up your precious time! Th-There’s something I need to report to you!”

“I get it. Something’s wrong. Hurry up and tell me already.”

The noble mage still has no patience for those that aren’t magically talented.

Ester-chan, Sophia-chan, and I were all watching from the back of the carriage.

“Y-Yes! A dragon has landed near Fahren-sama’s house! A huge dragon has landed there! Based on what I’ve heard, it appears to be the same dragon that landed there before!”


I could see the ossan’s face stiffen.

“That dragon is currently in your garden calling out for someone named Saito! She keeps demanding to meet Saito! She’s even threatened the neighbours if she’s not allowed to meet him! If this keeps up, there will be massive damage done to the neighbouring buildings!”


“We were able to locate one man in the knight squadron with that name but apparently he wasn’t the right person. He’s having a very difficult time trying to negotiate with that dragon! I hate to disturb you but we need your help!”

I remembered.

Rather, Saito remembered.

I made a huge mistake.

“Umm, a-about that….”

Ester-chan tried to speak up but her face went blue.

The noble mage also looked troubled.

And my mind went completely blank.

Allen’s amazing adventure may already be coming to an end. I’m sorry you weren’t allowed more time to adventure. I at least wanted you to make it to the next town. Ah, Saito, dying for nothing.

I’m really sorry.

“I’m sorry but could you please hurry to your home?”

“I understand.”

“Get to my home as fast as possible!”

The carriage driver took off immediately following the noble mage’s command.


“Who is this person? I called out the man named Saito.”

“L-Like I said. M-M-My name is Saito!”

When we got to the noble mage’s home, we could immediately see Christina sitting in the garden. In front of her, we could see Allen standing there with his sword pointed at her. Christina just looked annoyed at the site of Allen and he was visibly trembling before her.

There are plenty of other knights surrounding her; as well as several mages with their staves pointed in her direction. There are three circles of knights and mages with all of their attention on Christina surrounding her. Well, this area is full of rich merchants and high-ranking nobles, so this level of response isn’t surprising.

“Are you lying or am I just mistaken? Isn’t your hair a slightly lighter colour than before? It was definitely a darker colour before.”

“T-This is my natural hair colour! I don’t colour my hair!”

“Is that so? Still, something is definitely wrong….”

“Of course something is wrong! Why is there a dragon in a place like this!?”

“Hmm, well it’s fine. With something so insignificant as a human, I wouldn’t be surprised if I just forgot about your appearance.”

I’m watching this scene from the side while avoiding her attention.

She’s definitely mistaken.

It seems it’s as hard for a dragon to remember the face of a human as it is for a human to remember the face of a lizard. The size difference is almost the same as a human and a lizard as well. Still, she seems to be able to distinguish races. Rather, does that mean that it’s possible for her to treat me the same as that ikemen? I’ll have to think about that later.

It’s not like I’m thinking about sex between different species.

Not to mention the size of Christina’s pussy would be too much for me to do anything with. I’m sure I’d be engulfed from head to toe like a sleeping bag. Even worse, I’m sure having sex with a dragon would be a lonely endeavour. The only one that would receive any pleasure in that scenario would be the dragon while I’d just be afraid for my life. I’m sure she’d be able to crush me to paste while I was inside of her. It would be a life-threatening experience.


I ran up to Allen (Saito).

The noble mage, Ester-chan, and Sophia-chan all followed behind me.


Allen is relieved to see me and showed me a slight smile.

He was on the verge of crying.


In addition to the ikemen, I also caught Christina’s attention.

“When I see you together like this…ah, I remember that yellow skin.”

“Why are you able to remember something like that?”

“You…you called this man ‘Tanaka’…”

This bastard just revealed my real name to Christina. It seems that she’s able to tell us apart based on our skin colour. It’s similar to being able to distinguish a frill-necked lizard apart from a regular lizard based on the frill around its neck. Or, if she’s intelligent enough, she may know about the different races of humanity.

“Isn’t that different than the name I was told? What do you have to say, fake Saito?”

I quickly glanced over at Allen.

She must know that she was being deceived.


The ikemen was trembling but still held his ground. He would never do something as shameful as running in front of Ester-chan. He really is cool. I should change his name to Date. (TN: Date is basically another word for cool or stylish)

I think I should take over for him.

“Why are you back here after only a few days? I’m surprised to see a dragon travelling around so much.”

I tried to casually talk to her. She just stared at me with her massive eye that was the size of a human.

Then, it moved closer to me.

“Ever since our battle I’ve been annoyed. I can’t even sleep at night.”

“You were the one that started that fight in the first place. It’s not my fault that you didn’t have the strength to finish it. You can only blame yourself for the way you feel now. There’s no point in you acting like a sore loser.”


Rather, is she saying she can’t sleep at night because she’s thinking about me?

I don’t really want to hear something like that from her.

Wait, this thing is female right?

“Would you mind leaving? The people in the city are starting to panic.”

“…I don’t want to.”

I don’t want to~

How selfish.

“Then, what will it take for you to return home?”


What is this?

I thought she’d want something but I’m not sure anymore.

What is this huge thing thinking?

“I know you don’t want to, but you still need to leave. It’s very annoying for something with that large of a body to enter the city. On top of that, you’re using Fahren’s garden as your landing pad.”

Now that I think about that, this garden is extremely large.

Maybe the noble mage uses this area for his magical experiments.

“No, I really don’t mind….”

Oi, what are you saying, ossan?

Do you want the dragon to stay?

“If that’s so then….”

“It is. So please go home for today.”


This is already Christina’s second “attack” on the city. If this keeps up, I don’t think even the noble mage will be able to protect me from getting kicked out of the city. I need to avoid getting involved with this backpacker anymore than I already have.

I must protect my life with Sophia-chan.

“That uselessly large body is just in everyone’s way.”

That’s what I’m most concerned with.

It’s not like this dragon is also a little girl.

Since ancient times Japanese men have told stories of dragons that were also women. The tale of Hashihime, a woman that would wait for her lover by the bridge in Uji. “I’ve been suffering while pregnant with your child. You could at least go out and get me around 12 meters of wakame,” she supposedly said this to her lover. He left but met a young and beautiful loli dragon. Hashihime’s lover was quickly stolen by this loli dragon. While still pregnant with his child, Hashihime cursed her lover and the loli dragon that stole him away. All of this because of wakame.

So, if possible, please change into a beautiful little girl.

If that were to happen I’d listen to anything she has to say.


“Yes, that’s the right decision.”

“I’ll remember you, Tanaka….”

“Everyone, she’s leaving. Please put away your weapons.”

The situation was finally calming down and I instructed the surrounding knights and mages to lower their weapons. Christina began to flap her massive wings and this caused most of the surrounding people to fall to the ground.

No matter how you look at it, she’s the bad guy. I’m sure she just wants to harass me.

She flew away quickly from the city. In a matter of seconds, she was nothing more than a black dot in the distance.


After everything had finally calmed down, I was able to return to my dorm room.

Today’s classes are already over.

“…should I just relax at home?”

I said this to nobody in particular.

Sophia-chan had already left to do the laundry.

She really is a hardworking girl. I would’ve been fine with her resting for a while after returning to the dorm, but her ability to get straight to work after returning home really shows how diligent she is. I’m sure she must have something that makes her do this that I can’t even find in her status window.

“Should I go take a nap…?”

I got off the sofa in the living room and started walking towards my room.

At the same time, I heard something.

A voice coming from the entry door.

“I-I’m coming in!”

It’s Ester-chan.

I heard her voice first, followed by her footsteps coming down the hallway before she appeared around the corner of the living room.

That door was supposed to be locked.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, u-umm….”

I wonder what could be happening now.

There’s just so much happening today.

“They’ve declared war!”


“The kingdom has summoned everyone capable of fighting! They’re calling us to the territory I recently accepted.”

“Eh? Does that mean you have to go too, Ester-chan? Who exactly is fighting in this war? I’m still not sure what’s happening.”

She suddenly came in here talking about something I had yet to hear anything about.

“It’s between this country and the neighbouring Republic of Pussy. They’ve had small skirmishes along the border for some time now, but this time it seems to have broken out into full-on war. Both sides have already experienced severe losses!”

“The war started right in the territory you were given?”

“Yes, that’s right!”


The blonde loli talked while puffing out her flat chest.

Maybe she’s actually excited about that?

She definitely looks more tense than usual.

“But you are the daughter of the FitzClarence family?”

She’s a noble young lady from a respectable house.

I’m sure her father would be more willing to send other lords and his men into battle over his own daughter.

“That means I have a duty as the daughter of the Viscount. I must be there for the people and ensure their safety. I could never abandon them so I could enjoy a peaceful school life.”


The blonde loli puffed out her chest once again.

She really is prideful.

If she still possessed her hymen I might have fallen in love.

“That’s why, umm, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to leave for a while….”

“How dangerous will it be?”

“…are you worried…about me?”

“Well, of course I am.”

She’s a friend and someone I’ve travelled with.


The blonde loli’s face turned red and she looked flustered.

Why does she have to be so cute?

“I-I’ll be fine! I’ll just be in command in the castle! Really!”

“Really? Then, I’m happy to hear that.”


The blonde loli seemed to writhe in agony.

She was bashfully rubbing her thighs.

I can’t look at this anymore. I won’t be able to control myself.

My heart will be violated before this country is.

This bitch’s reverse-rape mind attack is dangerous.

“That’s all! I-I’ll be away for some time, but I’ll completely defeat all of the soldiers of the Republic of Pussy with my magic! I’ll come back to you right away!”

She’s clearly trying to cover up her own embarrassment.

She turned on her heel quickly and left the room.

She’d have to join the frontline in order to defeat any soldiers.

Still, this war seems to have started very suddenly.

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