Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 22 Part 1

Alchemist Edita 3

The next morning there were guests in my room.

“Edita Sensei?”


I then remembered our conversation from the other day. She was starting to turn to leave just as I quickly tried to correct myself.

“E-Edita-san! Welcome!”

“Fu~n…do you just have a bad memory or are you just that stupid?”

“I didn’t expect you to visit so I was surprised.”

“How are you?”

“I have some things to talk with you about. Please, come in.”

“…pardon the intrusion.”

I invited my sensei into my room.

I invited a blonde haired loli into my room.

By the way, Sophia-chan is out doing laundry right now. She’s a really diligent and hardworking girl. She’ll make a good wife someday.

“Please, sit wherever you like.”

“Yes, thank you.”

I instructed Sensei to take a seat in the living room while I went to prepare tea.

I’ve been going through this same pattern with Ester-chan whenever she comes to visit.

We started talking with two cups of steaming tea set between us.

“So, what was it you wanted to talk about?”

“Ah, yes. There was a fragment of the recipe I remembered. I thought about writing it down and sending it to you, but I figured I could come tell you in person.”

“Well, you can feel free to visit me whenever you like. What is it you remembered?”

“I remembered an ingredient that is absolutely necessary for creating that potion. The wings of a Green Sylph.”

“Wings of a Green Sylph?”

The fantasy aspect of this world is coming to the forefront once more.

After the dragon comes a sylph.

“It is one of the higher ranking members of their species. A High Sylph. They can only be found in the Dark Continent. An incredibly pure concentration of mana lies in their wings, and, by using it as a catalyst, it can accelerate the rate of the reaction when mixed in with the other ingredients of the potion. This allows the potion to be better absorbed into the spiritual body of the person who drinks it. This is the first step needed for the potion to take effect.”

“I see.”

I don’t understand at all.

Well, once I have the ingredients and know the recipe I should be able to manage.

I know that much from the previous time I had to make a potion of hers.

While it is extremely difficult to create something entirely new in alchemy, it is relatively easy to create something when following a known recipe. So it seems it’s common for people to teach others their own recipes. There’s nothing like a patent in this world.

It really shows how amazing Edita Sensei is for coming up with so many unique new potions. I’m sure she’s even amazing for an elf.

“Then, next week I’ll attempt to get the Green Sylph’s wings.”

I’ll need to prepare some things for my journey.

Oh, I’ll also need to confirm the location of the Sylph in the Dark Continent.

“…are you being serious?”

“Well, yeah. Is there a problem with that?”

“Well, the area the Sylph live is a dense forest in the heart of the Dark Continent. Even considering the fact that you were able to defeat the Red Dragon, the forest that they live in is dangerous for any human to enter. Entering the forest is akin to you throwing your life away.”

Is the Dark Continent really that bad? The name certainly sounds dangerous, but I’d equate it to the more underdeveloped areas of modern day Africa or maybe even something similar to North America when it was first discovered.

But the blonde lolita is speaking very seriously.

By the way, Sensei is even cuter than normal due to her twin tails and a black ribbon that she’s wearing. Her loli level is incredibly high today.

In addition, she’s crossing her legs while showing her panties like normal.

They’re black. Sensei’s wearing black.

They have a ribbon on them too.

I love Edita Sensei’s panties.

I’m doing my best to hold back my erection. I want to push her down. I want to creampie her.

Cute. So cute. Incredibly cute.

The only girl in this world that still has her hymen and is willing to talk to me.

“You saved me. I don’t want to ask you to do something that will get you killed.”

“…I see.”

If that’s the case, how does Sensei plan on making the potion?

“I assume you’ve found this ingredient before considering you know so much about this forest.”

“It was a pure coincidence that I was able to attain it before. I was crossing the continent with a few acquaintances of mine. At the time, I was little more than luggage to them. Luckily, they were rather experienced in travelling that land and I was very fortunate to be travelling with them. Thanks to them, I was able to obtain a Green Sylph’s wings.”

“I see.”

“The only reason I used it in creating the recipe for this potion was that I had it readily available. In other words, I didn’t collect it specifically to be used in this potion, I collected it because it’s useful to have a wide variety of ingredients available to you when trying to come up with a new potion.”

Certainly, that makes sense.

That would be really useful for any alchemist.

But that’s really only true if you’re a skilled alchemist that can predict the results of adding certain ingredients to a potion.

“Still, more than half of the people I was travelling with died on that continent. It was not a journey I like to think about. I only just managed to escape and sail away on a ship. Even now thinking back to that time, it causes me to tremble just at the thought.”


Wow. It seems it would be better if I were to think about this a little more.

Hearing Edita Sensei describe the Dark Continent has made it feel so real.

I’ll consult the noble mage about this later.

I understand. I’ll think it over some more.”

“That’s good then.”


“If there’s anything else you need besides an ingredient for the elixir of youth or the recipe itself, I’m more than willing to help. If it’s anything I can do I’ll help you. I don’t think you need the potion yet anyway. You’re still young enough.”

“Y-You think so?”

I’m pretty happy to be complemented in that way.

One’s thirties is such a sensitive age.

“But, aren’t you living in a really nice place? I’ve heard that the dormitory at the Royal College is amazing, but this is even more impressive than I had imagined. It seems they just threw money at this place to make it seem as high-class as possible.”

Edita Sensei admires the interior.

It seems that she likes it very much.

“Sensei’s atelier is also really nice.”

“Fu~n, such a blatant attempt at flattery. My place is like a barn compared to this dorm.”

“It’s not just flattery. After all, I did purchase that house.”

The high-class luxury dorm has its benefits and so does a ‘suburban’ detached house. Still, nothing is better than being the owner of your own home.

“…do you really think so?”

“Yes, I really do.”

The place that is filled with Edita Sensei’s scent is the best.

Thinking about it now, I really should have done more to her when she was unconscious.

My tongue is aching.



“If so, I did have a suggestion….”

Just as Sensei was about to say something, a voice could be heard from the entrance to my room.

“I’m back and Ester-sama is here too!”

Sophia-chan seems to be back.

Her lively voice could be heard throughout the room.

Recently, she seems to be in rather high spirits.

I wonder if she found something she really enjoys doing.

“Hmm, you have another guest?”

“No, my roommate that was doing the laundry has returned with my next door neighbour.”

“I see. Then, I’ll be taking my leave for today.”

Edita Sensei stood up from the sofa.

Edita Sensei uncrossed her legs and as she bent forward to stand up I could see her ass just below the edge of her skirt.

Amazing. Really amazing, Sensei.

“Is that so? I don’t mind if they hear what we’re talking about.”

“No, I don’t like getting involved with people I don’t know well.”

Is this the case of an elf hating humans or is it just as she says?

At the same time, Sophia-chan and Ester-chan appeared from the entry hall.

“Oh, you have company?”

Ester-chan saw Edita Sensei and said this.

“Yes, this is the alchemist Edita. She runs an atelier in town and she also develops new recipes for potions.”

Hmm? You create recipes….”

“Sorry, I’m just getting in your way. I’ll be leaving now.”

“Oh, you should stay and have a cup of tea.”

“I already had one.”

Edita Sensei quickly made her way out of the room.

She really isn’t good at socializing.

I felt a bit closer to her when I realized she suffered in the same way I did.

I could hear the sound of the entry door open and quickly close. When it was clear that Edita Sensei had left the room, Ester-chan began to speak. Her expression seems a little more nervous than usual.

“Is that Elf your friend?”

“Yeah you could say that, but we really only met a few days ago.”

I guess it would be more like ten days if I include the time I met her when she was a spirit.


“We were just talking about new ways of creating medicine.”

“I-Is that so….”

The loli’s stiff face softened.

She really does have an easy to understand personality.

“By the way, did you need me for something?”

“Eh? Ah, n-no. I was just wondering if we could eat together.”

“Sure. It is about that time isn’t it?”


“Then, can you please invite Fahren to join us?”

“Eh? Lord Fahren?”

“There’s something I’d like to ask him.”

Of course, it’s about the Dark Continent.


We were leaving the school while headed to visit the noble mage. We travelled in a carriage for a while before arriving at a restaurant in the capital city of Kalis. It’s a rather high-class restaurant that’s commonly used by nobles and rich merchants.

I was sitting at one of the four seats at our table.

“You want to know about the Dark Continent?”

“Yes, if there’s anything you can tell me.”

The other members were Sophia-chan and Ester-chan.

The former is still overwhelmed by the presence of the noble mage. The latter immediately sat in the chair next to me. This girl couldn’t resist her own desires and sat down in the seat next to this middle-aged man.

Sophia-chan is starting to sweat from being surrounded by the nobility. It’s pretty cute.

“…I believe I’ve only been there once.”


“Yeah, it’s a place one goes if they’re truly confident in their own skill.”

“I see.”

With how curious the noble mage can be, I’m surprised he hasn’t been there more.

“At the same time, most people that visit that place never wish to return. Many people that travel there will never return and will simply become food for the creatures living there. The few that make it out live on to tell their stories and raise fear or curiosity in those that hear it.

“…I-I see.”

The noble mage is speaking with a more serious tone than usual.

Apparently, it really is a dangerous place.

“And most people don’t even know what lies in the Depths.”

“The Depths?”

“We call the area near the sea the Coastal Region, the area beyond that that we’ve managed to map out is called The Shallows, and the deeper region that very few people have ever explored is called The Depths. People who reach the coastal region are usually relatively talented individuals looking to test themselves. The Shallows are much more dangerous. The amount of people that manage to return from there is less than half. The Depths have hardly been explored over the last hundred years.”

“I see.”

It’s relatively straightforward.

Edita Sensei was talking about her experience in the area called The Shallows.

It seems that even that area would be difficult for someone with a high level of skill to survive in.

By the way, I didn’t check her status.

“The Depths account for more than 90% of the landmass of the Dark Continent. The reason we’ve decided on the names Coastal Region, The Shallows, and The Depths is because nobody has ever been able to map out the entire Dark Continent. I could count on one hand the number of bases in that area that are manned by people.”

“I-I see.”

It’s easy to understand but I did want to know a little more about the place.

I might be hesitant to go if this is all I know about it.

“And I can assume the reason why you’re asking me about this place.”

“Well, I’m still trying to decide on what to do….”

“I see. Well, you’re as busy as ever.”

While murmuring to himself, the noble mage flipped over a piece of meat with his fork before stabbing into it.

The noble mage decided on this place. Apparently, it’s one of his favourite places to eat.

Next to him, Sophia-chan is trembling while cutting away at the steak in front of her. She’s clearly become incredibly tense just by sitting next to the noble mage. The thick steak she had before has now been cut down to a single square piece of meat.

I’m guessing she’s started acting this way due to every interaction she’s had with him before. It’s probably made even worse because of the noble mage’s weird interest in her.

I’d like to taste the inside of her armpit right now.

“It’s nothing compared to you.”

“What have you gotten yourself involved in this time?”

“I can’t tell you the details, but I’m trying to make a potion.”

“…hmm, do you think things will turn out the same way as before?”

“Eh, well, I’m not sure.”

I wish I was as good looking as this ossan.

I wouldn’t need to go through all this trouble.

“U-umm, what about the school….”

The person next to me spoke up.

It was Ester-chan.

Her concerned voice really makes me want to protect her.

“If I do end up going I’ll have to leave the school for a while.”


The blonde loli’s eyes opened wide after hearing my words.

She looks lost in love again.

I’m sure the day will come when that love will shift to a new person. Thinking back to what happened with Allen the other day, it most likely will be someone entirely new. I should be thinking about who that new person will be.

It’s not like I’m trying to push her off to someone new. Even now, I’m sure that when it happens I’ll take a huge mental blow. I’m guessing I’ll be drowning in sake within three days.

“Can you just leave the school like that?”

“Well, I’ll make some arrangements for you. I’ll be able to get you an extended leave of absence.”

“Thank you.”

That’s good to hear.

It seems that I’ll be able to preserve my life with Sophia-chan even if I go out travelling.

“However, because nothing is currently set in stone, I’ll remain here for the time being.”

“I see….”

I only asked to meet with him for my own personal reasons, so it’s difficult to ask even more of him. If I travel there by carriage or some other means, I first need to gather more information. There’s still too much I don’t know about that place.

I wonder if there’s something like a travel agency in this world. In Japan, it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that the full-fledged travel industry began. There are various things that resembled this as early as the mid-1800’s, but, considering the industrial age of this world, I doubt anything like that exists.

As I began to wonder how I’d get there, the noble mage made a suggestion.

“You can probably reach it by using flight magic.”


Of course. I don’t even need to use public transportation. When I was fighting the dragon I really learned to control my flight magic. I’m sure I’d be able to fly all night and day if I were able to avoid sleeping.

“Well, that should work.”

“At the northernmost tip of the continent, there is a port town where an airship travels to the Dark Continent. I believe the name of this town is Ponch. I’m sure you could use this airship to travel part of the way and then use your flight magic to travel the rest. You could probably make it to the Dark Continent without having to travel overnight.”

“I see.”

“If you’re not going to use your flight magic, it would be best to avoid travelling to the Dark Continent by boat.”

“Why is that?”

“I’ve heard that there is a mighty sea dragon that lives in the water between the two continents.”

“A dragon…?”

Even in the sea, there’s a dragon.

I wonder if that dragon’s attacks are like typhoons.

“If I were still young I’d considered going with you.”

“You’re still young.”

“Hmm, it’s nice to hear someone say that.”

The same thing I said to Edita Sensei.

This feeling is quite nice.

“B-But, how long will you be gone?”

“Well, let’s see. Since it’s a very dangerous place, I’ll first need to gather information and recruit members to go with me. If possible, it would be ideal for me to find someone that’s been there before.”

“…it will be difficult to find someone like that in the capital. You might have to travel some distance to find a companion.”

“Are you sure?”

Should I try to recruit someone from that town called Ponch?

“How far away is Ponch anyway?”

“I think it would take around ten days by airship. If you were to travel by ship and carriage it would most likely take several months plus a few additional days for every time you’d need to transfer to a new ship.”

“I-I see….”

It’s basically on the opposite side of the planet.

I’ll talk with Edita Sensei again, but this is starting to seem really time-consuming.

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