Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 26 Part 1

Conflict 4

After parting with Gonzalez, I got back in the carriage with the Dark Elf. We spent the entire day in the carriage travelling to some remote mountain village. It was a village too small to even be called a town. The entire placed consisted of just a handful of houses.

So, we entered the only inn available and were now being briefed on our mission.

By the way, if I look outside through the window, I can see the sun slowly setting beyond the horizon.

“The mission you’ve been given is to rescue a captured imperial knight that came from the capital. You’re tasked with rescuing this knight so they can honour their duties and return to fight on the front lines.”

Besides myself and the Dark Elf, there are three government officials here.

Our mission is to rescue a knight just like he said. Apparently, this knight was cut off from the rest of the army after a recent battle and is believed to have been captured by the enemy.

There were some members of his unit that managed to escape alive and are now returning to Tricklis. It seems like this village is located about half a day by foot from Tricklis. That distance really makes this village a dangerous place to live in times of war.

This village was built at the edge of a dense forest within the mountains. According to the officials, the knight was last seen to the north, in the heart of the forest.

It’s not surprising that they’ve had difficulties finding the location of this knight.

Actually, based on what they’ve been telling us, it seems like they’ve already sent out multiple search parties before, that came up with nothing. It really just seems like they’re throwing countless resources to save someone that probably doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Will the Penny Empire really be okay?

The officials we are speaking with now are probably of a similar position to the man that originally brought us to the castle. Even though this is the case, they’re speaking in a more familiar way than he was.

“I understand. I’ll complete this mission.”

“Well then, you two better head off. I’ve already pushed back a lot of important matters in order to explain the situation to you. I need to return to Tricklis as quickly as possible.”

“…I understand.”

And this guy’s off to do more office work.

I doubt he’d survive on a battlefield anyway. Even I’m scared of the battlefield. I have recovery magic given to me by a god and I’m still scared, so I can’t even imagine how scared people that don’t have my magic must be.

Still, I’d like it if this guy and the other officials at least acted as if they cared more about the lives of the people they’re potentially sending to their deaths.

As I was thinking this the three officials left the room.

I could hear their footsteps slowly fading down the hallway. Unlike in the capital and the city of Tricklis, this inn is made entirely out of wood. So the creaking caused by their feet could be heard as they walked to the end of the hall, down the stairs, and as they exited the building.

I could even hear the neighing of a horse off in the distance before the sound of a carriage travelling down the road came in through the window. It seems that he left immediately for Tricklis. The sun had set a while ago. Is it really that dangerous of an area if he’s leaving at this time of night?

Well, whatever. I should stop this meaningless speculation and start planning out what we should do.

“…what? Do you have something to say?”

When I glanced over at the Dark Elf, she immediately snapped at me.

She looks as if she’s annoyed at my entire existence.

“N-No, nothing in particular….”

“If you have something to say, just say it already.”

“No, I really don’t have anything to say.”

“So you were just staring at me for no reason? Disgusting.”


Even if she doesn’t want me looking at her, a disgusting virgin like me can’t help but ogle such an attractive woman. Besides, we’ll be staying in this room together. My heart was beating so fast my head was starting to hurt. My pounding heart just won’t calm down. The officials instructed us to stay in this room together.

“Umm, then, I’ll go look for something to drink…”

“Don’t bother.”

“…I see.”

Thank you, God, for allowing this to happen.

Well, I’m probably the only one that’s happy about this. She seems to barely even notice I’m here. She was just sitting on the edge of the bed, looking out the window. It looks like something you’d see in a painting. The way her thick thighs are pressed together as she’s crossing her legs is irresistible. I want to lick them.

Her beautiful silver hair was shining brightly under the moonlight. It makes me feel a little dizzy looking at it. This, combined with her dark skin, gives off a sort of divine impression. Oh, I really want to lick all over her.

She’s wearing her skimpy leather armour with metal at key points covering her breasts, crotch, and arms. Her giant sword that I wasn’t sure she could actually swing was sitting beside the bed.

I don’t think I could possibly fall asleep with her in the same room as me.

By the way, there are two beds in this room. The Dark Elf is sitting on the bed near the window and my bed is closest to the door. We were sitting at a table in the middle of the room when we were speaking with the officials, so I was able to conveniently position myself on my bed to ogle the Dark Elf while pretending to look out the window.

It’s a great position.

This angle is the best for admiring her thick thighs.

The pale light of the moon is beautifully illuminating her muscular figure.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll get some hot water ready so you can wash….”

“Don’t bother.”

“…I see.”

I don’t know what to do. I’m so nervous.

Spending the night in the same room with a member of the opposite sex. And the girl is a slave. A Dark Elf. Thick. Her best features are floating around in my mind. I need to say the right things in order to get on her good route.

I need to do this right.

This is the first time I’ve ever been in this situation.

The first time I’ve ever stayed the night in the same room as a woman.

We’re staying overnight together.


I wonder if she’s still a virgin.

Could I really be spending the night with a virgin woman in the same room?

If so, this will surely lead to a passionate night together.

However, I know that elves live long. Edita Sensei may not look it, but she’s probably hundreds of years old. If that’s the case, how old must this busty Dark Elf in front of me be? The chances of finding a Dark Elf this beautiful that’s also a virgin seems impossible.

On top of that, she’s a slave. I’m sure she’s been raped before and it’s also likely that she’s even had one or two kids. If that’s the case, I’m not even remotely interested in this girl.

I know that if I were born a noble and received a slave that someone else had already came in, I’d send it back.


I should just go to bed.

I woke up early today and we have a long day tomorrow.

The front lines were truly tiresome.

“Umm, I guess I’ll be going to bed then….”

I glanced back up at the Dark Elf.

I was hoping to hear her tell me good night.

Then, something amazing happened.


“…human, it’s rude to look at someone undressing.”

A splendid pair of breasts were looking back at me.

Two of them.

A two for one.

“S-Sorry about that….”

Apparently, as I was lost in thought, the Dark Elf had begun changing her clothes before bed.

Due to my pitiful, virgin eyes, I instinctively looked away before I could truly enjoy the view.

Damn it, I missed my chance.

“You just have a very beautiful body.”

“…if you’re just trying to play around with me, you can stop wasting your time. You’d have more luck just playing with yourself.”

“I’m definitely not playing around. If it’s a crime to call a beautiful woman beautiful than arrest me now. I’m sorry if you don’t like hearing it. Now then, this criminal is going to sleep.”

I laid down on the comforter atop the bed.

Ah, it feels good.

Sleeping in a bed for the first time in a while.

I’ll end today by praying silently to meet a beautiful virgin girl tomorrow.

Good night, thick thighs.

But, the Dark Elf continued speaking to the sleeping virgin.

“Oi, human.”

“…what is it?”

I flipped over to face her.



Is this the moment where we silently stare at each other?

What should I do?

It’s incredibly embarrassing looking at a woman with her comforter pulled up to her neck.

“Umm, what is it?”

“…was that all?”


“I’m asking if that’s all you wanted to say.”

“Even if you say that, I’m not sure what else you’re expecting from me….”

What is this Dark Elf trying to say?

I don’t understand her.



“If so…I don’t mind hearing it.”

“I see. Then, I don’t mind saying it. Anyway, good night.”


I closed my eyes to end the day after our brief exchange.


The next day, we departed the inn in search of the lost knight.

We left together, but….

“Oi, can’t you walk a little faster?”

“S-Sorry, I don’t exercise much….”

Not too long after we had entered the forest, I was already slowing the Dark Elf down. This forest is incredibly dense and the terrain itself doesn’t make it easy to traverse the land. There are countless thickets scattered across the forest that make it near impossible for me to walk.

My level may be high due to me defeating countless strong enemies, starting with the High Orc, but my body itself isn’t much stronger than when I was first reborn in this world. If my body matched my level, I could probably climb Everest overnight.

But that’s not possible as I am now.

I have no excuse for my lack of exercise.

The trees and bushes aren’t even the worst part about this forest.

“Uwa! N-Not again!”

I’m not very good with insects.

Especially the large kind found in rainforests.

Their bright colours and creepy legs.

The second one lands on me, I can’t help but scream and jump back.

“…why are you acting like such a child?”


I may be a virgin, but I need to start acting like a ma….aaaahhhhh!


What is that!? Something touched me!

My whole body stiffened.

This is serious.

There were multiple beetle-like things that were around ten centimetres long.

I immediately held out my hand in front of me and conjured several fireballs.

“Why are you panicking because of these little insects?”

While sighing, the Dark Elf slowly walked up to one of the insects while drawing her large blade.

A second later, one of the beetles was cut in two.

She helped me.

“T-Thank you for that….”

“Are you not good with insects?”

“I’m a little ashamed to say it, but….”

When I lived in Tokyo, I spent all of my time indoors away from nature. I only ever walked on roads not paved with asphalt a couple times a year. When I was a child, I could grab spiders and insects with no issue, but it’s been more than twenty years since then.

I enjoyed fighting in the area we were in before specifically because it was a large open field.

I don’t understand why insects even exist. If someone sees a spider in their room at night, they won’t be able to sleep peacefully until they know it’s dead. Even for me, no matter what my level is, bugs will always be hard to deal with.

And yet, I’m in the middle of a large forest right now.

It’s the type of forest where you’re constantly hearing the creepy sounds caused by the countless bugs surrounding you.

A creature with numerous legs, that was larger than my hand began crawling towards me. The midsection of this creature looked quite strange. It sort of reminded me of a coconut crab, but with even more legs.

I don’t need this type of fantasy creature in my life.

It’s disturbing shell strikes fear in my heart.

“And you call yourself a man….”

“I-I’m very sorry.”

Why is this Dark Elf woman not even slightly scared of bugs? This beetle-like creature that just jumped out in front of us is terrifying. The disgusting thing is causing damage to my soul that even my recovery magic can’t heal.

This creature is making me worried about what other types of bugs may exist in this world.

I hope they all go extinct.

I’m not creeped out by crabs though. After all, they’re delicious.

“S-Still, a job is a job….”

“You plan on continuing?”

“Y-Yeah, well…I’m just a little ashamed.”

I can’t afford to look bad in front of the Dark Elf.

Aah, damn it.

“You can either keep going or turn back. However, there’s only one choice a real man would make.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll try my best to keep going.”

Is the knight really around here?

If not, I might really cry.

I just want to go home and drink the hot soup that Sophia-chan prepared for me.

“Well, whatever.”

I turned away from the now dead insects and looked forward to where the Dark Elf was walking, with no road in sight. I’ll use the glorious image of her backside to keep me motivated.

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