Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 25 Part 2

Conflict 3

“…well, I think that covers everything.”

“Thank you very much for answering my questions. I learned a lot.”

“Really? I don’t think I’m very good at explaining things.”

“It was very easy for me to understand. You’ve helped me a lot.”

“That’s good then.”

It’s incredibly helpful to finally have the basic world knowledge I’ve been lacking since being reborn into this world. If I’m able to return home from the front line in one piece, it will all be worth it just to gain this knowledge.

I’ve learned that the continent we’re currently on is made up of ten nations of varying sizes. Among them, the Penny Empire is one of the larger nations that’s located in the upper region of this continent. Although there have been many skirmishes between the Pussy Republic and the Penny Empire over the last century, the two countries were originally one, many years ago.

I also learned that elementary schools, or at least something resembling them, exist in this world. Obviously, learning early on in childhood is very important. I want to have sex with one of these students.

Thanks to Gonzalez, I at least now know the basics.

I was actually worried I was asking too much.

Then, the Dark Elf, who had remained silent this entire time, spoke.

“…how have you survived for so long in this world without knowing any of that?”

“I’m just unfamiliar with some of the mechanics of this world.”

I immediately felt embarrassed after hearing her question.

Having to ask all of these simple questions even though I’m a middle-aged man, it’s enough for me to want to hide away in shame.

“Are you trying to say you’re from another world?”

“No, I didn’t mean anything like that. It’s just that….”

I need to change the subject.

I don’t want to bother Gonzalez anymore.

“Gonzalez, you and your clan really helped me out this time. It really gave me courage when I saw you and your other fighters charging towards the enemy with no fear.”

“It really wasn’t a big deal. Everyone that was there had their own reasons for fighting. Someone to protect or glory to gain. You did more for us than we did for you.”

“Someday, I hope that we all can see the end of this war.”

“That sounds good.”

The muscular bald man showed another bright smile.

His calm and gentle nature really make him approachable.

Still, his face is scary.

“I still can’t join your clan, but I’m glad that we’re fighting on the same side.”

“I feel the same. Your magic really is something else.”

“Thank you for even considering having me join.”

“Well, I hope you change your mind one day.”

Then, another voice could be heard from my side.

Unlike Gonzalez deep voice, this voice was somewhat higher.

“We have decided where you’ll be heading next.”

The government official has returned.

This will decide on how we need to prepare ourselves.

“The Twilight Company will return to the previous battlefield where they will assist in constructing the forward operating base. As for you other two, there is another urgent matter that involves you both returning to the front lines. I’ll give you more details once we’re in the carriage.”

And I’m being sent back to the front lines.


[Sophia-chan’s point of view]

This is a dragon. This is the back of a dragon. I’m riding on the back of a dragon.

I’m being carried by a dragon.

The black-haired girl that visited the dormitory with Fahren-sama was actually the dragon Tanaka-san fought against. It seems she used her magic to transform into the shape of a human. Her magic is truly amazing. She can do anything with it.

The girl transformed back into her original form, that being a massive dragon, in Fahren-sama’s garden. She really is a dragon. She appeared to be even larger compared to when I last saw her in the mountains.

The dragon came to the city looking for Tanaka-san for some reason. She seemed to have recruited Fahren-sama as a guide and visited the dormitory looking for Tanaka-san. Anything beyond that, I was unable to ask about. The second we arrived at Fahren-sama’s garden, I was thrown on the massive back of the dragon and we went flying into the sky.

We were heading to the city of Tricklis, the town where Tanaka-san is supposed to be.

Tricklis is a city that lies near the border between the Penny Empire and the Pussy Republic. I’ve heard of this city before, but this will be the first time I’ve ever visited. That’s because I’ve only ever left the capital once before.

“This is the second time you’ve ridden on my back, you must feel quite honoured, human.”

As the dragon spoke, there were vibrations caused by her voice that I could feel against my butt.

Her voice was incredibly powerful.

The dragon’s back wasn’t exactly comfortable, but this entire experience has been quite draining so I napped for a little while. We must have been travelling for a while now. I guess it makes sense. It would take several days to travel from the capital to Tricklis by carriage. Yet, the trip is supposed to only take half a day on this dragon. That’s impressive.

“Hmm, I think that’s it over there.”

“Wait for me, Tanaka….”

Following Fahren-sama’s instructions, the dragon began to descend.

From my position in the sky, I could see that we were fast approaching a large castle. I assume it’s the residence of the lord. It’s nothing compared to the castle in the capital, but, for a commoner like me, it was an amazing site.


My body began to lift from the dragon as she descended.

I couldn’t help but let out a scream.

The dragon is headed straight for the castle.

In response, many of the soldiers on the ground began to panic. I really can’t blame them. If I saw a massive dragon like this diving straight towards me, I’d run away in an instant. In fact, the majority of the soldiers are doing just that.

Some of the more brave soldiers are firing magic into the sky. However, all of their spells were completely nullified by something invisible in front of the dragon’s nose. I’m guessing it’s some kind of barrier. I feel like I remember hearing something about that on the airship.

After a short while, the dragon landed.

I could hear a loud rumble as her large frame landed in the courtyard.


Another small scream leaked out of my mouth as the shaking stopped.

The back of the dragon is still level with a three-story building. I can’t use flight magic, so I can’t safely get down from here. If I were to fall off now, it would be the end of me.

Even if I’ve been on her back before, I just can’t get used to it.

By the way, I’ve gotten up here, and down before, due to Fahren-sama’s magic.


Ah, my body has started glowing again. It seems Fahren-sama is ready to get down now. I instinctively started waving my hands and feet trying to touch any solid object. However, there was nothing in reach as my limbs were only able to cut through the air.

Before long, I fell butt first on to the ground.

“Wa-Wait! What’s all this commotion!?”

Many people were gathered in the courtyard, curious as to why a dragon had just landed.

Amongst the crowd of people, there was someone I knew.

It was Ester-sama.

Beside the imposing figure of the dragon, she stood surrounded by a contingent of knights and mages. The normal uniform she had been wearing in school was gone, in its place, she was now wearing clothing that made her look like the noble she is. She actually looked really cool with her knight escort surrounding her. I wish I could switch places with her. I wouldn’t mind being surrounded by all those men.

She’s wearing a gorgeous coat, embroidered with gold thread, that hangs down to her knees. She’s wearing a white shirt underneath with a matching scarf around her neck. With her large mantle, cape, and thick boots, she really reminds me of a male aristocrat.

It looks good on Ester-sama with her dignified appearance. Her glossy blonde hair looks beautiful. If Mercedes-sama was here, I doubt she’d be able to control herself. Ester-sama would definitely be groped.

“I’m here, Richard’s daughter.”

Fahren-sama didn’t seem to even notice how she was dressed.

He casually greeted her as if he was greeting a colleague at work.

“Why are you here, Fahren-sama? More importantly, w-what’s with the dragon…?”

Tanaka-san is nowhere in sight. If the dragon is unhappy to hear this news, the city of Tricklis will be gone before the Pussy Republic can even attack. Actually, the whole of the Penny Empire may be destroyed.

“Where is he?”

“He? Who are you talking about?”

“Tanaka. Who else would I be asking for?”

“Eh? Ta-T-T-T-Tanaka? W-What’s that supposed to mean!?”

“Hmm, so you don’t know.”

Ester-sama began to panic after hearing Tanaka-san’s name.

To be honest, I really can’t understand her. I mean, he’s certainly strong, he treats men and women equally, he has a gentle personality, huh, now that I think about it, it would be amazing to see an attractive person with these characteristics.

Still, he’s not my type, so it doesn’t matter. I would much rather be with someone like Allen-sama. He’s so cool. I hope once he’s over Ester-sama I’ll have a chance.

After all, a man’s face is the most important feature.

I’ll be the breadwinner in our relationship. I’ll take care of him.

“I-Is he coming here? Is that what you’re saying!?”

“This maid said he received a summons and left for this city.”

“He was conscripted?”


W-Wait, Sophia!? What’s this supposed to mean!?”


Another involuntary scream escaped my mouth.

I’m a little scared.

“S-Sorry. Tanaka-sama left me a note that said he was headed to the guild after receiving a letter notifying him that he had been drafted. He left a few days ago and Fahren-sama believed he was headed to Tricklis.”

“…I see.”

“I-I-I’m very sorry.”

Even though I know her, Ester-sama is a high-ranking noble.

She still scares me.

I was beginning to feel relaxed around her, but I need to stiffen up!

Our respective social status is important.

“I’m sorry for yelling. Thank you, Sophia.”

“No, I-I’m not worthy of those words.”

It seems that Ester-sama knew nothing about Tanaka-san’s recent travels. Even if she is the lord of this land, it seems very unlikely that she’d know about one specific adventurer arriving here among the large number of adventurers that were sent to this town.

I have experience with something similar while working at my family’s restaurant. If I were to find a specific cup that a customer drank out of, even if I had a general description of it, it would be nearly impossible to find it.

But what if Tanaka-san didn’t even come here? The dragon is already becoming impatient. Even now as we’re talking amongst ourselves, the dragon is snorting and looking around restlessly.

My skirt is fluttering from the wind caused by her snorting. It’s warm and damp.

“What happened? Is Tanaka here?”

Aah, she wants answers. What should we do?

Fahren-sama turned to answer her.

“Apparently he’s out. We’ll have to wait for a while.”


*Gururu* The dragon’s throat began to tremble.

Every member of the surrounding crowd trembled without exception.

Without Tanaka-san here nobody will be able to stop her if she decides to go on a rampage.

“I-I understand!”

“What are you planning to do, Richard’s daughter?”

Ester-sama disregarded Fahren-sama’s question and turned to a middle-aged nobleman that stood at her side. He was around the same age as Fahren-sama, but his physique was the exact opposite. He was very fat and clearly balding.

His beady little eyes and drooping jowls make him look so creepy.

“Dave, confirm the location of where you sent those conscripted soldiers from the Guild!”

Apparently, his name seems to be Dave.

“Eh? Umm, right now? That’s….”

“Right now! This is an urgent matter!”

“Hii, I-I understand.”

In response to Ester-sama’s shouts, he deeply bowed his head while slowly backing away.

He turned towards the castle and began to sprint while looking blue in the face.

Ester-sama watched as he faded into the distance before turning back to Fahren-sama.

“Is this okay?”

“It’s fine.”

“Sir Fahren, will this situation be okay?”


“It’s just that…it will be a problem if it stays like this.”

“Ah, her.”

They each glanced over at the dragon.

I can understand what she’s trying to say.

There are still people gathering in the courtyard trying to get a view of the dragon that’s suddenly landed here. Considering her massive figure, this situation will continue to stay like this until she decides to leave. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if some foolhardy soldier decided to pull his sword on the dragon.

“As for that, there’s a much more convenient appearance she can take.”

“…what does that mean?”

“Dragon, can you change your form once more?”

“Again? I don’t want to; that shape is too cramped.”

“If my mind serves me right, that man named Tanaka would really enjoy that form.”


“If you change back to that form, you’d have an easier time negotiating with him.”


“I’ll ask once more. Dragon, can you change your form?”

“I get it. I’ll change….”

A massive magic circle formed beneath the body of the dragon. The magic circle was so large that it could easily have engulfed the entirety of the dormitory of the school. I jumped out of surprise when the bright light being emitted by the circle shown beneath my feet.

In the next moment, the dragon’s body was engulfed in light.

It was as if the sun had fallen from the sky and landed right in front of us.

Everyone was forced to cover their eyes to protect against the blinding light.

The glow lasted for some time.

Eventually, the white light faded behind my eyelids.

Fearfully, I slowly began to open my eyes. The gargantuan dragon was no more and, in its place, stood the black-haired girl I had met before in the dormitory. She stood in the middle of the courtyard, completely naked.

As for why she’s naked, if she were wearing clothes while transforming back into the dragon, they’d be torn to shreds. So, to avoid this, she took off her clothes before and I placed them in my bag. No matter how amazing her magic is, it’s difficult to have clothing that could expand to the size of a dragon and then back to the size of a small child.

“Your clothes!”

I panicked as I dug through my bag for her clothes.

It’s my job to cover her up now.


I never thought I’d be taking care of a dragon.

Just like in Fahren-sama’s courtyard, she raised both her hands so I could put them through the sleeves. She’s changing clothes in front of countless nobles right now, but the dragon doesn’t care about random humans staring at her. She doesn’t seem to even notice.

In her original form, she’s completely naked anyway.

“Sir Fahren, umm, is that little girl really….”

“You can’t believe it even though you saw it with your own eyes?”

“N-No, it’s just….”

Ester-sama was left speechless as she stared at the black-haired girl.

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