Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 20 Part 1

Dorm Life 2


Several days have passed since the attack on Ester-chan.

Every day since then I have been standing guard all night and sleeping through the day. My day and night life have been completely flipped. I’ll only occasionally talk with Sophia-chan and Ester-chan at night before they go to bed.

I wonder why I’m trying so hard.

Well, a promise is a promise. I should do my best to protect her.

I’m a proud lolicon. I won’t go back on my word.

For the time being, I want to keep going until we can catch the person behind that attack.

It seems that Ester-chan is still pretty distressed about the attack against her. If something similar were to happen to her, and she died…just thinking about it causes my mind to become restless. Even if she is a non-virgin, she’s still a classmate of mine. We’ve also formed a relationship outside of school. Though, it really won’t do me any good to worry about this.

And so, I’m eating dinner with Sophia-chan again.

“I’m sorry but I’ll be standing guard again tonight.”

“Ah, yes.”

I had become used to eating two meals a day with Sophia-chan.

The quality of our conversations has also improved over the last few days.

“U-umm, by the way, Tanaka-san….”

“Yes, what is it?”

“How does the soup taste today?”


Moreover, Sophia-chan is the one starting the conversation. What a drastic change in behaviour. The service this maid provides is too good. I’ll fall in love with her again if this keeps up.


“Yes, it’s very delicious. It tastes amazing.”


“Yep, it really does.”


“Is something wrong?”

“…no, umm, is it a bit saltier than usual….”

“Salty? No, I think it has a very rich flavour.”

Is this possible?

Can I actually finish Sophia-chan’s route?

“Really? Then, I-I-I’ll get a replacement dish right away!”


“I’m sorry. I’ll get a new dish right away. Please, wait just a moment.”

“No, I think it’s fine as it is….”

Saying this, she jumped up and ran out of the room pushing the service cart. Sophia-chan looked like a maid on a mission. It’s possible that her heart is finally starting to warm up to me now that we’ve been living together for some time.

“I’m not even sure how far I’ve progressed down her route at this point.”

Anyway, I do feel a pretty significant sense of satisfaction.

This dorm life isn’t so bad.

There are many young and pretty girls all around the dormitory, I get to eat delicious food every day, and all of the housework is done by my own personal maid. The quality of life here is significantly better than when I was living in Edita Sensei’s house.

But I’ve only ever attended my lessons once.


It’s likely that I won’t be able to remain in the dormitory if this keeps up.

It’s probably starting to look bad.

Still, I don’t want to just give up on my school life. Maybe there’s an opportunity for me to become a teacher. Or some kind of post graduate program. I should check with the noble mage when I get a chance.

Well, I wonder what’s taking her so long? I’ve been waiting for the maid that I love to return to my room. I want us to be able to eat together, but if she’s taking this long the food is likely to get cold.

Maybe there’s a long line in the kitchen?

I waited for a little while longer.

But she still hasn’t returned.

“…I think I should go see if I can find her.”

I was starting to get worried about her.

Considering what happened to Ester-chan.

If they decided to change their target….

I don’t even want to think about that.


I left my room and had been walking through the dormitory for some time now.

I found the kitchen on the first floor along with a dining room. It seems I could eat here if I’d like. It’s dinner time now and there are many people going in and out of the dining room. The majority are students in uniform.


I glanced inside from the entrance of the dining room.

Even though they’re wearing the same uniforms as the students from the main school building, the accessories they’re wearing are all polished and their shoes are shiny. This dormitory truly is for the most high-class students.

There are even teachers happily talking with their students as they eat their meals.

And of course, because this is a student dormitory, they’re almost all teenagers. Although, there are very few that seem to be in their twenties. Even the maids that are attending to the students seem extremely young. It seems that every student here is young and pretty.

The sight of Sophia-chan with the meal cart came into view.


She was in the middle of a large crowd in the dining room.

There seems to be something interesting going on. Most of the people in the crowd are male students. I can’t tell what’s happening because my view is blocked by their backs, but there is definitely something interesting happening in the centre of the crowd.


I was very intrigued.

Occasionally, I would hear a voice from the crowd saying, “Ooohh.”

“…ju-just a little peek.”

I muttered to myself as I entered the dining room.

After entering, I headed straight towards the large crowd of male students.

I stood on my toes as I tried to see over the shoulders of all of the gathered students.

“…p-please, forgive me.”

Sophia-chan, with teary eyes, was kneeling on the table in the centre of the crowd.

She’s holding up both sides of her skirt so her underwear is in clear view.

Her panties are white.

They’re pure white.

There’s a yellow spot slowly growing in the centre.

It’s yellow, your highness.

“Hey, take those off. That filthy underwear.”

One of the students surrounding Sophia-chan poked her chest with the wand he was holding. Since her maid outfit exposed the top of her chest, the way he was poking it was likely to cause her nipples to pop out.

There is also another maid standing next to the male students watching this scene. I’m guessing she’s his personal maid. She’s probably a little older than Sophia-chan; she’s maybe in her early twenties.

“Please, s-stop this….”

“I have to teach you how to behave like a proper maid.”

Sophia-chan was about to break out into tears.

The male student looked at Sophia-chan with an indecent smile.

I wasn’t expecting to see something like this here. If possible, I’d like to get a nice hot cup of tea and enjoy this until the end. From pure love to humiliation play, I’m a man with diverse tastes.

Still, I can’t just stand by and watch if the leading actress is Sophia-chan. Beside the table she was on, sat the service cart carrying the delicious looking meal she was bringing me.


I got choked up at the sight of this.

A man is weak to something like this.

I love you my cute Sophia-chan.

“Excuse me for a moment. Can you all stop this now?”

I forcibly pushed my way through the crowd until I was standing next to the table Sophia-chan was kneeling on.


After taking a quick look at Sophia-chan’s chest, thighs, butt, and panties I turned to the male student that poked her with his wand.

“…who are you?”

“That girl’s roommate.”

“Ah, so another servant.”

By the way, I’m now wearing casual clothing.

Something that would be called ‘traveler clothes’ in this world.

Judging by my appearance I probably look like an older teacher that’s getting close to retirement. But now I’m getting involved with these nobles.

This may be troublesome for me.

Well, even if I were wearing the school uniform, I’d still look like a commoner.

The people that gained fame from the dragon extermination party were mainly Ester-chan and the noble mage. If you were to ask any random citizen on the street who this middle-aged man is, they’d have no idea.

“I’m sorry, but can you please let her go.”

I doubt that they’ll even listen to me.

“Sophia-san, you can stop holding up your skirt.”

“But, u-umm! Then, Tanaka-san….”

I urged her to take my hand.

She stood up and slowly climbed down from the table.

Goodbye, yellowish panties.

“Wait a minute. What are you doing? Who do you think you are?”

“She is my roommate so please stop insulting her.”

“I am Uz Hagenbeck, the son of Simon Hagenbeck, the Vice Minister of Finance in this country. Considering how rude you’re acting, I doubt you knew that.”

Just then, the mood surrounding male student A changed.

And not just him. Students B and C also looked at me, then male students D through H looked at me as if they were trying to intimidate me. They don’t have to do much to intimidate me.

“I’m very sorry for the trouble but if you will just allow us to leave….”

Let’s use my soy sauce face to try to appeal to him.

“Don’t speak to me, scum. Now, how should we go about punishing you.”

“How can I earn your forgiveness?”

Just like that time with the noble mage, I’d easily defeat them all.

However, if I think about my future here in the dormitory, it wouldn’t be smart for me to make so many enemies. Sophia-chan and I will probably be living here for a while longer. If I were to make all these students my enemy, we wouldn’t be able to live here peacefully.

Let’s just try to smooth things over as much as possible.

“You, get down on your knees and beg for my forgiveness.”

“You want me to get down to dogeza?”

I’m fine with that.

Being obedient is the best option here.

I already lost my dignity as a human being when I fought Christina. Standing naked, covered in piss and shit, in front of everyone I knew at the time. Being forced to do this once or twice can’t even compare to that. Rather, this seems pleasant in comparison.

“Then, please forgive us.”

“Seriously? What kind of idiot are you?”

He immediately placed his foot on the back of my head.

My forehead is starting to hurt from being pressed into the ground.

He started grinding his foot against the back of my head.

“What’s wrong? Should you really be acting this way in front of a woman?”

“No, don’t be absurd, I’d actually prefer to be abused by a woman.”

“Oi, oi, did you hear that? This old man is a dirty pervert!”

Male student A was the one that said this.

Then, male students B through H started laughing and surrounded male student A. I guess he’s the leader of their group. As expected of the son of a great noble family.

It will definitely be troublesome if I try to go against him.

“Yes, I’m a perverted guy. So, laugh at me all you want and just let her go.”

I’ll use magic to slowly heal my forehead.

Good, it stopped hurting.

“I can’t do that. This maid has been causing my maid to not be able to perform her daily chores.”

“What did she do to your maid?”

We continued speaking while my head was placed against the floor.

“It seems she threw the clothes my maid had set out to dry on the ground and stepped all over them. For a maid to do something like this…I really can’t forgive her.”

“This must be a misunderstanding. Sophia-san is a kind-hearted girl.”


I could hear the sound of Sophia-chan grabbing her skirt.

I’m being serious. I don’t know what happened, but I believe Sophia-chan is a good girl.

“So you’re trying to say my maid is lying?”

“No, I’m saying all of this probably started from a misunderstanding. Often most of the problems in the world are caused by a simple misunderstanding.”

“You sound like some type of playwright. You’re a funny guy.”

“Then, can you please forgive us?”

“I can’t do that. Hand over that woman to me or I’ll crush your head right now.”


As expected, the son of a great noble family is arrogant.

It seems like we’re headed straight toward a fight at this point.

Even though I want to keep peacefully living with Sophia-chan.

Was I experiencing too much happiness? Is this the universe’s way of correcting that? I don’t think so.

“He’s an eyesore. Just kill him.”

I don’t have much choice. I’ll have to start a great fireball festival in the dining room.

“What are you doing?”

A familiar voice suddenly could be heard.

A dignified voice echoed through the dining room.

As I continued sitting in a dogeza, I twisted my neck to turn towards the voice. There was one girl in a student uniform mixed in with the male students. There’s no mistaking that long blonde hair and those small breasts.

It was my neighbour, Ester-chan.


The feeling of the male student’s foot pressing against my head disappeared.

I turned to look at male student A and saw him rush over to Ester-chan and bow before her. He aligned both of his feet, kept his back straight, bowed at the waist, and placed one arm across his chest. When an ikemen like him does this kind of pose, he actually looks more attractive.

“What business do you have in such a place like this?”

“I came to kill you.”


A dangerous statement.

The next moment, Ester-chan quickly moved.


She placed her fingertip in front of male student A’s face. And, the next second later, a floating fireball appeared in between her finger and his face. The ball of fire started to spark and send small flames everywhere.

An attack without any hesitation.

And that guy never even considered he may be attacked.

He couldn’t do anything. The fireball shot forward and completely disintegrated his head.

The fireball exploded with a deafening, ‘DOON!’ and shook the room. I protected Sophia-chan from the flames. I covered her on the floor as flames shot out across the room and hit my back. This loli bitch. What did she just do?

Though, thank you for giving me the opportunity to legally get on top of Sophia-chan.


Male student C let out a loud scream.

Soon, the panic spread to the rest of the students in the dining room.

Even if everyone else was panicking, Ester-chan calmly walked over to Sophia-chan and I and offered me a hand while smiling.

“Who should I kill next?”

“…no, p-please calm down a little, Ester-san.”

“I can’t do that.”


Suddenly I thought.

It really is great to be loved by someone.

“I’m certainly not as strong as you or Lord Fahren. I could never defeat a dragon on my own, but I am the only daughter of the FitzClarence family, and, as of yesterday, the daughter of Viscount FitzClarence. There’s nobody in this school I can’t kill.”


If she were to go on a killing spree I’m sure the imperial guards would be sent here. Naturally, we’d all be sent to prison. I’m guessing I’d be right back to the place I first met Mercedes-chan. I doubt I’d receive any trial and would eventually be executed. The only other choice would be to flee the country.

However, that’s not necessarily the case for Ester-chan.

“…u-umm, thank you, Ester-san.”

“Can I have a proper thank you in bed?”

“Well, umm, I’m not sure that would be possible….”

It seems like she’s become a little tense after killing that student.

The noble bitch is acting more aggressive than usual.

How manly.

After Ester-chan’s appearance, the small crowd quickly developed into a panic in the dining room. No, I’d say it caused panic throughout most of the dormitory.

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  2. Thank you for always updated quite fast.
    If possible please work hard steadily.
    I love this novel, because it feels good to see a succesfull fellow loser.
    And Ester-chan is already hopeless. Before, there’s indeed a possibility she has reasons for liking Tanaka.
    But from this chapter, I totally convinced that she hasn’t. She’s simply madly in love. And from today she’s a legitimate yandere.
    To think she would kill that noble brat on the spot..


    • Her behavior was still far better than Tanaka’s.
      I don’t mind him being perverted, ugly or middle-aged, but I was seriously disgusted by his ridiculous behavior here. Someone that kneel so easily without any real reason (he could have stated who he was really, or show of his power without killing people) is just the worst kind of worm. I would have destroyed his face if it was in front of me.
      Typical submissive Japanese shit. Wtf seriously.


      • “he could have stated who he was really,”
        Who is he, really? Just some ugly middle aged Japanese guy, like he said, no one knows he killed a dragon, a flight of wyverns, or overpowered an Ancient Dragon. If he reveals his op magic here, even if he doesn’t kill anyone, it may bite him in the ass, like when he tried to intimidate Lord Fahren.

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    • My though exactly. It was stupid and pathetic (there were plenty other ways to deal with it). I would have at least expected him to care about Sophia’s opinon of him.
      That was disgusting. Not because he’s perverted no, but because he was so ridiculously submissive.


  3. Thank you again for you the chapter.

    I don’t think it is yandere yet, remember that in this worlds nobles kill legally anyone below their rank when they are offended. Ester has the right to kill anyone in the school without repercussion and would be able to defend it easily to the king and with the magic noble , Lord Fahren, knowing that Tanaka can take on an ancient dragon, or at the very least a couple red dragons. Tanaka’s military might is recognized and yeah, Ester drools from both mouths over him so of course she would use her authority to set some other NPC faceless types straight.

    Side note opinion:
    Was thinking Ester, of course, likes Tanaka cause he saved her a couple of times. But, was also remembering on the airship, Ester saw Tanaka’s wang and it was from then on that she “fell” for him. After that was when Ester started treating Tanaka differently and it is leading me to think two things.

    1. Tanaka has a big …. personality. His is all branch, no berries.

    2. Ester is a woman that grades her men below the belt. Above the belt is nice and all but bellow the belt gets her going. So maybe Tanaka just needs to introduce her to a nice 1/2 Minotaur gentleman and Ester would probably leave him alone.

    But, again this is just my opinion. Might have missed a thing or two. Getting old and memory isn’t what it was.

    And anyone else think Sophia pissed in Tanaka’s soup to make it “a little salty”? Can’t wait to find out. Probably going to be a *Sophia’s POV* about it soon. 🙂

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    • i think it might have something to do with her succubus trait, like having preferences for a man with big, an enormus… magic supply, or she really fell in love for being saved and cared for like a real man should do, not for being good faced lier bastard

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    • As several people already mentioned shes PART succubus so her sex drive is not to be underestimated. What Estel (based on the spelling of her name in the illustrations) fell for was Tanaka’s willingness to protect her without expecting nothing in return not even her affection. While he admits hes a lolicon hes also a masochist who suffers from self pity in addition to his firm desire of getting laid with a virgin girl.

      Although it should be noted that Allen/Saitou is later revealed to have


      a small Wang.


      • Point taken, Ester does come from a world/class that is fairly to very selfish and even when they are not being selfish probably still want a favor later. So Tanaka’s selflessness is kind of a turn on to Ester. Thanks for the spoiler(?) too. That puts it to a maximum there. Starved with an itch that hasn’t been fully scratched yet. And, Tanaka’s not playing around with any and everyone.

        Poor Tanaka, hope his stamina can keep up with Ester’s desire if he wonders down that road.


      • This may be a spoiler to us, but to them is already a granted fact. It was not only once the times he got completely naked due to a fight XD


  4. “I’m a proud lolicon. I won’t go back on my word.”

    While this may clear up some of the confusion of late (I think there was a debate on whether he was a lolicon on a previous part’s comments), please remember that he is a kissless virgin.


    • I consider him to be a jack of all traits kind of guy like myself. While Estel does have the loli look remember that his initial target is Sophia who is no loli by any means


  5. Hahaa!! Yes! My prediction of salty(urine) soup has been tasted by our greatest chief tanaka, with a possible result of 5 star rating without knowing the full contents of the soup!! Maybe, in the next chap well have a revelation.



    FitzClarence’s Daughter under arrest for committed rape…
    the victim in question was found naked, bound, trampled,(happy) and whipped by said offender in his sleeping chamber… authorities are speechless at the sheer force used on the minotaurs Hammer of virgin-justice…


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