Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 17 Part 2

Alchemist Edita 1

Now that the love affair couple has been sent away, I cleaned up the tea.

I left the second-floor living room and headed down to the first floor. It was at this time that I was walking past the atelier that something happened.


I think I just heard a noise.

Some small items that were sitting on the floor seemed to have been knocked around.

“What is it?”

Do I have a rat problem?

There are a few items that rodents could get into. If there is just one or two, it wouldn’t be so bad, but I need to confirm if there are more.

“…..Either way, I have no choice but to kill them.”

I can’t allow such vermin to exist in my home. I can’t have peace of mind as long as I know there are vermin in my house. Exterminating these pests takes priority over everything else. My lunch will have to wait.

I slowly walked over to the area where I heard the noise.

Then, in the corner of the room, I could see a small animal.

At a glance, it really just looks like a mouse, but if I look at it closer, the animal has no tail and its ears extend all the way to its back. For a pest, this thing is kind of cute. However, looking at its thin body and dirty hair, I can tell this animal shouldn’t be kept as a pet.

“You better not have any strange diseases.”

I’ll have to purify you.

And for purification there really is only one choice. A fireball.


Small fireballs appeared around the small animal.

The small creature evaporated in an instant without even making a sound.

There was nothing left at all. I think this is enough to call it a proper purification. After all, my level 15 fire magic is amazing. It can be used to make tea, exterminate pests, or defeat dragons. Fire magic really is the ultimate magic.

“Alright then……”

I finished the purification without even getting my hands dirty.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something.

“……A cover?”

My atelier has a stone floor. On the floor, hidden among the evenly placed cobblestones, was a small gap. In that place, there was a stone door of some kind that looked exactly like the surrounding cobblestone.

It was carefully crafted to blend in with the rest of the floor. If you didn’t know it was there, it would be almost impossible to see. It’s large enough for a person to enter and exit.

“Is it like some kind of basement? Oh, I’m getting really curious now.”

I activate my flight magic on the stone door and slowly lift it up.

Underneath the door, I could see a small staircase leading into the darkness. It’s impossible to see anything inside.

“…..I guess I won’t be getting lunch after all.”

It’s time to start another adventure.


After going down the stairs I entered what looked to be a stone room that was around twenty meters squared. There are no windows because this room is underground. There’s no light source inside the room so I’ll just have to create a fireball to allow me to explore.

The moment I could see anything, I noticed several strange objects lying around.

“What is this…..?”

The object I found was lit by the orange glow from the fireball.

The thing I found was……a completely naked young girl.


Inside of an enormous glass tube that was filled with colourless transparent liquid, there was the nude body of an unconscious girl. It’s as if she’s being preserved.

(I’ve been told by John no, “…dodgy loli ass pictures…” on here. So, you’ll need to go here to see the picture that should go here)

She has a well-toned body and a cute chest. I want to worship her body.

I’ve decided on my meal for this evening.

“W-who’s there!?”

I thought I could hear a voice from somewhere.

It’s a woman’s voice.

Rather, it’s more like the voice of a young girl.

“Eh, ah, s-sorry. My name’s Tanaka.”

I introduced myself out of habit.

“…..Tanaka, is it?”

“I am the owner of this house.”


I got the feeling that the voice just took a deep breath in.

At the same time, I found out where the voice was coming from.

There was someone sitting in the corner illuminated by the light of the fireball.

At first glance, it appears to be human. The appearance of this person matched that of the girl in the tube, but the colour seemed off. The person in the corner was slightly transparent. I wonder if she’s a ghost. Suddenly, I recalled the various accidents that were mentioned by the realtor.

She’s probably around 140 centimetres tall and under the age of ten. She’s a pretty girl with long blonde hair that goes all the way down to her waist and big blue eyes. She also has pointed ears. I’m guessing she’s an elf.

She’s wearing a plain robe that’s made of a dark grey fabric. The robe really makes her white skin shine. She’s grasping something like a wooden wand in both of her hands. The figure suddenly stood up with the wand raised.

This ghost came to drive me out of my home.

“You’ve setup a base in my basement in order to drive me out!?”

I finally own this house and now a ghost wants to kick me out? Seriously?

In a panic, I turned to face the ghost.

I just need to use the magic I used before.

“All the evil karma ever created by me since of old,

On account of my beginningless greed, hatred, and ignorance,

Born of my body, mouth, and thought,

I now confess openly and fully.” (TN: Tanaka recites a prayer here that doesn’t really make sense when translated. This is is just a Buddhist purification prayer I found)

“W-Wait a minute! I have no intention of doing that! And what do you mean by a base!?”

She followed this up by screaming in terror.

I guess I skipped straight to the purification without even asking her any questions.

Well, I guess there’s no harm in talking.

“Then, what are you doing in my basement?”


She looks a little frustrated, but continues speaking calmly,

“I was the owner of this house before you purchased it.”


Suddenly, I thought of something.

Her ears are pointed.

They live for a long time.

Around two to three times as long as humans.

“Eh? Are you Edita Sensei?”

“I have mixed feelings about being called sensei. I was killed the last time I was called that.”

Apparently, she really is a ghost.

“Are you serious? Then, Edita Sensei, why aren’t you dead?”

“This body is just spiritual. It has no physical form.”

“I…..I see.”

I don’t fully understand, but in this atmosphere, I just nodded as if I did.

“My physical body is the one floating in that tube.”

She points to the young girl floating inside the tube. The loli body just floated there in the tube that appeared to be made of a material similar to glass.

If I were to use my flight magic, I bet I could position her body into a pretty erotic position. That would be quite the meal. Seeing her just floating there isn’t enough to fill me up.

“Did you somehow save your body?”

“That’s right.”


As expected of Edita Sensei.

She seems to have found a way to save herself from death.

Although I’m not sure exactly how she did it, this world is full of different types of magic. I’m sure there’s some way of separating your spirit from your body.

Well, right now I am talking to the ghost of Edita Sensei.

“Fuhahaha! In just a few days time, I’ll be able to leave this place! What do you think about that?”

Fuhahaha? She’s suddenly acting so full of herself.

“Is that so? Then, I should probably eat it before it expires.”

“D-Don’t eat it! That’s my body!”

“Ah, no, that was just a figure of speech.”

“Anyway, the liquid that preserves my body will soon begin to lose its effect. My body will then begin to decay. If that were to happen, I would no longer be able to return to my former body; even if my spirit were to remain intact.”

“I see….”

Edita Sensei seemed to sound lonely as she spoke.

“Is there nothing you can do?”

From what I can tell after reading some of her writing, Edita Sensei is a genius alchemist. So, I’m sure she has something planned.

But her response wasn’t positive,

“If my spirit body was strong enough to defeat a Red Dragon, I may be able to do something. It was a small hope, but now I know it’s not possible. Now, this was all just a waste of time and I wish I had just passed on.”

Edita Sensei showed a wry smile.

That fuhahaha from a little while ago must have been her trying to forget about her situation.

“A Red Dragon?”

“Yes, a Red Dragon.”

I suddenly understood what she was talking about.

“Is that a material used in the medicine?”

“……DId you read my notes?”

“Eh, well….”

“If you did, then you must understand the situation I’m in….”

“You couldn’t make it?”

“Ha? What do you mean by that!?”

Edita Sensei got angry after hearing me speak so casually about it.

“I’m grieving because I was never able to make the medicine! Mou~, just leave me alone already! Or maybe you just want me to die already!? That way you can have this house all to yourself again!”

“Ah, no, I didn’t mean anything like that…..”

“You brute! Ugly! Virgin! Are you going to just keep staring at my naked body you creep!? I can see something getting bigger in your pants you pervert! You won’t even listen to my story properly!”

She’s getting pretty desperate.

She just throws any abusive word she can think of at me.

Because she is a beautiful young girl, my HP takes a huge hit.

I also didn’t realize I had gotten bigger down there.

I thrust my hand into my right pocket to cover it up.

“C-Can’t you just let me stay in the basement for a while longer!? I-I’ll die soon anyway! When I become a ghost, my spirit will slowly fade away and I’ll disappear! Just the idea of that is scary!”

Well, If I do nothing, her body is going to rot in front of me. Still, even though her spirit knows she’s most likely going to die in a few days, she’s still able to act tough.

“Uuuooooooooo! Just let me stay here already!”

I’d like to think about it a little longer, but it seems like she’s losing her patience. Well, I shouldn’t let her die. If the information from the book is accurate, this person is far older than me.

“The medicine from the book, right? If it’s that, then I made it recently.”


Edita Sensei’s eyes opened wide.

I still have some of that medicine leftover.




I had put the leftover medicine from the day before on a shelf in the atelier. I ran up the stairs to retrieve it and quickly returned to Edita Sensei.

I show her the small vial and she looks at it with suspicion. I gently move the blood-like liquid around in the vial.

“Is this really the medicine?”

“Yes. I’ve even used it once already.”



I created this medicine following her recipe so why does she look so suspicious? Does she just not believe me? Or, maybe, I just wasn’t clear enough. She held her eye up to the vial with an expression mixed with surprise and suspicion.

“You just need to drink this, right?”

“You really managed to get the liver of a Red Dragon? How did you do that?”

“I got the help of a famous noble mage. He brought me and some others to the location of one of the dragons and we managed to defeat it.”

“……I-Is that so?”

Does she believe me now that I mentioned a nobleman helped me?

Maybe she had just lost all hope and now doesn’t believe there’s any chance of her reviving. She told me her body only has a few days left before it rots so I’d expect her to take the medicine and drink it straight away.

“Then, will you drink it? Huh?”

I tried to hand her the bottle.

“There’s no point in my spirit body drinking it. Rather, I can’t even drink it in this form.”

“Then, you mean your body floating in that glass tube over there needs to drink it? I’m afraid your body will be destroyed the moment I remove it from that liquid.”

“Well, you’re not wrong. My body probably won’t even be able to ingest it. The liquid from inside the tube would have completely filled my body by this point. Instead, you’ll just need to use a syringe to inject it directly into my body.”

“Is that really how I have to do it?”

“I prepared a few different methods of administering the medicine and this is the easiest one, but I can’t do it in this spirit form.”

“You can’t do anything?”

“I’d be able to control it with magic, but I wouldn’t be able to accurately control something that small.”

“That reminds me, you were able to control those ice pillars before.”

“Will you follow my instructions properly? It’s not a very difficult operation. If you were able to make the medicine then this should be easy for you.”

“Sounds fine to me.”

“…..Is it really okay? Using that medicine on someone you don’t even know?”

“Why would that matter?”

“Well, the value of the medicine is so much that it’s only natural I’d have my doubts.”


She’s talking about the dragon’s liver.

However, we still have part of the dragon’s liver. Besides, we need to find some way to use the remaining dragon’s liver before it rots.

“We have plenty of the medicine remaining.”

“I-Is that so?”

“Then, shall I put it in?”



“A..Aah….go ahead.”

After that, I followed Sensei’s guidance.

In other words, I’m giving an IV drip to a bedridden patient. There is already a tube connected to her body, but it just seems to be injecting the liquid from the tube into her body. I’ll just need to inject the medicine into the tube.

“Well, then…I’ll put it in.”


Edita Sensei looks nervously at the syringe.

A crimson liquid is poured into the tube.

The liquid travelled along the tube before entering Sensei’s body.

At the same time, something happened to her body.


A magic sphere emerged around her body and started emitting a low humming sound. The magical sphere was the same crimson colour as the medicine.

“T-This is…….”

Royal Princess, did you also react in this way?

Your body writhing around in bed.


Sensei let out a sexy voice.

At the same time, Sensei’s spirit body slowly entered the glass tube. I couldn’t tell if she voluntarily did this or if she was being pulled in by the magical force surrounding her physical body.

Either way, the two were now one.


She let out more erotic sounds.

So tonight’s meal really will be Edita Sensei.


Her spirit body is now completely gone.

At the same time, a blinding white light surrounded her body.

The light only lasted a short while.

The light slowly faded.

At the same time, the magic formation covering her body disappeared.

“T-That was amazing…..”

In front of me, Sensei’s body seemed to be grasping at the fluid she was in. It almost looks like she’s drowning. She was pressing both hands against the glass and seemed to be trying to break it.

Her body that had been immobile just seconds before, was now frantically moving around in the glass tube. After some time, she seemed to be losing energy.

“Wait, seriously!?”

I grab one of the random metallic boxes from the ground and start smashing it into the glass tube. The size of the box is probably about the same as a fruit crate. As I continued to smash the box against the glass, small cracks began forming on the tube and the liquid inside started flowing out.

As the liquid inside the tube leaked out, Sensei’s unconscious body slowly started sinking before finally crumpling to the ground.



Did I fail?

Even if I try to talk to her, she’s unable to speak. She seems to be unconscious. For the time being, I try to restore her consciousness by putting all of my power into my recovery magic, but I can’t tell if it worked.

I really have no choice. I quickly placed my ear onto Sensei’s nipple.

Da-dum da-dum

I can hear her heart beating so she’s not dead.

I decided to carry her body up to the guest room on the second floor.


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