Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa – V1 Ch 1-5 Part 2



……N-No, this was necessary. I just needed to finish inside of her so that I can think about things calmly…..


Rose is still moving on top of me, but it’s not as intense as it was earlier. On top of that, I just came so I can hold out a little longer.

I have to think of a way out of here.

— Rose said there was a magic that can repair my limbs.

When I told her she could heal her hymen with magic, she refused. She said this was because she wanted to remember losing her virginity.

So that means she could really repair a part of her body — or any missing limbs.

If so, I have two choices.

Somehow convince her to heal me…….Or I can die again and revive.

The only problem being…..I checked the time displayed in the log window. There was still over five hours left until the cooldown time for ‘Immortality’ would end.

……That’s right. I can tire Rose out to the point where she can no longer move. After the cooldown period ends, I can die, recover my limbs, and escape from here —

And if that’s the case —

“Rose, does it feel good?’

“Ahn~ It feels good. It feels so good~”

“You’re moving a lot slower now.”

“That’s…ah~….So….Sorry. I’m doing my best to move more~”

Rose starts moving her hips faster and an indecent sound filled the room.

“Keep going like that and rub your chest with your hands.”

“Ha~…ahn~ L-Like this?”

While still moving her hips, Rose began massaging her chest.

A completely pure girl has transformed into someone so indecent. I can feel my son grow at the sight.

“Hya~n! It feels good, but it felt better when Yuzuki onii-san was touching me! This isn’t good enough! I want you to touch me!”

“I can make you feel good even without any hands!”

“No way~”

……If that went any further she probably would have repaired my limbs…..If that were to happen, I’d just be tied up in the room again. My best option is to tire her out to the point where she can’t move.

“I’m almost there, Rose. This time I want you to ask for it.”

“Hyan~! Ask…for it? Ah…ahn~”

“A little while ago, you said that I was making you feel good, right? So, I want you to beg me for it.”

“U…Umm, hya~! Yuzuki onii-san’s…..sperm…..can I have it?”

“You have to beg me for it properly.”

After I ordered this, Rose continued moving her hips while showing a desperate expression on her face.

And —

“P-Please, cum inside me. I want Yuzuki onii-san’s semen inside of me! Please, release it nha~!….Ah..aahh……Hyyaaaaa~!”

I couldn’t hold back after seeing such an erotic scene. I released everything deep inside of Rose. It seemed that Rose was also at her limits. I could feel her tighten around me.

It’s almost as if she’s trying to get every drop of semen out of me. This pleasure is too much; my waist started convulsing.


As expected, I’ve reached my limit.

And it must be the same for Rose. She collapsed forward onto me and started using me as a body pillow.

……How do I say this? That was amazing……and it was only Rose’s first time. Even better, I was able to unlock pleasure resistance. I did it; I’ve become resistant to pleasure!

More importantly, there’s still…..around four hours left in the cooldown period.

“……There’s something I wanted to ask you.”

I asked this to Rose as she continued using me as a pillow. She turned her face to me and wiped her sweaty hair out of her face.

“What do you want to know? I’ll be taking care of you from now on. Changing your clothes, feeding you, and whatever else you may need. You can leave it all to me, okay?”


To be honest, I’ve been going along with the desires of Yanderes far too much, but if I go along with her here, there’s no going back.

Therefore, if I cross the line here…..No, I need to show some self-control. If I give in to Rose here, I’ll be confined to this room for the rest of my life.

“The thing I wanted to ask was…..How did you cut off my hands and legs?”

There’s no pain at all. Well, this is the first time I’ve ever lost a limb, but I’d expect there to be some pain.

“Ah, I just used magic to cut off your limbs. I used magic while you were asleep and then quickly healed you with magic as well.”

“….I see. You know magic of that level…..If you knew magic, why didn’t you use it when you were attacked?”

“Ah…..right. I only learned how to use that magic a little while ago.”

“….a little while ago?”

“I took advantage of the time when you were asleep to use my demon eye on you. I expected this, but Yuzuki onii-san has an incredibly high overall ability score.”

“Overall ability score? You’re talking about my status? It certainly is high, but….”

I was told 5,000 is an average score. An adventurer would be somewhere around 10,000, but due to my titles, or maybe other factors, my score is over 100,000.

But it doesn’t seem that difficult to earn SP by doing various things and then levelling up your skills.

That means….huh? Rose gained SP by drugging me with sleeping pills, playing with my heart and body, and then cutting off my hands and legs…..?

Doesn’t that mean that this Yandere cheat girl is going to be pretty strong…..

Umm….How can I check the ability of other people…..I did learn that appraisal skill. I’ll have to try to use that on her.

[Overall Ability Score]: 26,800

That’s the only thing I can see….Is that because the appraisal skill is rank F?

I don’t know much about her skills, but…This is enough for me to be able to tell that she is not an ordinary girl.

When the cooldown ends, I need to escape from here as soon as possible.

“Fufu~, what’s wrong, Yuzuki onii-san? Have you finally fallen for me?”

“No, I definitely haven’t.”

If she improves anymore she’ll be scary. My ability score is strangely high due to my titles. I’m really not as powerful as my ability score would suggest.

When it comes to Rose, her ability score could be due to her knowing strong types of magic. If she grows any more, on top of the fact that I have the ‘Feminist’ skill, I won’t be able to do anything against her.

As I thought about that —

“Then, let me teach you how to give a blowjob.”

I said this.

…..I swear this is part of my plan.

I’m worried that Rose will get even stronger, but I need to escape now.

To do that, I need to completely exhaust her.

— Two hours passed.

“Ha~a…..amazing. I’m starting to love Yuzuki onii-san more and more. It’s fine if I sleep with you tonight, right?”

Rose tossed her sweat-soaked gothic dress to the floor and laid down on the bed while using me as a pillow. This is bad. If she insists on sleeping here, I won’t be able to do anything when the cooldown for ‘Immortality’ ends.

There’s no chance she would sleep through my entire revival process — To avoid this, I said this to Rose,

“I’m not satisfied yet. Now, we go into overtime.”

“Fueeeehh!? U-Umm…..That’s……You want to keep going?”

“I want more. I can’t move, so Rose will you do your best? Will you do everything I ask you?”

…I’m amazing myself by saying such terrible things, but…..I’m still excited about the idea of doing anything I want to Rose. The purpose of this is to completely tire her out, but I’m not going to lie and say I won’t enjoy it.

As expected, Rose’s face turned red but she nodded.

“If that’s what Yuzuki onii-san wants….I…..I’ll do my best.”

— One more hour passed. My pleasure resistance ranked up to E.

Rose rolled over onto the bed; she’s clearly past her limits at this point.

“Haa~…..haa~. I can’t even think straight anymore.”

“What are you talking about? We’re not done yet.”

“Eh, eh? U-Umm…..I….don’t think I can move my body.”

“Rose, you said you’d do anything I ask of you.”

“Hauu~. I wish I had never said that, onii-san.”

After saying that…..another hour had passed.

Rose was long past her limits and had now passed out on the bed.

The cooldown period ended over an hour ago and there’s a good chance that Rose’s overall ability score has gone up, but……In order for me to escape, this much was necessary.

So, in addition to having sex for the first time, I’ve been held captive by a crazed girl that is in love with me. I’m off to a good start.

…..Well, despite the absurd situation, it felt really good.

Anyway, the cooldown period for ‘Immortality’ has ended.

If I die now, I can revive with a completely healed body….Rose is asleep next to me though. She should enter REM sleep in about thirty minutes.

I tried to hold my breath as thirty minutes passed.

By the way, Rose seemed worried that I may be able to use magic, so she put a gag in my mouth before falling asleep.

However, that doesn’t matter to me — I have the ‘No Chant’ skill. I begin to picture Fire Bolt in my mind. The magic circle began to form around me.

The light from the magic circle is bright. Rose is still asleep, so, for now, there are no problems, but if this lasts for too long I think she might notice.

— Can I increase the rank of no chant?

I’m a little worried, but the magic circle begins to fade rather quickly. For now, I don’t need to worry about increasing its rank. I immediately shot the Fire Bolt towards me.

I tried my best to suppress the power and — blew my neck away.

And, once again, my log window confirmed my death — Back to the monochrome world.

Rather, because I lowered the power of Fire Bolt, I didn’t die instantly. The pain was unbearable and lasted for some time.

But, eventually, I died a painful death…..Well, that’s not quite right. Was there any pain when I actually died?

Anyway, I confirmed that Rose was still asleep and immediately chose to revive now. Shortly after, the chibi Medea-nee once again appeared with her white lace showing under her miniskirt.

“Yuzuki-kun, I was enjoying the show this evening.”

Shut up!

……Wait, Medea-nee has been watching me this entire time? I’m not into this kind of shame play.

“Oh, are you looking for a new type of pleasure?”

Absolutely not. It’s rather annoying having everything I think be transmitted to you.

“Then, if you’d like to tell me about only certain things, you can just think about exactly what you want to tell me. Only the stuff you want me to know should be transmitted to me.”

I tried to create an image in my mind of everything that I wanted to tell her, but I didn’t feel like it was being transmitted properly. Test….Test….Test.

I think about it while trying to transmit my thoughts to Medea-nee, but it doesn’t seem to reach her. Maybe if I try it like this….

“Umm……like this?”

“Yes. This way, I’ll only be able to hear what you want me to. Still, being instantly confined by a Yandere is just like Yuzuki-kun.”

“……You say that like it wasn’t part of your plan.”

I say this back to her, but Medea-nee just looked confused.

“……I haven’t planned anything.”


“The only thing I’ve done is create the world. It was just pure coincidence that Yuzuki-kun met with that young girl so soon.”


I was overcome with despair for a moment.

“Umm, we don’t have much time to talk, so I’ll be reviving you now. Please, do your best. I’m always watching….”

Medea-nee thrust her hands out in front of her and a magic circle began to form around her……Shortly after, my consciousness was returned to my newly healed body.

……Fuu…..It’s wonderful to have my limbs again.

I sat up and slowly moved off the bed. I removed the gag from my mouth and confirmed that Rose was still fast asleep.

As expected, she seems completely exhausted.

“…..Rose, I’m sorry.”

Either because of my fear resistance or the fact that I now know that limbs can be regenerated, having Rose cut off all of my limbs wasn’t that traumatic of an experience for me and I don’t hate her.

On the contrary, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have feelings for her. So, I do feel a little guilty just leaving her like this…..

I hate Yanderes.

They don’t care about other people’s beliefs or circumstances. They killed both me and my father for their own selfish reasons.

I’m not saying Rose is exactly the same, but…..I can’t forgive her for forcing me to stay in this room. So, I’ll leave — I gently stroked Rose’s cheek before walking to the door.

This time, I made sure to activate the ‘Perception’ skill that I had previously forgotten about. I made my escape using this skill to ensure that there were no guards patrolling between me and the exit.

After escaping from Rose, my life can truly begin in this world. My goal is still to live a normal life with ordinary girls.

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  2. 『After escaping from Rose, my life truly began in another world. My goal is still to live a normal life with ordinary girls.』
    Sorry my lad but your goal is impossible to achieve


  3. Yuzuki’s an idiot.

    He’s been reincarnated into a world…
    Made by a Yandere Goddess.
    Whose women were made in HER image.
    Has the “Loved To Death By Yanderes” skill at SSS rank.
    Has various enhancements to his skilss loaded.
    Has the Feminist skill.

    …and, he wants a “normal life with normal girls”. Now, that’s just delusional.


      • doubt it. In fact, she might just be worse. If not, his skill would turn her into a yandere anyway. I’m kinda worried about what will happen to him when he runs into some of the standard female monsters (which he can’t hurt). Demonesses, Lamia and harpies that want him as a pet aside, I’m worried he’s gonna get an entire clan of female orcs chasing him around the countryside.


  4. How many times he has to die before he realizes that he can’t get near anyone with XX chromosome? With his OP ‘cheat spec’, even Mother Teresa will become a murderous psychopath if he sneezes near her.


  5. Hey,there will be no ntr right?like a wife that become yandere or girlfriend of another guy who transform into yandere and go full swing into mc?kinda hate that kind of element.


  6. Isn’t he just too dumb?

    He knew he would be unable to harm women, and that they would all be yandere. My choice of skill would have been some high-class intelligence or manipulation skill, or just plain teleportation or something.
    Get your way out of the mess without having to fight them.
    Not to mention that he should have further explored the skills. I’m sure there were at least a few more -X cost ones he could have taken without getting into an even greater mess, and boosted things needed to deal with yandere without actual combat.

    Second, why the hell is he fighting the apparently OP hot yandere chick. Yes, she is very dangerous, I get it. But she is also devoted to the extreme, hence the problem. So why not give her what she wants: Himself. But in exchange, go with a useful explanation: “You get me, but I want to travel, so travel with me and we can have lots of “fun” times. Oh, and I need your protection because we are going to meet a lot of crazy women who want me dead or worse. Rose, you are my only hope…”

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. I would rather have one strong, but known and controllable crazy girl around me, than unknown thousands surrounding me at every turn. Plus, if you are really skilled, you might just manage to strike some kind of pact between her and some other girls, or maybe even Medea. Like make her Medea’s chosen agent for him… although that might just backfire magnificently.


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