Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa – V1 Ch 1-5 18+ Part 1



As I opened my eyes I looked at my surroundings through my blurry vision. I recognized the ceiling. It seems I have been brought back to the room I was being held in before.

Where is Rose — I tried to use my hand to push myself up from the bed, but — I couldn’t feel the bed.

“Why can’t I touch the bed….”

I couldn’t finish my sentence.

I realized there could only be two reasons for this.

Either the bed is not actually there.

Or….the hand that I’m trying to use isn’t there — I forced myself to turn my head, afraid of what I would see. The only thing there was…….the top of the bed illuminated by the light in the room.

The right arm I was trying to move was no longer there.

I moved my head around to look at the rest of my body. I came to the horrifying realization that I no longer had my right hand, left hand, or even my legs.

“….Eh? How…….Seriously?”

I panicked and started flailing my limbs around. I felt as if my hands and legs were moving but there was nothing there. I just looked like a caterpillar squirming around on the bed.

Aaaaahhhhhh!? I’ve become a Daruma! I can’t get up! I’ve lost my hands and legs and can’t get up!

I need to calm down! I know I’ll just write ‘人’ on the palm of my hand three times and swallow it — I have no hands! Aaaahhhhh! (TN: This is a Japanese idiom. It’s supposed to calm you down when you do it)

As I continued thrashing around on the bed, I could hear the door open.

And —

“Yuzuki onii-san, you’re already awake –”


“Uwa, that scared me. What’s with that angry voice?”

I could hear her voice from the direction of the door before she came into my view. I glared at her as she stood there.

“What the hell is wrong with you!? What did you do to me!?”

“Oh, you’re talking about your limbs? I cut them off while Yuzuki onii-san was asleep. Now you can never run away again.”

“You really cut them off? This isn’t an illusion?”

Is this because of my fear resistance? Although I was panicking at first, I was able to calmly respond to her. The only thing I really feel is anger.

However —

“I really cut them off. If Yuzuki onii-san behaves, I’ll regrow them properly. You don’t need to be worried.”

“………….You’ll regrow them?”

What does that mean? Is there some type of magic that can do that in this world?

“……And you can use that type of magic, Rose?”

“Of course I can. No matter how angry I am at you, I wouldn’t cut off your hands and legs if I couldn’t heal you later.”

“……..I don’t think a normal person would cut someone’s limbs off even if they could heal them.”

Just because there’s recovery magic and you can even resurrect in this world I doubt the average person would say, “Oh no, I lost my limbs tehe~” There’s no way that’s the case…….right?

…….I hope not.

“By the way, Yuzuki onii-san………”

“…….Umm, why are you coming closer to me?”

I had a bad feeling and wanted to push her away, but I have no hands to push her away with and she was now leaning over me.

“I….like Yuzuki onii-san. Yuzuki onii-san may not feel the same, but…..my feelings won’t change.”

“Umm…..that’s, well……I’m sorry about that, but….”

Wait, why should I feel bad!? Rose is staring at me like I’m her next meal.

“Well…..It may be shameless of me to say, but ever since Yuzuki onii-san touched my chest earlier……umm….do I need to say it? I want you…..to take my first time.”

“Huh, wait! Should the daughter of a noble be saying something like that so easily!?”

“It’s fine. I’ll take responsibility properly!”

“Shouldn’t that be my line!?”

“You will? Oh, I’m so happy!”

“No, that was just a figure of speech — Hey, wait a minute, stop pulling my pants down! Do you hear me!? Are you listening!? Nyyyaaaaaa!”

It’s impossible for me to resist considering I have no hands or legs. My pants had turned into shorts and she managed to take them off in an instant.

“Ehehe~ Next is your underwear. There we go…..huh? I’ll have to help you get rid of this.”


My son, why are you standing in this situation!?

For me to be like this even though I’m in such a strange situation……What’s wrong with me?

Every time Rose would stimulate it while trying to remove my underwear she would say,”Huh, that’s cute~” What are you calling cute!?

“Ah, it’s just about out…….fwaa~?”

My pants and underwear had now been completely removed — I looked down to see my son standing at attention.

“…..Eh, eh? This is Yuzuki onii-san’s…….penis?”

“Oi, oi, oi girls shouldn’t say that!”

Rose is still a young girl and, on top of that, she’s a nobleman’s daughter. She shouldn’t be talking about such obscene things.

“Ah, well….I’m sorry.”

Rose was actually embarrassed. Rose was illuminated by the light in the room and I could see her face become red in an instant.

But…….her gaze never left my penis.

“Hey…….Yuzuki onii-san”

“……..What is it?”

“I feel like it got bigger somehow….Ah, it moved again and got even bigger. Does this mean it’s happy, Yuzuki onii-san?”

“No, that’s……umm….”

……I-I can’t help it!

There’s a blond, beautiful girl dressed in a gothic style dress next to me. She doesn’t have much sexual experience and she’s staring at my penis saying obscene things while blushing.

It would be impossible for me to remain calm in this situation!

“Hey, Yuzuki onii-san, it’s gotten so big. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, it doesn’t hurt.”

Really, it’s frustrating — I had to force myself not to say those words.

I need to bear with it! If I go along with Rose here I’ll definitely trigger the lifelong confinement flag!


I unexpectedly let out a moan. Rose had used her delicate and smooth finger to stroke my penis.

“Fwaa~……amazing. Yuzuki onii-san’s penis is so hard and hot…..It started twitching when I touched it. Do you want me to touch it more?”

“I already told you! Girls shouldn’t say such things!”

“I understand. It’s ecchi, right? Such a shameless thing.”

“Yes, that’s why –”

“So, when I touch you there, you get excited, right?”


I can’t deny that.

Rose started slowly stroking my penis before I could deny it.

“Wa-wait, you shouldn’t do that.”

“Fufu~, Yuzuki onii-san, do my fingers feel good?”

“T-That’s not it!”

“You don’t need to hide it. I felt the same way when Yuzuki onii-san was touching me. Besides, I can tell by the look on your face.”

“That…..Rose, you shouldn’t know about stuff like that!”

“I didn’t know about it, but…..A little while ago, the maid taught me about this stuff. And~ that’s~ why~…..”

Rose slowly put her hand around my penis and looked into my eyes.

“Ehehe~ We’ll be doing many things from now on. This is just a special service for Yuzuki onii-san.”

“What is a special service supposed to — ~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, my penis was wrapped in a wet, warm feeling. As I looked down, Rose had put my penis into her pretty mouth.

“Nn~…..amazing! Your penis….Yuzuki onii-san’s penis…it’s amazing.”

“…..Ku….Don’t talk with it in your mouth.”

She was rubbing my penis against the inside of her mouth and when she talked I could feel the vibrations in her mouth.

Besides, the sight of the young Rose with my penis in her mouth is too much. I’m getting even more excited at seeing such a lewd thing.

“Nchu~……chu, chu~……..ahn~….I’m going to try to fit the whole thing in. Will that feel even better?”

“Rose, don’t do that!”

“…..Jyupu~…..kuchu~……N~……hafu~. I won’t stop until Yuzuki onii-san feels even better.”

She licks the head of my penis before taking the entire thing into her mouth while wrapping her tongue around it. She moves her mouth all the way to the base and starts gently sucking.

The sight of such a pure girl sucking on my penis is overwhelming.

This is unbearable.

I want her to suck even harder! Please, do it as hard as possible! I want to cum into your pure mouth!

Still, Rose kept gently sucking.

……No way. Is she trying to frustrate me just like Medea-nee?

I can’t stand this!

But I can’t say that to her. If I fall for Rose here, I’ll definitely be kept here for the rest of my life.

My dream is to live an ordinary life with normal girls.

So, be patient….be patient!

“Chupu~……kuchi~……Nn~………There’s something coming out. Is this maybe……cum?”

“No, that’s not it!”

I’m not lying.

What came out was actually pre-cum. I’m doing my best to endure it, but I’m not sure how long I can last. If I had any legs, my hips would be shaking violently.

If I had any hands, I would have grabbed her head and forced it down.

But I have no hands or legs. I can’t finish unless Rose starts sucking harder!

But I already know I can’t ask her to do that. I bit my lip to force back my feelings. I was nearly at my limit when Rose started sucking again.

“Chu~…….chu, chu~……..Nchu~…..You’ve been enduring it for a long time now. Don’t you want to finish in my mouth~?”

I almost lost myself after hearing these words.

Rose would lick and suck, even more, doing her best to get me to finish.

However, Rose doesn’t know much about sex. She doesn’t know what to do to make a guy finish.

In other words, unless I tell her, this will keep going.

Damn it! I won’t lose! I absolutely won’t let her do whatever she wants to me!

— And I desperately endured for the next 30 minutes. She was still going, but I was still able to endure.

And —

“….Puha~ my jaw is getting tired.”

Rose had begun to slow down.

Haa…..haaa…..It’s so frustrating! But I need to be patient! If I give in to Rose’s temptation I’ll be confined here for the rest of my life!

“Okay. I wanted to do it with my mouth first, but….I guess it can’t be helped.”

Rose stops her blowjob and gets onto her knees. She rolled up her skirt and used both of her hands to move over my stiff penis.

“……What are you going to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to give my virginity to you, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“Are you being serious?”

“Yeah. I like you Yuzuki onii-san……So, I’ll give you my virginity.”

There was no time to stop her — Rather, I couldn’t stop her without any limbs. Rose grabbed my penis with one hand and slowly lowered herself.

The next moment, I could feel the head of my penis rub against Rose. A sticky, wet sound could be heard.

And then, my penis entered her vagina and I could feel her love juices flowing down onto me.

I have to stop this. I won’t be able to resist the pleasures ahead!

And — Rose began to slowly go down even more.

The tip of my penis went even further into her. But that only lasted for a little while.

She soon got even tighter and it wouldn’t go any further.

I must have hit Rose’s hymen. Rose looked up into my eyes; her face looked like she was in a little pain, but more than anything, she was happy.

“Fuufuu~…..Yuzuki onii-san, my virginity……please take it —hnnn~”

She went down all the way, I could hear the sound of something breaking, and my penis was completely swallowed up by her.

Not just my penis, I feel like my entire body is being swallowed up. I don’t think I can hold back — But, for the moment, I can endure.

I can’t. I want to finish right now!

I can’t endure any longer and I finish inside of her. I did my best but I can’t be patient anymore!

Rose then collapsed forward onto me.

“Ehe~, I’m a little sore and still numb, but…..with this…..Yuzuki onii-san is mine. I’m so happy….”

Rose thinks that sex ends once the penis is all the way in! How could someone actually think like that!

I have endured for so long. This can’t end just like that!

I’ll do whatever I want now. I can think of how to escape later!

“Rose, it’s not over yet!”

“Fueh? What do you mean?”

“We haven’t finished having sex. The sex has only just begun!”

“Umm…..is that so?”

“That’s right! So don’t stop, keep riding on me!”

“Eh? Well……like this?”

Rose leaned back and slowly raised her body.

“Alright, from there, raise your body until my penis is just about to come out.”

“Eh……like thi– fuaa~….This is amazing. I can feel it throbbing inside me.”

“Good. Now, next time, go a little slower.”

“A-Alright. I’ll go then….Ahn~…Hya~……It’s a little painful.”

“That’s because your hymen is broken. You can probably heal it with magic.”

“No, I’ll leave it like this. It’s proof that Yuzuki onii-san — fuaaa~!”

The moment Rose went all the way down, I could feel my penis hitting her womb. Rose let out a high pitched scream and her entire body trembled.

“…..Hya~….haa~…..Nn~….I….I came. Yuzuki onii-san’s penis was too much.”

“Rose, I can’t hold back anymore. I’m going to start moving.”

“Fueh~? Wa-Wait a minute. I just came, I need a minute!”

“—I can’t do that. I’m already really frustrated and I’m not going to let you be the only one enjoying yourself. Besides, didn’t you tell me this was a special service for me?”

“That’s…..I understand — Ah..ahn~…This is even better than before….I’m even more sensitive. Ah, it’s amazing!”

“Okay, I’m going to move even faster.”

“O-Okay. Ahn`, ah, ah, aaahh….nn~”

Rose frantically moved her hips up and down.

This feeling ~! — It’s a thousand times better than before! I can feel my entire body trembling from the pleasure. An incredibly lewd sound filled the room.

“Next, I want you to grind back and forth on me.”

“Fueh!? Eh, like….this?”

Yeah. Now, move your hips around in a circle.”

“Ha~….ha…..ahn~…..This is amazing. It feels so good!”

“That’s good! Now combine everything!”

Rose moves her hips following my instructions.

She was a little awkward at first, but after a few moments, she was able to move around smoothly.

The pleasure grew as she got better with it. I was already at my limit.

“Alright, I’m going to finish. Let’s cum together, Rose! Just hold on a little longer and we’ll finish together!”

“I…..I……I don’t think I can hold on any longer.Ahn~, ah, aah, ahn~…..Aaahhhhh~!”

Rose goes all the way down and I can feel the head of my penis press against her womb. The overwhelming pleasure caused me to lose control and I came deep inside her.

“Hyaaaaaa~! There’s something hot……it’s pouring out inside of me. It’s burning~! Aaahhh, aaahhnn~!”

Rose falls forward on my chest as I finished inside of her. I couldn’t hold anything back. I kept cumming inside of her as she lay there.

And finally, my son finished twitching inside of her. Rose then let out a sweet moan and I could feel her body trembling on top of me.

After seeing such a cute and erotic scene, rather than getting smaller, my son increased in size.

“Haa……haa…..Rose, once more!”


“I can’t move, so please do your best.”

“O-Okay. If that’s what Yuzuki onii-san wants…..I’ll do my best.”

She should already be at her limits, but Rose lifted her trembling body and started moving again.

“Hi~! Hyaa~!…..This is too much!”

Rose unsteadily rose up and down on my body. Seeing her like this, she really looks cute. I want to make her feel even better. I want to make this pure girl dirty…….

No, that isn’t right.

What am I thinking about?

I lost my limbs after trying to escape from this mansion. I need to be thinking of a way to get out of here.

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  2. Umm… I liked this chapter… But—


    That’s… a new level of nuts here.

    …I’m, just glad she can regrow his limbs.

    Still creepy as fuck though.
    Loving it though! The quality TL work makes this a nice, smooth read.

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  3. *sigh* this young lad here seems reallly into being a sponge and an M lol…
    Still I would had ask for regenerating his limbs if I want to enjoy it properly lol..
    Thanks for ze chap~


  4. Holy shit……….. He got raped (well its not rape since he enjoyed it) while his limbs are gone ………
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  5. So i like yanderes but at the same time no just no. I like my hands and i feel bad for the mc he should just ya know marry marry her and see if she just lets him stay or he escapes


    • yes and it seems his sss ranked skill comes with a hidden personality trait of enjoying being loved to death by mega yandere since no matter how much his normal thoughts want a normal life his skill warps his mind into being ‘ready’ to be loved to death…. if he really wants a normal life i think he should kill himself again and hope the skill is not something permanently attached to his soul and the goddess just have him born again as a baby.
      i think he has a very big problem of reality denial since even the goddess said his skill can and does work on goddess yet he continues to think the goddess is not a yandere ..then there is the whole hero saves the girl and just goes home with her while chatting in a closed off environment like ya that not going to rapidly raise the dere feelings that will get turned to mega yan the moment he wants to leave due to his skill.. now onwards to see if we get to see if the girl will share her ‘doll’ with the maids and her mom…


  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    MC is an idiot, he had the best chance to get his limbs back and he blew it… literally. If I were him, I would had been like “I want to make you feel good too, would you please gimme back my limbs so I can?”. That way after making her faint, escape.


    • Tbh, his Feminist skill render him helplessly against any type of disobedience toward girls. The same reason why he couldn’t escape the 1st time. So even if he tried to trick her somehow and got his limbs back, if she just try to show her’s displeasure toward him, the guy will just stiffen up and will be getting something Worse than now.


    • Counter attack:
      “You’ll probably escape again Yuzuki onni-chan, but don’t worry, I will bring your limbs back if you become a good boy so wait for a while okay? Ni-chan~ ♡

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