Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa – V1 Ch 1-3 Part 2

☆Night Battle with Rose☆


“I’m back~…….Eh? Yuzuki onii-san, what are you doing there?”

I didn’t even think about the fact that I had lost my chance to escape. On the contrary, I felt relieved to see Rose and ran to hug her as she entered the room.

“Rose, Rose!”

“Hyan! Onii-san, what are you doing? The water spilt.”

Rose dropped the tray and the water spilt all over the carpet. But, I can still feel the fear that was crushing my heart. I desperately clung to her small and soft body.

I could feel the crushing fear slowly leaving my body.

However — Just as I was starting to feel relieved, I could hear Rose whisper, “Did you try to escape?” I jumped back out of surprise after hearing her words.

“Aha~, so you really did. Mou~, that’s not good. You promised not to escape this room. Didn’t you listen to me properly, you made a contract with me.”

“……A contract?”

“Yes, a contract using my demon eye.”

Rose used her right hand to open her golden eye. It would usually be cute, but I can’t get over that terrible fear I was feeling earlier.

“That golden eye….is it a demon’s eye?”

“Yep, we formed a contract using my demon eye. It’s a contract that will never end until one of us dies. Still, I was worried because Yuzuki onii-san is so strong I thought it may not be able to affect you, but I’m relieved to see it worked.”

I made sure to look into her eye and promise as well — it’s frustrating.

I should have known better. This world has magic just like a game and Rose has a demon eye. I thought there may be some kind of power like that in this world, but…..No, I need to stop thinking about my mistakes and try to find a way out of here.

The promises with Rose were ‘I won’t leave this room’ and ‘I will listen to what she says.’ I need to find a way to leave this room without breaking those promises.

…….That’s impossible.

However, if I give up now, I’ll be kept here until I die…. Well, even if I die I’ll just be resurrected.

If I do something wrong, that may happen…..Wait a minute.

Rose said earlier if either of us dies that contract will end. By that logic, if I die and revive, the contract should still be invalid…..right?

……First of all, I open my status window to confirm something.

I was worried that Rose may be able to see it, but…..Apparently, my status window isn’t visible to her. She shows no reaction whatsoever when I opened it.


“Yuzuki onii-san, I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but…..Don’t you think it’s about time we start?”

I fall completely silent after hearing her words. Rose pressed her body against me and looked up into my face. The way she’s looking at my doesn’t match her young appearance.

“….W-Well, what could you be talking about?”

“It’s what we were talking about earlier. Please, touch my body.”

Rose makes this request in the form of a command. At that time, my arm moved around behind Rose and my hand started rubbing her back.

“Hya~…… ~n ha~a……. That tickles.”

Rose twists her body around, but my hand keeps rubbing her back as she says this. Seeing her react like this makes me think of other things we could do. I can feel the blood rushing to my head.

“Fufu~, you can touch me in other places too. I’ll also touch you wherever you want.”

“No, that’s—”

T-T-T-This is bad. This is very bad. If I just let Rose do what she wants, this will escalate quickly. I won’t be able to calmly think about a way to get out of here.

“Please wait! Umm….Well…Let me go first!”

I think I just said something I can’t come back from.

“Yuzuki onii-san wants to go first? What do you want to do to me?”

“Umm…..Well….That’s right. Since I’m lying on the bed can rose sit facing me on the bed?”

“Eh? You want me to be on top? Well, I would’ve liked to go through a few more steps before getting to that, but…..If that’s what Yuzuki onii-san wants……”

“Y-Y-Y-You’re wrong! I just want to touch your body! So, please don’t take off your skirt!”

I desperately tried to stop Rose before she finished taking her skirt off. She then gently opened her legs before sitting on my lap.

If someone were to walk in on us, it would definitely look like we were in that position, but — nothing has entered.

Anyway, Rose sat on me leaning back onto my knees while I gently stroked her stomach.

“Hi~yau~….. Ah… Ah~…… Uku…Hya~n. Yu-Yuzuki onii-san, something feels s-strange. Ah~n, it’s ticklish~”

I can feel Rose’s body start to tremble.

She’s saying it’s ticklish but she’s letting out pleasurable moans.

Maybe she’s confused because she’s never felt like this before. I’m also confused because Rose is grinding her body against me. I didn’t think rubbing someone’s stomach would be so sexual. I was also getting excited. Before I even realized it, I had started moving my hands up Rose’s dress and started rubbing her chest.

There is underwear in this world, but Rose wasn’t wearing anything like a bra.

Underneath her dress, I could feel her naked breast with my hand.

The size of her soft breasts didn’t match her young appearance. However — as I stroked her chest I could feel her nipples get hard and rub against my palm.

Rose continued rubbing against me as I stroked her chest. I could tell she was feeling even better than before so I started rubbing her chest with my entire hand.

“Ah~….. ~n. Hii~ I can feel something th-throbbing.”

“…..Rose, your nipples are hard.”

“Eh? Eh? What do you mean? I don’t understand, but it feels great when you touch me. Fwa~…..something feels amazing…..nha~!”

I leaned forward and pressed my lips to Rose’s ear.

“Rose, how do you feel?”

“Ahn~, how do I feel? I…. I feel… hyan~ Yuzuki onii-san’s hand makes me feel…..fwaaa~!”

“Right. So, why won’t you say it feels good?”

“Y-Yes! Uku~ Yuzuki onii-san’s hand feels so good~ I feel so good~ Yuzuki onii-san’s touch feels so good!”

Rose let out another sweet moan. I confirmed she was getting close and stopped moving my hand.

“…..Where do you feel good?”

I asked Rose this after I stopped moving my hand.


“When I touch you, what part of you starts to feel good?”

“That’s……it’s too embarrassing…..I can’t say it.”

Even if she really doesn’t understand sex yet, she knows that talking about that part of her is embarrassing. Seeing her embarrassed like this is nice. Ah, I want to see more of Rose’s embarrassed expressions.

“……. If you don’t tell me, I don’t know where to touch…..umm…..like, what about here?”

I play dumb and began gently caressing her arm. It creates a completely different feeling than before.

“Hauu~….that’s not the place. Hya! That…place….. Ah~ That’s not the right place. O-Onii-san is so mean.”

As I continued stroking her arm, I also slid my hand back up her dress and placed my hand on her chest.

Rose let out another moan that was similar to the one Medea-nee let out.

“….Uu, touch, touch my chest. Please, touch my boobs more!”

“You want me to touch your chest?”

I lightly placed my hand on one of her breasts, but I made sure not to touch her nipple.

“Yuzuki onii-san is too cruel! I want you to touch my nipples like you were before! I’m asking that — because it felt so good! It felt good! It felt so great! Aaahhhh~!”

After hearing Rose’s words, I started rubbing her chest while playing with her nipples.

“You’re so cute, Rose. I’ll make you feel even better.”

If things keep going like this I may be able to get a chance to escape — I started using my other hand to rub Rose’s stomach and neck.

As expected of a daughter of a noble — her entire body is so smooth and soft. On top of that, the feeling of her entire body trembling against me is great.

If only she weren’t a Yandere……

Honestly, it’s terrible that she is. I changed my focus to my status window as I continued moving my hand unconsciously.

There have been some changes in my status window. I now have a new status called ‘Contract with Rose: E.’ The rank of that status is increasing, but my SP has also increased to 105.

According to the log window, I received 100 SP for saving the Countess’ daughter and 5 SP for defeating the thief leader…..That seems like a small amount for someone that was supposedly strong.

In addition to that….there appears to be a log saying I took sleeping pills. It seems that I fell asleep during dinner because she mixed sleeping pills in with my meal.

In any case……When I think about being drugged and tied up, I feel a little scared, but I need to focus.

I open up the details of the contract with Rose. The details were almost exactly the same as what Rose had told me earlier.

However, it seems possible to dispel this magic if you are able to use a dispel magic of a higher rank than the contract. The only other way of ending the contract is by either Rose or myself dying.

I can rank up dispel magic with 200 SP. The contract is rank E so I’d need to level it up to D to be able to end it. To do that I’d need 1200 SP……of course I don’t have enough.

“—Hyan~ kyu~ it feels so good. I feel so good. Yuzuki onii-san. Ah~ ah~ More, make me feel even better.”

Rose’s voice is getting even more erotic, but I just try to block it out and focus.

I’m currently looking at the skill [To Be Loved to Death by Yanderes] the skill I don’t know how I got or how it ranked up so high.

First of all — I need to look at the details of that skill.

[To Be Loved to Death by Yanderes]

A Yandere’s obsession with you is increased.

F: No increase E: 5% increase D: 10% C: 15% B: 20% A: 25% AA: 35% AAA: 45% S: 60% SS: 75 % SSS: 100%

【E rank bonus: You will catch the eye of any passing Yanderes. + 10%】 【Rank A Bonus: Increase the Yandere attribute of anyone nearby that likes you. + 10%】 【S rank bonus: Draw out the potential Yandere attributes of any surrounding people. +10%】 【SSS Rank Bonus: Draw out and amplify the Yandere attribute of any surrounding people. + 10%】

….Oh, what an annoying skill. Maybe this skill is why Rose suddenly became a Yandere.

No, the increase in the Yandere attribute isn’t that great.

Even if I assume she liked me, the increase would only be 20%. Even if that did affect her, it’s likely she was already a Yandere before we met.

“Yu-Yuzuki onii-san, something, something’s coming! Fwaa~! This is….amazing. Ah,~ ahn~…..Hyuu~n!”

Rose is gradually raising her body. I noticed this and placed my hand under her skirt on the base of her thigh.

Her underwear is completely soaked.

“Hyaaan~! So-Somehow, when you touch there, my mind goes completely white. Yuzuki onii-san, touch….touch me more there.”

When I pressed my fingers against her soaked underwear, the love juices inside flowed out.

While I rubbed my fingers over her underwear I continued rubbing her chest with my other hand.

Rose tensed up even more and pressed her body even harder against me, but I can’t lose focus now.

While still attacking Rose, I returned my attention to my status window.

I was now looking at one of my new titles.

[Received Goddess Medea’s Love] This ability is supposed to increase all of my skills by 10%. It also has the ability to affect someone that is close to me.

The second part of that worries me, but that title doesn’t seem to be of any help right now. I turned my attention to the next titles.

[A Traveller From a Different World] and [Loved to Death By Yanderes] they increase all of my skills by 5% and 2% respectively.

Also, the title [Goddess Medea’s First Love] increases my skills by 10%. All together, all of my skills are increased by 27%.

On top of that, my physical strength was already increased by 10% so in total it is now being increased by 37%. This is why I was able to defeat the leader of that group of thieves so easily.

“Yuzuki onii-san, Yuzuki onii-san! I…I feel strange! I feel like my mind is going crazy!”

“Don’t worry. You’re about to have an orgasm.”

“Orgasm? This is, fua~a…..Yuzuki onii-san, are you going to make me cum with your fingers?”

“Yeah, that’s right. With my fingers…..I’ll make you feel great.”

“Y-yeah, make me feel even better. I….hya! Ah~ ahn! I..I’m……I’m cumming from Yuzuki onii-san’s fingers~~~~~~!”

Rose’s body tensed up and then collapsed into my arms. I could feel her body trembling against me……This scene is incredibly lewd.

“……Are you okay?”

“Hyuu~….Wafu~…..Onii-san, I….I don’t know what that was…..My mind went completely white and my head’s still spinning. I’m not fine at all…..”

“Fumu, then…….do you not want me to touch you more?”

“T-That’s…..well…..If Yuzuki onii-san wants to touch me more……well…..you can.”

Rose’s cheeks were dyed red and she was avoiding my eyes as she said this. That’s a nice sight — That slightly greedy expression is the cutest.

I was thinking she was like this due to the [To Be Loved to Death by Yanderes] skill, but, even though that skill is rank SSS, that skill would only double her affection for me.

That doubling effect is amazing, but it wouldn’t apply unless she already liked me in some way.

Having said that, Rose seems to like me more than just a little…….honestly, that does make me feel good. And I’m not talking about Rose pressing her body against me.

As I was thinking about this, I could feel Rose start to fidget on top of me.

“Ah, umm Yuzuki onii-san, can I……..Umm, is it okay if I go change my clothes?”

“Change your clothes?……Ah, yeah go ahead.”

Rose quietly got up and left the room. I got up from the bed and went to the door to confirm she was gone.

She’s currently changing clothes, though she may not be changing her entire outfit, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have.

So — I quickly opened the skill tree on my status window. I’m trying to find any type of magic that I could use here. The skill I was currently looking at was ‘FIrebolt’ and I can learn it for 100 SP.

How to use this ability: imagine the object and declare the name of the spell. Then, a magic formation will form on the ground and the Firebolt will be created when that is done.

Although just by learning it I’ll be able to use it, there will be many disadvantages. At rank F I won’t be able to use it when I’m moving, but that shouldn’t be a concern here.

I got the rank F Firebolt at once.

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