Update #7

Another update for everyone!

Atelier Tanaka: Chapter 25 Part 1, Chapter 25 Part 2, Chapter 25 Part 3, Chapter 26 Part 1, and Chapter 26 Part 2

Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai: Volume 3 Chapter 3-3, Chapter 3-4, Chapter 3-5, Chapter 3-6, Chapter 3-7, and Chapter 3-8

Yandere Megami: Volume 1 Chapter 4-3, Chapter 4-4, Chapter 4-5, Epilogue, Extra, Volume 2 Prologue, and Chapter 1 Part 1

And I just posted Chapter 1 of my own novel for those interested. If you’re interested in it, please leave me some feedback/constructive criticism (it really helps).

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