Update #6

Hey, everyone. I’m thinking I’ll be doing these updates once a month. They don’t get many views so I assume not many people need this, but I know it’s useful for others so I’m not going to stop doing it completely.

Atelier Tanaka: Chapter 23 Part 2, Chapter 24 Part 1Chapter 24 Part 2Chapter 24 Part 3, and Chapter 24 Part 4

Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai: Volume 3 Chapter 2-3, Chapter 2-4, Chapter 2-5, Chapter 2-6, Chapter 2-7, Chapter 2-8, Chapter 3-1, and Chapter 3-2

Yandere Megami: Chapter 3-5 Part 2, Chapter 4-1, and Chapter 4-2

I’ll also be releasing three chapters of both Yandere and OISJS from the 13th to the 15th.

13 thoughts on “Update #6

  1. The reason atelier is so unpopular is because of the bastards who in fact don’t read it or read 5 chapters giving it 1 star because they hear there “might” be NTR , wich in fact there is none. I, myself kept holding back from reading it for a month or two because of the rating. You should make a thread or something about there being no ntr. This is too good of a series to avoid because of some one stars. I personally prefer it over death mage and hello work

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    • If you’re thinking that when I said these get few views I was talking about Tanaka, I wasn’t. I specifically meant these update posts. Tanaka gets good views, but, yeah, it also gets a lot of hate for people’s perceived idea of the NTR in this series.
      There is some stuff in this series that I could understand people describing as NTR even if I wouldn’t describe it that way myself.


      • Yeah I dont know who it was that tagged this as NTR but it needs to be changed. Its like these people have perceived the meaning of NTR to be different than what it used to mean


      • Whew. Was crying on the inside if Tanaka was the perpetrator of bad views. I love the easy-going nerd. Can’t wait till dragon loli meets up with him.


    • And as for making a thread, if anyone wants to, go right ahead. I always get a little happy whenever I see someone on Reddit or NU talk about any of the series I translate.


      • Im personally enjoying this series a lot, its in my top 10, Ive tried talking people out of the NTR issue, but its become a MEME at this point, and most people just reply with the Team Orgy scene. Please keep up the good work, ive gone ahead and tried deciphering MTLs to get a gist of where the plot is going now that the author finally updated the WN again. But its so much better to have someone actually translate the Interactions of the characters, which are freaking gold.


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