Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 23 Part 1

Here’s the first part of the month for everyone!

Sorry about the long delay between the last release and this one. I posted this in the comments of the last part, but I’ve been sick for almost two weeks now and finding any motivation to do pretty much anything was difficult.

I’d also like to keep everyone informed on any breaks or of any times when I’ll be releasing fewer chapters. So, in December I’ll probably only release around 4-5 parts at most. This is mainly due to the fact that I’ll be really busy with family and work during that time. I also plan on taking my donation button down during that month. Instead, you can use that money you wanted to donate to me to buy presents for your family, friends, or maybe donate to a charity you support.

Anyway, thanks to Justin and Xevonin for their donations.


Chapter 23 Part 1


8 thoughts on “Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 23 Part 1

    • November will just be as many as I can get out. Which is the normal 2-3 for the one chapter and hopefully the 7 parts I owe now. I’m still sick so not sure how many I can get out but that’s at least how many I want to put out this month.


  1. I think you should rest rather than forcing your self… It would make me (and the other guys of course) feel bad if you got worse. I have just recovered from my sickness too not too long ago, so it is still fresh in my mind.

    More importantly Get well soon! OH! And Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Np, take care of your domestic affairs first, by all means. And thank you for letting us know beforehand and thanks for the chapters! (〃^∇^)o_彡☆


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