Weekly Update #4

Atelier Tanaka Chapter 21 Part 2 and Chapter 22 Part 1

Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai Volume 3 Chapter 1-6 and Chapter 1-7

Yandere Megami Chapter 3-2 and Chapter 3-3

I completely forgot to post this last week. Sorry about that.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update #4

    • Yeah​ I have. There was someone else translating it at the same time (and honestly I thought they were doing a better job than me) so I was going to drop it but they announced they’d be dropping it before me, but by that time I had already picked up another series. And Alchemist was already difficult for me to translate, so there was no way I could release that series at anything close to a reasonable speed while translating two other series.


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