Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 19 Part 3

More Tanaka for everyone!

Thank you very much to Jafet for the donation!

This will be the last part I post this month, so if you were planning on donating I’d suggest waiting until next month.

After being told to do this by several other people in the translating community, I’m planning on doing sponsored chapters for this series. I think $25 per part with a minimum of 2250 words seems reasonable. If it never reaches the $25 mark or if I end up owing you guys like 20 parts next month I might have to change that amount. I still plan on releasing the normal 1 chapter (3 parts or so) per month and, if I have the time, I’ll try to release more regardless of any donations. If you guys are against this idea, just say so and I’ll scrap the idea entirely.


Chapter 19 Part 3

*Edit: There’s also a “Hall of Fame” for all the donators on the Donate page now!

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