Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 18 Part 1

Here’s more Tanaka for everyone. As some of you may have noticed, there are some issues with Novels & Chill currently, so I’m back to posting here for now. I had originally planned on waiting to post anymore Tanaka, but I got a donation from Dave and he said he really enjoys this series. So, I figured why not post another chapter here while I wait for all of this behind-the-scenes stuff to get resolved.

For now, I’ll probably keep posting this series here, but Yandere and, hopefully, this series should eventually be moved over to Fantasy Books. Yandere will most likely happen first and Tanaka may move over as well. Apparently, some people are less okay with a middle-aged, perverted lolicon than others. Who knew?

Thank you for the donation, Dave. It means a lot.

Chapter 18 Part 1



7 thoughts on “Atelier Tanaka – Chapter 18 Part 1

  1. Thank you Dave for your dedication to the series. I too have been thinking about donating to get the series started again and it’s great that there are likeminded lolic…. mhm I mean respectable and dedicated Atelier Tanaka Fans 😛

    Thank you too dear Translator! Thank you for your hard work! Please keep it up!

    BTW, is there a Patreon Account for this series?


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