Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa – V1 Ch 1-5 Part 1

So, once again here is another chapter. I honestly didn’t plan on releasing any and I didn’t even have anything translated, but then someone donated to me. This was my first donation and the person (I don’t know if they want me to use their name so I’ll just call them ‘B’) told me they really enjoy this series. I used all my free time up before work to get this part translated as quickly as possible.

Thank you, B. Honestly, someone donating to me for this is unbelievable to me. I really enjoy doing it and my favourite part is reading the comments of everyone enjoying the stuff I translate. So, someone that enjoys reading my content enough to donate is amazing. Thank you so much.

Now, onto the smut! This part is very 18+ and so, I will once again release a censored-ish version for those that just want to read the story. You may notice the censored version is, uh…..significantly shorter.


18+ Chapter

Censored Chapter


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