Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa – V1 Prologue


*DISCLAIMER* This series is 18+ due to violence and sexual content

“A, ahn~….fwaa~ ahn~ ah, ah, hyan~ Yuzuki-kun’s penis feels so good. It’s reaching so deep inside Hinano. Just like that, it feels so good.”

Hinano was stained with blood as she was riding on top of me. She showed an expression full of ecstasy, as the blood covering her was making lewd sounds as she moved back and forth on top of me….. That was my blood.

Hinano is covered in my blood because she just killed me.

My childhood friend – – – Hinano stabbed me repeatedly with a knife.

“Even though you have Hinano, you still cheated with another girl,” that was the reason she gave for doing this.

But I never cheated on her.

In the first place, Hinano and I were never even going out. On top of that, I’ve never once given her any reason to think we were going out.

“Yuzuki-kun cheated so you deserve this, right?” she said this before she stabbed me.

She straddled me as I lay on the floor breathing my final breaths.

To think I’d die in such an absurd way.

However, that’s not to say I could never imagine my life ending this way. Now that my time had come…..I’m reminded of my family.

The reason for this is that all of my ancestors, including my father and grandfather, were all killed by Yanderes. All the men of our family are loved to death by Yanderes.

That’s why I believed that this day may come, but….my father and grandfather were able to marry and leave children behind. I thought I still had some time before I would be killed.

I just wanted to meet a normal girl and experience happiness…..I cursed my short life as my life ended.

Rather, that was supposed to be what happened. Instead, I woke up on the sofa of some strange room I had never seen before.

“……Why am I here? Was I…… Was I saved?”

If I had been saved I’d expect to be in a hospital right now, but this room doesn’t look like any hospital I’ve seen. It looked like a room that belonged to a girl.

Where am I…..As I was trying to figure out where I was, I noticed a onee-san with long black hair sitting on the sofa opposite me.

“Yuzuki-kun, good morning.”

“Eh? Good morning……Where am I…..and who are you?”

“This is a space that I control. I am the Goddess Medea.”


“You can just think of me as the creator of a different world.”

“The creator of another world…A Goddess….”

I tried to laugh it off, but — I looked down at my stomach. I know I was stabbed several times. There should be scars, but….. there’s nothing there at all.

“Goddess-sama, you saved me?”

“Call me Medea onee-chan.”


“Like I said, please call me Medea onee-chan.”

“I-I’m not sure I understand.”

What is she saying? Maybe in her world, ‘onee-chan’ is the most respected title? I seriously doubt that. After all, we’re speaking Japanese.

“Please call me Medea onee-chan means you will refer to me as Medea onee-chan. Please spoil me a little.”

“No, what I’m saying is that I don’t understand why you want me to call you that…..really it’s impossible for me to call a Goddess that.”


“Even if you look at me like that, it’s still impossible.”

“Are you sure……about that?”

Her black eyes stared into mine.

Her eyes feel like they may suck me in. As I looked into them, I got the sudden desire to call her Medea onee-chan.

……No, I really can’t do it.

I’ll just have to apologize to her.

“Muu…..As expected of Yuzuki-kun, you wouldn’t fall for something like that.”

“….What does that mean?”

“Nothing……I guess it can’t be helped; I’ll give up for now.”

The Goddess placed one finger on her lip and leaned back onto the sofa. Her face is somewhat cute, but it is a bit strange thinking that about a Goddess.

But she does appear to just be a normal human girl so I’m not afraid…..I look over the Goddess once more.

Her long hair is as black as her eyes and it goes down to the middle of her back. It’s styled perfectly and looks very soft.

Her age is probably a little higher than my own – – – she looks old enough to be a college student.

This onee-san was also wearing an off the shoulder top and a tiered skirt. Furthermore, she was wearing my favourite combination of stockings and a garter belt. As I was looking at this, the Goddess lifted the hem of her skirt to show me.

“Do you like it?”


“Does this outfit suit your tastes? It was a bit embarrassing wearing something that exposed so much skin, but I wanted to please Yuzuki-kun. So, I tried to wear something that would suit your tastes.”

“My tastes?”

If I hadn’t developed a resistance to the charms of women, I’d probably fall in love with her in an instant.

But I’ve developed a resistance thanks to the Yanderes that wanted to love me to death. I’ve learned to never look at women in a sexual way.

I’ve heard the line, “You can never look at another girl. If you ever do, I will stab your eyes out, Yuzuki-kun,” many times. Though it’s usually followed by a cute laugh.

Anyway, this girl doesn’t look like the Yandere type. She may just be trying to give me some free service. I quietly say, “It looks good.”

Now that I think about it, isn’t it a little strange that the Goddess knows what I like?

“Anyway, I’d like to get back to my original question. Did you save me?”

“Yes. However, I was only able to save your soul.”

“Only…….my soul?”

I look down at my body. It does feel a bit different than my normal body.

“Yuzuki-kun’s body was repeatedly stabbed.”

“So you were only able to save my soul?”

“Yes, I negotiated with the God of your world and was able to recreate your body with the information I gathered.”

“Is……Is that so? Then, I guess I should thank you.”

I bowed my head to her. But, it would be strange for a Goddess from another world to save a human for no reason. I expect her to have her own motive for saving me.

“You don’t need to be worried. Being able to watch Yuzuki-kun is enough of a reward for me.”

“….Eh? Watching me is your reward?”

“Still, I can’t believe that Hinano girl. I was enjoying watching until she pushed you down and started doing this and that to you. She should’ve just kept stabbing you.”

“…..U, Umm, Goddess-sama?”

I don’t really like what she’s saying. Besides, didn’t she say she only knew a little bit of information about me that she managed to gather.

Is this the real reason for why she helped me?

If so…..then, this Goddess is also Yandere……..As I thought this, the Goddess looked at me and showed a gentle smile.

“Fufu~, that was just a joke.”

“Y-You were joking?”

“Yes, I just wanted to tease you a bit.”

Please don’t do that. I actually felt like I was in danger again. Besides, she did genuinely look frustrated. There’s no way the Goddess of another world is Yandere, right?

“Anyway, Goddess-sama you saved my life, but…….you must have a reason for doing so…….What did you want from me?”

“You’re right, I do have a reason for saving you. There is another world I’ve created — it is a world for Yuzuki-kun to live in. And I will just watch you while you live in this world.”

The Goddess added something at the end that I didn’t quite catch, but I didn’t bother to ask what she said. I was more interested in the idea of living in a new world.

“So, you’re saying that I will live in a different world?”

“Yes, that’s right. Though Yuzuki-kun’s body was made by me, so it’s not technically from a different world, but in any case, that’s the basic idea of what I want to happen.”

“Oooh….Reborn in a new world! Goddess-sama, please reincarnate me into that world!”

If I’m reborn into a new world I can redo my life. I may actually be able to live a life with ordinary girls.

I jumped at the opportunity to redo my life.

“Fufu~, I’m glad to see you so excited, but I haven’t even explained this new world to you yet.”

“Well, that’s true.”

I got a little overly excited about the idea of living a normal life. I asked her what kind of world I’d be reincarnated into.

“I think I want to put Yuzuki-kun in a world I created named Algonia. In a nutshell, the world is full of girls that are very similar to me.”


Girls that look like the Goddess — In other words, it is a world filled with beautiful girls. It’s a nice idea for a boy that just hit puberty, but that really doesn’t explain much about the world to me.

“How advanced is the civilization? Is there magic in this world?”

“It’s probably equal to medieval Europe and of course there is magic in this world. So, the world is probably a little more advanced than the image you may have of medieval Europe.”

“A world of swords and magic. Is it……Is it a difficult world for the average person to live in?”

“Well….compared to the peaceful life in Japan, it is a relatively harsh environment. And, you will also have status and skills. It is a world very similar to a game, Yuzuki-kun.”

A world similar to a game…..the idea has me feeling excited.

“Do I just learn skills arbitrarily?”

“Mainly, it just depends on luck.”

“Mainly? Does that mean?”

Usually, you are born only knowing certain abilities, but the hero can learn whatever abilities they want. It’s the classic cheat of an isekai story.

Then the Goddess said to me,

“Yes. If you call me Medea onee-chan and do some lewd things with me, I’ll grant you the ability to create the character you like.”

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31 thoughts on “Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa – V1 Prologue

  1. Shh, this chapter is (kind of) secret until I link to it.

    But seriously, this series is really 18+ (no like, seriously, there were so many ‘lewd’ sounds in the next chapter, I gave up and typed *commence blowjob sounds*, not once but twice)

    I’ll be marking the chapters that are pure 18+ and that have little story development with a ☆. So, if you like the series and don’t want to read those parts, you can just skip any chapter marked with a ☆

    There are two versions of this series, an R-15 rated one and the 18+ version. I had originally planned on doing the R-15 version, but I asked people on NovelsnChill what they preferred, and I don’t think a single person wanted the R-15 version. So, here we are.

    Enjoy? But not too much, don’t make this weird (er)

    *Edit- Forgot to mention, this series is written by the author of OISJS. Once I finish the prologue the rest of the series will be posted on NovelsnChill.

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  2. I… LOOOOVVVVE Yanderes.

    Honestly, I have no clue why…. aside from my own personal view that
    A. I’m a defective human being…. and they happen to be in my strike zone of preferences… Tis true.
    B. You can, if nothing else, trust in the absolute love and loyalty of a yandere… as opposed to humans in general.
    C. You do quality TL work… so my expectations are rarily high.

    Ah, thx 4 the Ch., and I shall look forward to further chs with bated breath.


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    [What is she saying? Maybe in her world, ‘onee-chan’ is the most respected title? I seriously doubt that. After all, we’re speaking Japanese.”] Get rid of the quotation marks at the end.

    “You can never look at another girl. If you ever do, I will stand your eyes out, Yuzuki-kun,” Change [stand] to [stab].

    What’s the rating for OISJS?

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  4. I wonder how you found this, but I’m happy you did, please continue! Also, are the Rawls completed since it doesn’t say in NU. Thanks


    • http://novel18.syosetu.com/n2794ec/
      There’s a link to the 18+ raws. I’ll get a page on NU setup at some point soon. And there’s one volume out currently and the second one has just started.
      I found this because the author of OISJS linked to this novel on the page for OISJS and on that page there was a link to the 18+ version.


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  6. so I have this minor problem with the novel itself (not how you translated I think you did really well). my problem is how Medea is a goddess. Now let me explain from what I remember from greek myths is that medea was a mortal who had divine ancestry and had magical abilities. that is my problem like I said minor.


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