Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai! V1 Ch 1-2

Before the chapter starts just wanted to point out from this chapter on I’ll be changing the spelling of the MC’s name to Leon from Lion. I think it looks better and also final fantasy.

I’d also like to say thanks to Scipo0419 for helping edit this chapter.


Traducción Española

Exhausting days

“- Milli, what is that supposed to mean?”

“…… Oh, Leon-sama? Weren’t you sleeping!?”

“I woke up after hearing Milli’s words. So what does that mean? Did you say until I get married? ”

“Well, that is…um …ah, well, it’s no good talking about such things, if you do not get a proper amount of sleep, you won’t grow up to be big and strong.”

“- Milli, please do not try to avoid answering my question.”

I moved out of Milli’s embrace and stopped my childish way of speaking. I gazed straight into her eyes.

“I want to live my life happily. So please tell me if there is something that threatens my life, besides being trapped in this building.”


“What is it, you look like you just saw a ghost?”

“… It’s like you are from the ‘elf’ tribe, I could tell from the time you were born, that Leon-sama seemed to be much older than you appear.”

“Does this ‘elf’ tribe have long ears and longevity?”

“Ah, I don’t know much about them…..The stories are just legends passed down.”

“Ah, well”

Because the language is different, elf in Japanese does not mean the same thing in this world, but I was able to correctly guess based off of the flow of the conversation. So, there are elves in this world too.

“Anyway, can you answer my question from a little while ago?”

“That is……”

“It’s okay to tell me the truth, I’m more likely to imagine something much worse on my own, don’t worry I won’t be upset…Though you may not trust telling a child about it.”

“No, how to say it…It seems more and more doubtful that Leon-sama is a child, actually it’s not out of the question to assume you are even ten years old?”

‘Sorry, Milli, I am actually about 20 years old’ – since I can’t say that, I let out a bitter smile.

Milli looked at me as she was swinging her body back and forth, and she seemed to be thinking something, but eventually she let out a small sigh.

“… It’s not a pleasant story, do you still want to hear it?”

“Yes, I’d still like to hear it.”

“An immediate response, I can see you’re ready for an answer….. Where should I start from?”

“From where, what do you mean?”

“You seem to have noticed that you are kept isolated in this room, do you know the reason?”

“Yeah, my father apologized a lot when he visited, because I am a child of his mistress, so Caroline is wary of whether or not I will try to threaten her son’s position, right?”

“Well, that’s right.”

“Well then, is the marriage meant to drive me out of the Grances family?”

“Yes, that is the reason …. Although there are other reasons for marriage in politics. I think there is a strong chance that is the main reason…I’m surprised that you can understand all the circumstances.”

I let out a sigh at Milli’s admiration of me for what seems like the millionth time. Is it my imagination or have her looks of surprise developed into amazement?

…… But will I be forced into this marriage? Even though I have been imprisoned, and felt crippled, I was determined to decide my marriage partner.

…No, wait? Even if I stay in the Grances family, as it is, we would be kept by ourselves away from anyone else, will my environment improve depending on the partner I choose?

“Wait, Milli, how is my marriage partner selected?”

“…Um… Well … Roughly speaking, would it not be the person most convenient for the Grances family?”

“How exactly is a partner convenient?”

“I think the partner will come from a house with power and money, so I think a family that has no trouble feeding themselves and not one troubled by demons.”

……So there are monsters in this world. Perhaps it is a fantasy world of magic and swords? I am a little worried……But, for the moment I will ask about marriage.

“The standing of a family takes priority….Is it a possibility that there’s a lady who likes children…?”

Words like shotacon floated through my mind. On the other hand, Milli turned away from me murmuring.

“That may be a possibility.”


Well, my mental age is over 20 years old, but my physique would appear to be much younger than my marriage partner……No, there would be considerable resistance.

“It’s okay, Leon-sama! There was also a daughter born to the Sfir family that is making friends with the Grances family, and that child may be chosen as your partner!”

“Huh, there is such a child?”

“Yes, three years younger than Leon-sama, she is described as having the appearance of an angel.”


“Oh, are you not that interested? …… Ah, that’s right, Leon-sama is still young and isn’t very interested in the opposite sex.”

“No……Well, I wonder?”

I just thought it was common for people to describe a baby as an angel. It is troublesome to think that I should not be interested in the opposite sex at this age, so I vaguely nod to Milli.

But…three years younger. Speaking of three years younger, that is the same age difference as Saya. I hadn’t thought about it, but it is possible that Saya was reborn into this world –

Even if she were, she wouldn’t still be three years younger. I lived for a little over a year fighting the illness after Saya died, so if she were born again I should be one year younger than her.

“Hey Milli, do I have any sisters…?”

“Do you?”

“That’s right. Such a thing……does it exist?”

“Yes…Leon-sama has a half-brother,  but you also have a sister that is one year older.”

“…………… Eh, seriously?”

No way no no no no no no no no no no no no no no– There should not be such a convenient story. However, it is a possibility….It’s making me very interested.

” My older sister, what is her name?”

“Claire Ridill-sama”

“Claire Ridill……am I not able to meet her…?”

“That is…….I’m sorry for saying anything.”

“Ah,  I see.”

My elder sister – that is, the daughter of the legal wife who isolated me. She can not have a good impression of me. I’d like to meet up someday, but…after hearing Milli’s response I guess the chances are slim.

“I’m sorry I am unable to do anything, and I only just said I’d help you, as Leon-sama’s friend”

“No, it can’t be helped.”

“Thank you for saying so…I’m starting to have trouble telling which one of us is the adult. Was there anything else you’d like to ask about?”

“Ah ~ I see…….Ah, You mentioned elves a while ago- are there any around here?”

“Basically elves are a race that do not come out of the forest, but there are stories of an elf who is living with people. I am not sure if there are any living near here.”

I see. So the elves in this country are pretty rare? The image she described is similar to the elves I know from my world.

“Then can they, by any chance, use magic……?”

“Elves seem to mainly use spirit magic.”

“Oooo……what do you mean, are there other types of magic?”

“Er……Other things are black magic, white magic, and inscription magic.”

“Hmph, I have a feeling that black and white are attack and recovery respectfully”

“…… Yes they are, but how do you know that?”

“Ah…well…never mind that. What is inscription magic exactly?”

“Inscription magic is a magic in which the user engraves marks on an item or surface; these marks can continuously cause various effects”

Continuously, huh?…is it like a so-called magic item? This sounds interesting, I’d like to try one out.

“Hey, Milli can you use magic……”

“I am very sorry, I have not had the opportunity to learn magic”

“Oh…okay, then are there any books related to magic?”

“That is…..to say”

“Ah…maybe, you were told to not give me an education?”

“…… Yes, so I can teach you only what I know, but I think it would be difficult to get any books.”

Kuuu, I was afraid that this might be the case.

I was reincarnated in a different world, the things I want to do have increased, but I am unable to achieve anything while I’m confined to this room. Please let me activate some sort of internal cheat for my life.

Haa……I wonder if I can really live freely and be happy in this environment.
The future seems like it will be full of troubles.

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  1. Last chapter of the week. Hope everyone enjoys it!

    I’d also like to thank StrayCats for understanding that I’m just an idiot and honestly didn’t mean to annoy him or start any kind of trouble. We were able to talk and he graciously has allowed me to take over the series.

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  2. Thanks for the update

    And take your tine. JUST PLEASE, if you’re forced or decide to drop out this, SAY IT CLEARLY

    And the people that respind to my comment in last chapter
    Even if it is weird, being or not the heir isn’t a law, even in medievel europe wasn’t a law

    The problem would be if the family doesn’t listen him or her in other case, and this person has to wait till be a legal adult, but this not seems the case here


    • When it come to being a heir your either qualified if the current head accept or if you have the same blood , if i remember correctly.
      Also the fact that he isn’t aiming for it , or that the family doesn’t listen , doesn’t matter he could always be used by some
      Third party.
      And to avoid all this they could cut all relationship with him, but since it seem that the only person that actually fear him is the legal wife, his father may have decide this way he could take care of him and appease his wife
      …wow , i wrote all this ?


  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    It’s good for the moment.
    Would you happen to have the illustrations for this one?

    Glad to hear you could talk it out with the other translators.
    Let’s hope it won’t be dropped. So many new translators drop their project too easily.
    Like Irina said, if you are dropping this one day(a day I hope won’t come), at least make sure you post an update saying it. Since many new translator don’t even take time to say it.


    • Honestly, no plans on dropping it currently.
      I’m at work right now and all I want to do is be at home working on the next few chapters.
      Sadly, I won’t be posting any illustrations. The original author did not want any illustrations to be posted. So out of respect for her I won’t be posting any.

      I would definitely recommend buying the light novel on Amazon Japan. It’s only $7 and is completely worth it.

      Edit: needed to clear up a misunderstanding I made in the original comment. Scarlet Rain, the original author, only made a response about the illustrations and she did not want them posted. In regards to the translation she did not give any permissions.

      ….geeze just mistake after mistake for me….maybe I should just stick to posting chapters and stop commenting


  4. Then this will be the first real comment from me.
    Until chapter 2, I know it will be story with her sister (eh, older sister maybe, kinda amusing)
    Well, because of that I cannot know this series is good or bad yet.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter.


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